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35 Patriotic Room Decor Ideas – Make Your Room Unique In Patriotic Days


Patriotic holidays are America’s biggest holidays. That’s why every American wants to make a beautiful patriotic home decoration on this day. However, finding out home decor ideas for events that repeat regularly throughout the year can sometimes be a big deal. Even this can be a headache for busy people.

Are you having the same problem? No worries, this article will give you 35 patriotic room decor ideas and tons of information about this day. Scroll down for details!

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35 Patriotic Room Decor Ideas

All ideas we compiled below are pretty simple to implement. In other words, it is suitable for just about everyone!

Moreover, every decor piece as below is beyond just a decoration; each comes with the experience of making things on your own and enjoying your results. So, let’s get started!

self painted american flag

#1 Self-Painted National Flag

A painting of the American flag is always a great and easy-to-make decoration idea. You can draw it on paper or paint it on a canvas. Frame your painting after that, then hang it in the living room.

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american flag throw on a sofa

#2 Sofa Throw

You can simply put a flag on the sofa for decoration or order an American flag-style mattress from decor shops.

patriotic book display

#3 Reading Area

A patriotic bookshelf is a decorative idea that is subtle and suitable for many spaces in the home. Surely your guests will not be able to take their eyes off these appealing bookcases!

american flag wall hanging in a bedroom

#4 Fabric Wall Flag

You are a busy person who doesn’t have time to decorate your home? Here’s the idea for you! Buy an American flag and fix it to the wall with some nails, and done! Simple but beautiful!

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indoor american flagpole

#5 Indoor Flagpole

Owning a small flagpole in your bedroom or living room will increase dignity and politeness. You can refer to decorating your working space with your patriotic house flags, as shown in the photo.

patriotic dessert

#6 Patriotic Dessert

Sometimes a plate of dessert colored like the American flag is more than enough to serve a classic 4th of July party. More specifically, you can use this idea for any room, from the living room, the kitchen, to the bedroom.

a kid making a paper american flag

#7 Paper Flag

If you are a handy and free person, you can make a flag out of paper yourself. This type of flag is not only used for decoration, but every year you can also note your wishes or sign your name here as a memories keepsake.

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patriotic letters

#8 Hanging Letters

Although this decoration idea has been around for a long time, it has never ceased to be attractive. A small greeting decorated in a patriotic style is sure to impress anyone who visits your home!

One Nation Under God Custom Wooden Sign

#9 Door Hanging Sign

A door sign painted in the American flag style is definitely a good choice for patriotic holidays. Besides, this decoration can be reused for a long time without making the room boring.

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patriotic star cakes

#10 American Star Cake

If you are a person who loves cooking, why don’t you make a star cookie plate with the American symbol? This plate will be used to decorate and satisfy the hunger of family members.

patriotic candy jars

#11 Red White Blue Sweets

Patriotic sweet is another room decor idea for people who enjoy sparkling jars of candies. This idea won’t require any talent and skill. All you need is a pair of keen eyes and deft hands.

wooden american flag

#12 Wooden Flag

If you’re tired of fabric American flags, why not make your own out of wood? The method is quite simple: carefully peel a piece of wood from an old fence until it becomes a perfect rectangle. Then paint it red, blue and white.

red white and blue stars wreath

#13 Red-white-and-blue Stars Wreath

A patriotic stars wreath is a great idea for all national holidays. Its ability to bring new beauty to the room is undeniable. You can make it yourself or buy it at decor stores. 

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patriotic corner decor in a room

#14 Patriotic Area

If you are a fan of patriotic holidays, why not gather all the ideas in this article and create a “patriotic area” in the living room? It will certainly be interesting and impressive.

patriotic flower pot

#15 Flower Pot with the American Flags

A patriotic pot is not hard to make but still noticeably effective. You can put it anywhere, even patriotic bathroom decor. You just need to find a few ordinary flowerpots, then place small flags on them as if you were arranging flowers. With this method, you can even make from 5 to 10 patriotic pots in about 30 minutes.

stars and stripes throw pillows

#16 Stars-and-stripes Pillows

Don’t worry if this investment can be quite expensive. You can use throw pillows to decorate many things, such as a patriotic sofa, a patriotic bed, or even a patriotic corner.

patriotic lamp

#17 Night Lamp

An American-painted lamp is sure to make a very strong impression on your guests. You can order it at the store or paint it yourself. We believe this lamp will show the courtesy of the red, white, and blue very clearly!

patriotic grapevine wreath with red flowers hang on wall

#18 Grapevine Wreath with Flowers

Despite sticking to the classic patriotic wreath, why don’t you get creative and design your own wreath?  You can easily make an amazing patriotic wreath with just blue, red, and white flowers like the picture above. The process is not too difficult, but the results are quite impressive. Try it out yourself.

USA flag shaped balloon

#19 American Balloon

Balloons can be decorated for almost any occasion, and patriotic days are no exception. You can order a bunch of balloons of various shapes, as shown in the photo. But we believe simply decorating rooms with normal red, blue and white balloons is impressive enough.

4th of july chalkboard on a dining table

#20 Holiday Celebrating Chalkboard

A chalkboard with some celebrating messages is a decoration idea you should not miss on Patriotic days. It will definitely create an ancient but not outdated vintage beauty.

large american flag hang on wall next to a coffee bar

#21 Huge Wall Flag

If you are a busy person who does not have time to decorate, but you are too tired of seeing a simple American flag in your room. Check out the idea of ​​decorating with a giant American flag, as shown in the photo above.

framed american flag

#22 Framed American Flag

Framed American Flag is a patriotic decor style that has been quite popular. The method is quite simple; you just need to frame a flag that you think is beautiful and then hang it on the wall. This idea can make your home much more polite and modern!

patriotic bedding set

#23 American Flag Inspired Bedsheet

If you need some new patriotic bedroom ideas, we believe that changing your bedsheets is a wonderful one. A new set of sheets with stars and stripes motifs will completely change the atmosphere of your room.

patriotic flower vase

#24 Flower Vase

There are many ways to make a patriotic vase. You can pour red, blue, and white dyed sand into the jar or simply stick an American flag sticker around the jar. After that, you can position this jar with a patriotic lamp like the photo in idea #17.

american flag painting

#25 American Painting

Besides the flag drawings, some stylized ones like the painting above are also an interesting decoration idea. This is called Our Banner in the Sky created by Edwin Church.

patriotic 3d paper flowers

#26 American Paper Flower

You are a person that loves to make things? You can try this idea to be special on patriotic days. All you need is a scissor, some glue, and some red, blue, and white thin paper. Cut those paper into flower shapes that you like and be creative. Then stick them together with some glue. And, Voila, now you have some beautiful floral decorations to put on any room in your house.

patriotic wallpaper

#27 Wallpaper

If you think your room is too old and boring, then this is the idea for you. Look for a patriotic wallpaper set and refurbish your room.

patriotic toys

#28 Pinwheels

This idea is quite similar to decorating with patriotic figurines. All you have to do is shop for these holiday-themed pinwheels and organize them properly.

patriotic bunting on a fireplace mantel

#29 Bunting

A patriotic bunting will definitely bring the holiday atmosphere to your house. But a DIY one will make it even better since you are the one creating it. You can design this bunting from pieces of fabric and thread. 

patriotic candles and sparklers

#30 Candles

This is definitely one of the decorations capable of creating the warmest and relaxing atmosphere on patriotic days!

small american flag

#31 Small American Flag

A flag like the one in the photo is not big and eye-catching, but it has the ability to improve the patriotic atmosphere in the room very well.

wall hanging american flag above a bed

#32 Bed Flag

To create a national-holiday feeling in your bed, beside bed sheets and pillows. You can consider hanging an extra bed flag at the head of the bed.

patriotic dishes

#33 Patriotic Dishes

How can you make your kitchen more patriotic? Easy! All you need is a new set of red-white-and-blue dishes to display or use in your kitchen. You can look at the picture above if you haven’t had any idea for a patriotic dish set. Turning your kitchen into a special patriotic corner cannot be more effortless than this!

patriotic painted wall

#34 Wall Painted

Besides the wallpaper, painting the wall in a patriotic style is not a bad idea. However, it is only suitable for those who like special things.

american flag case

#35 Flag Case Display

Fold a country flag carefully into the case and place it on a shelf, nightstand, or mantel. This display is simple but requires a flag folding technique. If you’re not confident about it, learn how we do it or ask a professional for help.

Related Questions

  • You need to decorate with the colors on the US flag. Namely red, white and blue. However, the color tone may be slightly different from the original color.
  • If possible, you should buy yourself three books in red, white and blue colors. They will be very useful for decoration.
  • Buy a little more pillows to fill the bed and chair when decorating your bedroom.

On the fourth of July, 1776, it was a great day celebrated every year as a federal holiday.


There are plenty of good, simple, and cheap ways to decorate your rooms for the patriotic holidays. But either way, it is necessary to show the core value of this day, patriotism.

Above is all information about 35 patriotic room decor ideas. Hope you find a suitable decoration after reading this article. Make sure to follow Blog Flagwix daily posts for more helpful tips on home decor and flag guidelines.

Thanks for reading!

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