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30+ Different Unique Ideas For Patriotic Door Decor


Patriotic holidays is a group of many holidays with different purposes but all expressing love for America. On these holidays, it is necessary to have a suitable decoration, which creates a thoughtful patriotic atmosphere. It may sound simple, but it can be hard sometimes for folks to make such. No worries, today we will bring the solutions for you! Here are 30+ patriotic door decor ideas and some details about these days.

30+ Great Ideas For Patriotic Door Decor

We’ve rounded up 30 of the coolest ideas to decorate your door. Hope you like them!

Best Of Patriotic Door Decor Collection: Patriotic Door Cover

In the United States, the Fourth of July is a patriotic holiday, and many people like to show their patriotism by flying the American flag. Consider using a patriotic door cover to demonstrate your patriotism this Independence Day. A patriotic door cover is a piece of fabric or vinyl that can be attached to your door to show your patriotism. There are numerous designs to choose from, so you can find one that matches your personality and style.
Today, we will show you how to make a patriotic door cover. This is a great way to show your patriotism. It is also a great way to decorate your door for other patriotic holidays, such as Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day.

Bandana And Lace American Flag
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Bandana And Lace American Flag

A DIY American flag waving gently in the wind in front of the door isn’t isn’t such a bad idea. Making this flag is quite simple; you need to prepare a stick, bandana, rope, and red fabrics. Carefully sew them together with a needle and a few nails. Boom! Your DIY American flag is done!

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Ceiling Stylized Flag

A stylized flag that is creatively hung on the ceiling of the entrance is a pretty unique idea. With this decoration option, no need to worry about losing the aesthetic or blocking the path. You can grow an American flag-style flower garden like the one in the photo to make it stand out.

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Self-Drawn Flags

A self-painted flag hanging in front of your house can bring new beauty to your home. Even if you don’t draw it really well, it will surely still make a strong impression on your guests with its creativity and enthusiasm.

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Flag Hanging In Front Of The Door

A simple, compact, unfussy flag hung in front of the door is sometimes more suitable than large and cumbersome flags. This decoration can enhance the beauty of simplicity and neatness of your door.

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American Flag Door Hanger

A simple American flag-style door hanger can make a big difference to your door. It can break the boredom on the door scene and bring out the beauty of the Patriotic Day.

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Wall Flags

More and more people prefer wall flag decoration because of its simplicity.  You only need to prepare an American flag and hang it on the wall, then use some nails to fix it. This decoration is not picky about the position, so the door is also a good choice besides the wall.

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Paper Flags

This flag’s main materials were paper and rope. Thanks to this, a paper flag is unique and extremely friendly to the environment.

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American Style Pallet

If you are a lover of vintage style, you certainly cannot ignore this decoration idea. A stylized American flag colored on a pallet can bring a nostalgic beauty but not old at all.

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DIY Wooden American Flag

If you are tired of American flags made from ordinary cloth or paper, why not make them from wood? You can make it from an old fence or scraps from the lumberyard. The method is also quite simple, try to cut the pieces of wood as carefully as possible and paint them. Finally, fix this special flag anywhere you want!

Irish By Blood American By Birth Patriot By Choice Rectangle Wooden Sign
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American Flag Stylized Wooden

A normally stylized wooden American flag isn’t enough for you? We still have a more special option for you! You can collect deformed pieces of wood and cut them so that it is square on three sides. The last side can be cut like the picture above.

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Patriotic Wreath

If you are bored with the American flag style, then the patriotic wreath is born for you. You can order these door hangers at home decor stores or make them your own. All you need is some materials that have white, red, and blue color, and an inner wreath body. Attach the materials with hot glue, sew them or even use nails to fix them; all based on your creativity. Voila, you are done.

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Patriotic Pinwheel

If you prefer small decorations, then patriotic pinwheels are a great choice. It can easily attract the attention of both adults and children, especially when it is windy outside. You can plug it in your front door, in the garden, or on the fence. We believe that it will definitely enhance the beauty of your home!

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Patriotic Door Sign

Nothing can warm a visitor’s heart more than a friendly greeting. That greeting is even better if decorated in a patriotic style! You can copy how people color each line according to the color of the American flag, as shown in the photo. In addition, you can also paint in a patriotic style on every letter. It will take more effort.

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Patriotic Mailbox

If you want your home to have a patriotic entrance, don’t forget the mailbox. A mailbox painted in American flag style will surely make your home attract the attention of all passersby. Owning such a mailbox is not difficult. You can invest effort by coloring the mailbox as shown in the photo or simply pasting stickers on it.

Patriotic hanging basket
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Patriotic Basket Wreath

Consider crafting a patriotic door basket instead of a traditional circular wreath. Mini flags and lovely blossoms adorn this patriotic door decor.

patriotic necktie wreath
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Patriotic Necktie Wreath

Can’t be more creative than this idea of patriotic front door decor? Men’s white, red, and blue neckties add a modern touch to a 4th of July wreath.

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USA Sign

This is a very suitable decoration for a patriotic day. Nothing shows more patriotism than a decorative hook with the USA’s words in the colors of an American flag.

patriotic bunting
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Patriotic Bunting

Patriotic bunting is an accessory born exclusively for patriotic holidays. It usually can only be fully effective if you hang 3 or 4 on the porch simultaneously. Although it is a bit annoying, it can enhance the beauty of your door and house without taking up space. 

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Patriotic Banner

An American flag-style banner is a popular accessory. Thanks to its compactness, more and more people choose this decoration every year. Hang it on your fence, and there you have a stylish patriotic front porch decor. 

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patriotic corner
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Patriotic Corner

This is a patriotic porch decor idea. Instead of just one, you can combine different ideas to create a “patriotic area” near the door. It will be filled with beautiful decorations for this day.

patriotic toys
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Patriotic Toys

Toys are also a great accessory to decorate your door on patriotic days. You can use a wooden DIY toy as shown in the picture or more sophisticated ones like toy cars, toy motorcycles,…

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patriotic tiny american flag decor
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Tiny American Flags

Tiny American flags are also a simple decorative style suitable for busy people. You can plug it in the garden, along the path to the door. Sticking it on the door or fence is also a good idea. 

a flower pot with a tiny american flag
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Patriotic Pot

A vase with no flowers but flags instead for the patriotic day. This is a unique but easy-to-do idea. You can make 5 to 10 vases like this to decorate the entrance or around the door in less than 30 minutes. You can place vases with flags in front of the door or hang them up to draw attention to your guests.

patriotic pillows
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Patriotic Pillow

If you have a corner of your front door that is not being used for anything, you may want to set up a table and chairs or an armchair out there. Then place a patriotic pillow as shown in the photo to decorate this special corner. During patriotic days, you can use this little corner not only for decoration but also for relaxation!

patriotic lamps
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Patriotic Lamp

As shown in the photo, a lamp decorated in the American flag style is not difficult to get at all. You can make it yourself or order it at decor stores. This lamp’s ability to enhance the beauty of your porch on patriotic days is undeniable. You certainly won’t regret your investment.

patriotic balloons
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Patriotic Balloons

Balloons can be used to decorate most of the holidays, and patriotic days are no exception. With just red, blue, and white balloons, you can transform your door into a patriotic door!

patriotic figurines
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Patriotic Figurines

It’s impossible not to mention patriotic figurines during this holiday season. Although you will have to invest a little more money, it will bring unexpected results!

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Patriotic Stickers

If you are a busy person who is not quite into the familiar American flag decoration, you can consider patriotic stickers. You can stick them like this on your door. It requires absolutely no time and is easy to clean after the holidays.

a woman is painting her house an american flag
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Patriotic Painting

Hanging patriotic paintings on the door is also an not to be missed idea on a patriotic day. You can hang them right above the door, or next to the door, anywhere that attracts attention. Or, try something extra stunning and unique — Paint your house!

The Patriotic Holidays in the United States

Patriotic holidays are a combination of days related to patriotism in the United States. These dates are annual festivals and are spread throughout the months of the year. There are nine days in total to celebrate different events:

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  2. Flag Day
  3. Memorial Day
  4. Constitution Day
  5. Washington’sWashington’s Birthday
  6. Independence Day
  7. Election Day
  8. Bill of Rights Day
  9. Veterans Day

Related Questions

Yes, because the US flag cannot touch the ground – according to US law.

Yes, because this day isn’t an anniversary day; it is a day to remember the dead.


It can be seen that the door decoration ideas for patriotic holidays are extremely diverse. You can find all sorts of ideas, from simple and free to complex and expensive. 

Blog Flagwix is the site where you can find various home decor tips and flag guidelines. Thank you for reading our article, hope you have your patriotic door decor idea now, and good luck with your decoration process.

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