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Patriotic Bunting: What You Might Not Know


You love the Fourth of July but hate the mess left behind by all those 4th of July flags? You’re not alone – many people are looking for an alternative way to celebrate patriotism and still keep their homes clean! 

Luckily, there’s an easy solution – if you want to show your American pride without throwing confetti everywhere (or even leaving any evidence that you celebrated), then this article is for you! 

This is a blog post about Patriotic Bunting. It will give you tips on using bunting in your patriotic decor. I’ll also share some of my favorite ways to incorporate it into my own home! 

So scroll down and find out how patriotic bunting can be used as decoration with no cleanup required. 

Patriot Eagle Flag

One Nation Under God

No Man Left Behind Flag

Betsy Ross 1776 Grommet Flag

God Bless America

Patriotic Eagle Welcome American

Happy 4th Of July Independence Day

Happy 4th Of July Independence Day 

What Is Bunting?

Bunting, or bunting flag is a typical decoration at many events, including sporting events. But do you know that the patriotic bunting could also be used for other things?

Bunting has been used to make flags and signals. It’s made of cotton or wool fibers woven together in strands so the fabric can resist high winds.

The term comes from the word ‘bunt,’ which means “to push” because bunting was created initially by pushing pieces of fabric into one another with wooden sticks, and then sewing them together.

It’s crucial to remember that there are various types of bunting: flag bunting (made up of three stripes) and signal bunting (made up of two lines). Which type you choose depends on what you’re using it for!

patriotic bunting

Why They Are Used

american bunting hang on porch

Patriotic bunting flags are a versatile and long-lasting way to add color to your event, indoors or out. They’re also an excellent choice for all the upcoming patriotic holidays! Here are some of the bunting flag’s many uses:    

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Are you looking for a specific color? We have nylon and plastic bunting in a variety of colors and styles to choose from. 

  • Red, white and blue bunting is perfect for a Memorial Day event.
  • Our nylon and plastic ones come in various vibrant colors to complement any theme or design. 

Bunting is a durable fabric that can be used for many other purposes. Costumes, classrooms, weddings, and more! 

  • It is an excellent choice for children’s costumes because of its breathability and durability. It also makes a perfect material for art projects. 
  • Classrooms love bunting because it’s inexpensive and durable. It can provide an educational tool or even decor in the classroom space, whether you cut it into shapes or use it whole cloth to create your flag! 
  • Weddings are becoming increasingly “pintending-y” with bunting being seen more often around venues during ceremonies and receptions. Outdoor weddings are perfect for this fabric because it doesn’t mind a little wind and is a keepsake that guests can take home with them after the big day.

What Kinds Of Patriotic Bunting Are There?

patriotic pleated fans

#1 Fans with Pleated Patriotic Design

If you’ve been searching for a method to show your patriotism and celebrate the 4th of July, we have just the thing. 

Fans with Pleated Patriotic Design are perfect for patriotic porch decoration! The pleated fans are supposed to come in red, white, and blue stripes and white stars on a blue background. You can use them around your railing or front door to make any space stand out – see below for more details!    

These beautiful accessories always come in sizes that will work great on porches of all shapes and sizes. 

They’re easy to install, too – no need for expensive bunting hooks or brackets because they attach by stringing heavy-duty wire through both ends of the fan. This is where you’ll want to be careful, though.

#2 Patriotic Bunting Fabric

Are you planning a parade? Be sure to prepare the patriotic fabric. Our red and white, blue and white, or solid color patriotic bunting are perfect for decorating floats with ease as well as creating a cohesive theme that will draw some attention.

patriotic bows

#3 Patriotic Bows

Get the greatest savings on American flag bunting, electrical appliances, and entertainment systems. These products are a great way to inject some patriotic flair into your home or business while getting the best bargains on quality items that won’t let you down.

#4 Patriotic Pull Down Banners

Patriotic Pull Down Banners are the perfect way to show your American spirit this summer. Choose the design that reflects your own style and personality. You’ll discover that it’s much easier than ever to create a statement and decorate your yard for the summer, regardless of which one you pick!

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America Patriotic Eagle Independence Day

#5 Flagwix Non-Pleated Fan Flag

Fan flags are an innovative new product line from Flagwix, perfect for festivals and patriotic occasions. Designed similarly to bunting flags, our fan flags stand out with a unique twist: no folds.

By eliminating folds and seams and printing patterns only on the flat surface of the semicircle, our colors and designs appear sharper and clearer. This is definitely an outstanding product you’ll want to try for the upcoming patriotic celebrations. Whether it’s Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or Veteran’s Day, Flagwix has got you covered.

Check the full collection of 👉 Non-pleated Fan Flags 👈 here

God Bless America

Patriotic Eagle Welcome American

Happy 4th Of July Independence Day

Happy 4th Of July Independence Day 

How to Sew Patriotic Bunting?

sewing patriotic bunting

What You Need

  • Large eyelet/grommet kit
  • Red cotton twill fabric 7″ long x 30″ wide
  • Blue cotton twill fabric 7″ long x 55″ wide (2 strips)
  • White cotton twill fabric 7″ long x 60″ wide and 2″ long x 40″ wide
  • Red cotton all-purpose thread
  • White cotton all-purpose thread
  • Yardstick
  • Sharp scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Needle
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Ironing board


#1. Cut Fabric

Unsafety pins the fabric and cuts along the chalk lines. Cut along the pencil line. Iron wrinkles out of each strip of cloth using an iron. 

To make a single continuous strip from blue fabric, place them right sides together and sew with a sewing machine. Lay out the material in a semi-circle to verify the measurements on the fabric.

#2. Gather and Stitch Center

Using red thread on the needle and a knot at one end, make a loop. Pleat the top edge of the red cloth and compress it with your fingers. Insert the needle in the creases and pull it through, then stitch back and forth across them until you’ve seen them all together.

#3. Pin and Sew White Stripe

Pin red fabric on the bottom edge of the white stripe. Fold over the raw fabric edges and align them in the same direction, folding seam over. Sew with care, removing each pin as you go along.

Tip: To keep pleats consistent, start by pinning the left and right sides. Locate the center of the fabric and pull it back. You should pin the white stripe’s center to the red streak’s center. Divide the cloth into quarters and eighths at this point. Pleat in tiny portions and pin when finished

#4. Hem Blue Stripe

Make a 1/2-inch hem out of the blue cloth by folding it under twice. Press and pin in place, then stitch on the machine. Remove the pins after stitching.

#5. Press and Sew Header

Fold and sew four 40-inch lengths of white cloth together to make a 4 x 40-inch strip. Fold the left and right sides in half, then fold the bottom edge less than 1/2 inch. Hems should be pressed. With the hemmed edge on the front side, wrap the white header strip around the bun.

#6. Add Grommets

Cut a 1-inch hole out of the header strip on the measurement line. Using tiny scissors, carefully cut a small incision. Attach both halves of the grommet with large eyelets and a kit and a hammer. Repeat on the other side and four inches to the left and right of the center.

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How to Hang a Vintage American Flag Bunting?

Do you want to find an easy way to decorate your home in red, white, and blue? Don’t worry if you’re not handy with sewing or crafting because we have the perfect solution: patriotic bunting flags. How to make patriotic bunting is easier than you think! 

how to hang a patriotic bunting

Supplies Needed

  • Patriotic bunting
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Thumbtacks or duct tape for hanging
  • Serger or sewing machine

Step-by-Step Instruction

Hang your patriotic bunting on your front porch (or anywhere outdoors!), follow these easy steps. The bunting should take you no more than an hour to install.

#1: Choose Hanging Spot

It looks great when they’re placed on a porch railing, along the roofline, or beneath each window. Choose your location carefully because the surface will influence how you’ll attach the bunting.

#2: Measure and Cut

To figure out how long you’ll need your bunting, measure the length of the area you’d like it to cover. Then, using a ruler and cutting carefully around the scalloped edge, cut off any excess fabric and finish the edge with either serging or a row of stay stitching.

#3: Hang and Adjust

Hang the bunting from a location of your choosing. Attach with thumbtacks or wire hooks on a flexible surface, like as ($6, Target). Otherwise, use duct tape to attach the bunting.

Tip: Even when the yardage is tightly stretched, printed bunting flags are realistically shaded and appear to be fluttering in the wind, thanks to their realistic shading.


Whether you’re looking to show your patriotism, celebrate Independence Day, or just want a bit of red, white, and blue in your home décor this summer—you can find bunting for any occasion. 

From traditional stars and stripes to more modern patterns like flag bunting clipart, many options are available that will suit your needs perfectly. Making patriotic bunting is not difficult as it seems to be.

You’ll be able to give your space an instant makeover without breaking the bank! If you need help finding what color scheme would best fit into specific areas in your house or business. 

Thanks for reading! See you again soon in the next series!

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