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Decorative House Flags That Adds an Accent To Your Living Area


House flags can add interest and personality to your home’s exterior design, serving as both a beautiful decor and an easy way to communicate your family’s values and interests to passersby. In this post are the most favorite flags from Flagwix that surely pique anyone’s interest. They are perfectly unique in every design.

And while you can find them in all sorts of themes, colors, and sizes, there are a few factors that every homeowner should consider before putting the best decorative flags into their shopping cart. With that in mind, here are several tips for choosing the suitable flags to hang on your house as well.

Jesus Flag
One Nation Under God Jesus Flag
Texas Flag State Of Mind
Texas Flag State Of Mind
U.S. Navy Veteran Flag
U.S. Navy Veteran Flag
easter bunny flag
Easter Bunny Flag
Peace Sign Hippie Flag LHA1585F Flagwix™, Hippie Peace Sign Flag
Peace Sign Hippie Flag
Remembrance Day Canadian Flag
Remembrance Day Canadian Flag
Bigfoot Sasquatch Rock On American Flag
Bigfoot Sasquatch Rock On American Flag
Pray For Ukraine Flag
Pray For Ukraine Flag
Maryland Eagle Flag
Maryland Eagle Flag
Remembrance Day Flag Lest We Forget
Remembrance Day Flag Lest We Forget
Christmas Tree U.S. Army Veteran Patriotic Flag
Christmas Tree U.S. Army Veteran Flag
Yorkshire Terrier American Flag
Yorkshire Terrier American Flag
Snowmobile American Flag
Snowmobile American Flag
Maine Eagle Flag
Maine Eagle Flag
American Eagle In God We Trust Grommet Flag
American Eagle Grommet Flag

Benefits of House Flags

What is a house flag? If you’re unfamiliar with them, they are exactly what they sound like—flags that hang outside of homes.

Historically, the original flags were used on ships to identify different countries. Today, many homeowners are using decorative house flags for that same purpose—they are a fun way to show off your family’s unique sense of style while giving visitors an indication of what country they are in when entering your home.

They can also serve as a conversation starter with guests who may be curious about its cultural significance. Here are the specific benefits of double-sided house flags you might want to know about. 

Vietnam Veteran Of America Flag
Vietnam Veteran Of America Flag
Home Of The Free Flag
Home Of The Free Flag
Police K9 Dog Flag
Police K9 Flag
Hippie Flag
Hippie Flag
Native American Flag
Native American Flag
Faith or Fear Jesus Flag
Jesus Flag

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With house flags, your loved one lives on. A decor house flag provides a way for family and friends to remember your fallen service member. When displayed prominently, these flags honor our nation’s heroes while providing a sense of comfort for surviving family members and friends.

After going through that heart-wrenching deployment ceremony in which you handed over a folded American flag—the symbol of our country’s gratitude for your sacrifices—it can be comforting to know that their memory will live on every time you see their commemorative house flag flying from its mast. It’s the sacred power of the flag with 50 stars and 13 stripes. 

This veteran flag is the perfect gift for Veterans who deserve our utmost respect. Let this gift help you to show your love to the military and veterans 

9/11 police memorial flag is the best gift for those who helped thousands of people survive thanks to their heroism and bravery.

Do you know how many firefighter died in 9/11? There are 343 firefighters. Don’t forget to show your gratitude to them on the special day by hanging this flag.

A 9 11 flag is a must-have item in your house on this special day. It is the best way to show your love, honor, and remembrance of the September 11 attacks.

Showing a Lifestyle

Show off your lifestyle through your decor house flags. Depending on whether you live in a farmhouse, condo, or just plain old home, you can let everyone know what it is that makes you tick with these flags.

If flying an American flag means you’re patriotic, flying other flags says something about who you are as well—whether it’s through having fun or being environmentally friendly.

If you’re hoping to give a unique or eco-friendly gift to your hippie beloved ones, Hippie American flag is one of the best gift ideas for you. 

This flag is one of the Hippie gifts for your beloved ones. It is sure to make them happy and feel loved. 

A flag with a native American owl symbol is one of the best ornaments for your house. Also, it is a perfect gift to show your respect, honor, and much more. 

Gift giving has been an important aspect among Native Americans and Alaska Natives. If you are looking for a meaningful gift for native Americans, don’t miss out on this decorative flag. 

Jesus garden flag is the best ornament for your house. It will make your house outstanding, also is the meaningful way to show your love to God. 

This flag is one of the perfect Jesus gift. Let’s show your gratitude and love to God evveryday by ordering the flag and  decorating your home.

Word Spreading

Nothing says welcome better than a custom house flag. The moment people pull into your driveway and see that you have a flag hanging outside your house, they know what kind of person you are. They also get an idea of your beliefs and whether or not they’re interested in getting to know you better.

This is one of those small things that can make a big difference in how well you communicate with neighbors and friends alike. There really isn’t anything quite like hanging out at home on a pleasant afternoon, watching other people go about their business, and waving cheerfully when they pass by. In addition, such a flag can push you to becoming a star in people’s eyes, depending on what you want to demonstrate through it. 

This autism awareness flag is a thoughtful gift for you to support for those who are facing autism. This item is sure to give them much motivation and optimism.

Have you ever thought of displaying an autism garden flag in your yard or garden? It is a wonderful idea to show your support and hope to people with autism.

The flag is a breast cancer gift you should give to those who are facing this disease. It is simple but meaningful way to support them. 

If you are finding gifts for breast cancer patients, we are here to recommend you this meaningful gift. It will help you spread your optimistic messages.

A nurse flag is the best decoration for you indoors and outdoors. It also a meaningful gift to give nurses. 

Life’s a beach flag is a wonderful garden decoration for your outdoor spaces. Don’t hesitate to bring it home. 

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Holiday Celebrating

You can display flags on your house as a way of celebrating a holiday. Many types of flags have been made with designs related to a specific holiday or season. The most popular type of decor house flags is used for Thanksgiving and Christmas, though most any type can be ordered. They are available in all sizes and come in many different colors and styles, such as white snowflakes for winter holidays or red poinsettias for Christmas holidays.

Merry Christmas flag is one of thee unique items to bring a festive vibe to your home. It has two sizes for house flags and garden flags. 

A decorative flag is one of the Christmas decorations for your house on this special day. It will make your house outstanding during the holiday. 

Christmas flags may be something you are looking for for the upcoming holiday. They are sure to brighten up your house when you hang it.

Christmas garden flags are sure to make your house shine during the holiday. There are various unique designs for you to have a look!

It is a great idea to add this flag to your house’s St Patrick’s day decorations. It will bring a festvie vibe to your house. 

Leprechaun St Patrick’s day is a must-have item in your house on this special day. It is a way to bring lots of luck to your family.

Thanksgiving flags are sure to give your house a festive vibe of this special holiday. Don’t forget to decor your home both indoors and outdoors with this item.

A “Fall for Jesus he never leaves” flag is a beautiful decoration for your living space on the special holiday. Don’t miss this chance to brighten up your home. 

Decorative Flags to Add a Dash of Personality

Flags for Self Awareness

Decor house flags are a lovely way for homeowners to express their individuality and create a stunning visual statement about their homes. Decor house flags can be a practical choice for property owners who want to emphasize their sense of style and creativity. And though they have been around for decades, decor flags for outside have gained new popularity in recent years as savvy homeowners have discovered their usefulness as a stylish marketing tool.

Chakra yoga poses flag is a must-have item for you to give your friends or relative on their special occasions. 

An LGBT rainbow flag is an ideal thing to show support for the LGBT community. Decorating your home with this item is the best way to show your messages.

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Personalized Home Decor Flags

Personalized house flags can help boost your marketing and branding efforts, as well as increase home value. There are also many other benefits that come along with using customized house flags. By choosing customized house flags for sale, you can save money on business costs while increasing brand recognition at home. Now that’s a win-win! 

Because it is so easy to create your own decor custom flag for the house, there are plenty of reasons why every homeowner should have one flying in their garden today. Whether they are patriotic or not, these unique decor items will certainly add something extra special to any area in which they are placed.

Personalized garden flags are decorations you may need. They will brighten up your indoor and outdoor spaces. This dog flag can be customized to any breed you want. 

US state flags are meaningful items for decorating your house. It is possible to change your state on the flag. 

Christmas yard flags are special items for dressing up your house. Let give it a try, it will make you satisfied. 

Police flag is ideal for you to show your love and honor to police officers. Hanging it in front of your house to spread your messages.

Seasonal House Flags

When talking about decor house flags, it’s best not to use them just for holidays. Because you can have different colors on your flag, you can take display those appropriate for each season or theme. For example, pink for springtime, or red and green for Christmas. Your flags will instantly be changed out, so you don’t have to buy a new one!

This is an excellent tip for those who want to ensure their house decor flag will be appropriate for any season. By choosing your custom-made house flag from Flagwix, you can order a design that coordinates with each specific season of each year.

This is a beautiful way to make sure your home is well represented no matter what time of year it is. Or, if you’re fond of changing over time, make a seasonal collection of flags and banners and haul out one to add the right vibe for a season.  Imagine having a colorful flower-themed flag in the middle of a summer evergreen garden.

Summer flags are perfect ornaments to spruce up your porch and front door. Hanging them is the ideal way to change your house’s appearance. 

Summer house flags are excellent ornaments for your living spaces. Let’s fly them around your home to enjoy the novelty atmosphere. 

House Flag Materials

Flags come in a variety of materials, including nylon, polyester, canvas, and cotton. These aren’t all created equal; it’s important to consider durability and longevity when choosing your house flag material.

For example, choosing high-quality canvas will provide more value for money in terms of longevity and durability than cheaper alternatives like polyester or nylon. If you’re unsure which is best for your particular needs—don’t worry. We can help you make an informed decision when purchasing your new flag. Our advice always goes for products with a reasonable price and high quality 

There are a number of different materials that garden flags can be made from. Each material has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to know what those might be before choosing a certain type. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your flags last as long as possible and don’t have any trouble standing up to windy conditions. In general, the materials of garden flags include plastic, fabric, wood, and metal. 

Standard Flag Sizes For House

Large Size

First, you need to make sure you don’t place your house flags in a place that would violate your homeowner association (HOA) or other governing rules. Most HOAs don’t have many restrictions on what homeowners can do. Still, if they do, you must follow them because an HOA violation could result in fines and penalties that are charged against your property. There are some basic things that just about every homeowner association will allow without penalty. The standard size of a house flag is 29.5″ x 39.5″ (75 x 100cm), in case you might be wondering. 

Small Size

What do garden flags look like? You may be surprised to find out that there is no standard size of a garden flag. The size and shape of your flag will depend on how it is going to be used and on what you want your message to be. A flag placed in a garden is usually only 12 inches by 18 inches, while flags for commercial use can go up to 6 feet long.

The design of your garden flags should be big enough to cover most of your garden signs, but not so big that they look like solid pieces of fabric. You’ll need to consider where you want to place your flag and how large you want it to be. Your garden is an extension of yourself and having a quality flag design that complements it will only enhance its appearance.

For example, if you have a fountain in your garden, adding an artistic custom flag with water features incorporated into it will attract attention from passersby and visitors alike. It doesn’t matter if they don’t live close by or ever plan on visiting you – a well-designed custom flag is likely going to make them stop and take notice regardless.

Different Styles of Flag Displaying On Your House

How to Take Care of Flags

Check Them Regularly

Proper flag pole and flag maintenance will help ensure that your house flags last longer and fly proudly in any weather. If you live in a windy area, consider adding extra weight, such as water-filled buckets at the base of your flag pole. The weight will add stability and keep your home flag from blowing away in even high winds.

It’s also important to check your hardware or rope for wear and tear on a regular basis so it can be repaired quickly when necessary. Find ways to keep flags from fading and getting wrinkles as well. Also note: Don’t just set up house flags and leave them—check them regularly for wear and replace them as needed to protect your investment in quality outdoor gear.

Cleaning Them

If you want your flags garden flags to last throughout the summer, it’s important to take good care of them. The first step is to thoroughly clean your flags after each season so they can be reused again next year. It’s also best if you store them in a dry, indoor space so they don’t become damaged by moisture or pests. There are many cleaning products for garden flags on Amazon that are safe for most outdoor materials. 

Before washing your flags with soap and water (or any other cleaning product), make sure to check product instructions carefully—many chemicals will damage fabric dyes or fade colors over time. You might need to repeat the process several times before all dirt has been removed from between stitching. Before rinsing off the detergent, flip your flag upside down so excess water drains out instead of running down into stitched areas. When finished, let all parts air-dry outside away from direct sunlight. Last but not least, store your flags properly so they could last the longest time. 

Some Flags Have Their Rules

Before you get too excited about your new, flashy house flag, there are some rules you should follow. For example, suppose your home is located in a residential zone (versus an industrial zone). In that case, a local ordinance may require that your house flag is no larger than four square feet in size.

When displayed, your decor flag should only be attached horizontally on a pole or staff; they may not be hung vertically. Also, when flying more than one flag (and most families do), all flags must be of equal size and displayed at equal heights—and by law cannot fly higher than your country’s national flag.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know everything there is to know about house flags, especially the ones from our store.

Consider buying or creating your flag and flying it proudly in your home today! At Flagwix, we offer flags for sale during every particular season of the year and update the latest flag trends to our customers.

We hope this post has been helpful. For any concern of yours about house flags, please do not hesitate to contact us at flagwix@support.com. We’ll reply you as soon as we can. 

Thank you, and enjoy the season with your decorative flags!

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