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Straight Ally Flag: What Netizens Really Think About It


What does the straight ally flag look like? What do netizens really think about it? Stick with this post to find out!

When you’ve reached this post, it is probable that other LGBT flags have been familiar to you. Each of them depicts thoughtful designs with widely accepted meanings within the Pride community. 

While those flags represent LGBTQ+ individuals, there is another “colorful” one that symbolizes heterosexual support toward the community. It’s called the Straight Ally flag. The flag’s meaning may be clear to many people, but the designs seem weird to most.

Continue reading to know why.

What Does the Straight Ally Flag Look Like?

The ally flag design is a combination of the Rainbow flag and the Straight flag. No one knows who invented it and exactly when it was introduced. But it is known to become famous on social networks around the early 2000s. Here’s what it looks like: 

the straight ally flag
The straight ally flag design

The letter “A” stands for Ally. It’s also in rainbow colors, inspired by the Rainbow flag made by Gilbert Baker in 1978. The Rainbow represents the pride of the gay community back then, but now it’s more likely to become a cultural symbol for all LGBT people. 

On the backdrop is the Straight flag with black and white horizontal stripes. The flag itself represents heterosexual or straight people. These people attempted to make a flag that voices their “pride” for being straight since they considered a lack of flag for themselves. 

However, the meaning of the ally pride flag is the proud support from straight people towards the community. It speaks for their acceptance of equal civil rights, gender equality, and LGBT social movements (according to Wikipedia). 

Also, when a person raises this flag, it tells “I’m supporting the LGBT community and I’m straight”.

What Netizens Really Think About The Straight Ally Pride Flag

Much debate has arisen around the flag’s design and symbolism

Even without the meaning, the visual art in this design still looks bad to some. And while recognizing those using it to show support, some found it unnecessary to have such a flag. 

“You don’t need to prove you support us in that way”, said the Twitter user @ChaosPastel

But why? Read on. 

a quora user says her opions over the straight ally flag

“You don’t need a flag for doing the bare minimum of supporting our people and our rights. We have a flag they can use, the rainbow flag already lets people know that you support the community”, said Aspen Darn on the Quora platform.

a quora use speaks his opinions over teh lgbtq straight flag

In the flow of this topic, another user said his opinion, which is quite the same as what above.  He added more,

“People who feel a need to fly a flag that specifically identifies them as not directly a member of the community need to examine their motives for doing so”.

It is undeniable that straight people are not involved in the LGBT community. And it is good to know the fact. The LGBT people may not need their validation to become who they are, but with their support, the fight would generate more good results.

The paradox here is, that heterosexuals are including the straight flag that is anti-LGBT in the one they think it supports.

Moreover, while supporting the LGBT community — Does it matter to use a flag to tell that the support comes from a straight person? Isn’t the fight for equal rights for the community something that every individual should do?

Can I Become a Good Ally Without Using The Ally Flag?

Yes, you absolutely can. 

Supporting something only means value when it comes from the bottom of your heart. Although raising a flag can be a symbolic way of showing support, it is not as important as your practical act on something. 

In any case, you do not need the ally flag to let people know about your support for the LGBT community. But if you want a somewhat banner to wave in those upcoming pride marches, consider the rainbow flag which 100% means a lot to the community. 

Without flags, you can do lots of things to support your LGBTQ+ friends:

  • Stick by their side and proactively learn about their community and the adversity they are facing
  • Fight against any discrimination against them
  • Willing to educate others about different gender identities and sexualities, so they have the proper understanding of the community
  • Offer financial support to the LGBT people going through difficulties in their lives
  • Provide rooms for LGBT people to show their talents and make value from it
  • Join pride events

Final Thoughts

Although the straight ally flag is still controversial, many straight people are using it to show their support for the LGBT community.

Unlike the pansexual flag, asexual flag, or many other pride flags, this flag does not represent a specific community under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. It is merely a statement of support.

What do you think about the design and its meaning? We’d love to know about it.

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