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Top Ideas For Patriotic Wall Decor


Patriotic wall decor is a familiar style to all of us. The inspiration for this decor seems to have started with the patriotic decorative elements of the American flag. You will easily find interior products with patriotic style, especially American flag motifs.

You can decorate many things, from furniture to blankets and even wallpaper. If you are looking for the best ideas for wall decoration, then this article is for you! Find out now!

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Suggestions For Patriotic Wall Decorating Ideas

Classic Flag

The decoration of the flag has a classic style that has never been out of date, and it always gives a unique impression to the viewer.

Outdoor Style

To show patriotic style, you can choose to hang a flag outside the house and let them flutter with the breeze.

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Decorative Fabric Wall Hanging

If you are not a fan of sketches, fabric wall hangings are a perfect choice. Wall hangings with different sizes and textures will help create a different highlight for the wall. If you choose wall hangings with American flag motifs, it will be even more wonderful.

American Apparel Style

For a perfect American look, you can recreate the entire look of your home in this style. Specifically, you can create a new mahogany window frame and prepare to add stones such as shot stone, natural stone, or other stones to decorate the exterior wall.

Coating the outside of the house with a patriotic style will help them have the most impressive appearance.

Linen White And Red

Linen seems to be a symbol of lightness and elegance so you can choose from decorative pieces of red or white linen. You can use linen fabric to hang on the wall or make other decorative objects for the house.

Fabrics and Paintings

To show the patriotic decoration style, you can choose white and red fabrics/paintings to make your walls look more beautiful.

Red Color Style

What do you think about a wall covered in red? If you’re a fan of brilliance, this seems like a pretty crazy choice. Red will often be vibrant and dominant. If you choose this color, choose blankets and pillows in bright colors such as white.

This choice will help you make the room more balanced, soft, and harmonious. The overall look of your patriotic room will look quite original and create a sense of craftsmanship and comfort.

Other patriotic decorating styles are more subtle, such as: 

  • Selection of drawings or paintings of famous historical icons.
  • Collect historical/constitutional stamps, documents, and then have them framed. In addition, patriotic metal art style will also be a good suggestion.
  • Display/stick black and white photographs related to the flag or historical moments.
  • Hang on the wall pieces of American fabric or ethnic art.
  • Hang decorations featuring the American flag, such as wooden boards, picture frames, or memorabilia with the same theme. 

What Should Be Paid Attention To Before Decorating The Patriotic Wall?

If you plan to decorate the wall in a patriotic style, you need to discover and refer to a few points to note. This idea is pretty cool, but it will be limited to certain design styles.

Example: You have an “English Country” style room, but you fill the walls with blue, red, and white colors. Honestly, the colors of the American flags will overcome and mess up the neutral and contemporary style of the room.

You can choose the appropriate and friendly patriotic decor styles right here: 

  • Rustic Contemporary
  • Country
  • Lodge
  • Rustic
  • Americana
  • Log Cabin

In general, patriotic decor can be used for a long time. However, choosing a suitable decorative color is extremely important. Normally, the American flag has a bold and prominent color, so choosing too prominently will make your room look unstable.

To create the most harmony for these decorative designs, you can choose variations that tend to be more monotonous, rustic, and light. Specifically, you can choose flags created in a lighter style instead of the original bold version.

You can proceed to decorate according to the following suggestions:

a boy is peeling the stencil

#1 Stencil

Stencil seems to be quite an impressive form of decoration, and it is a great form for those who want to bold their patriotic symbolism. You can refer to stenciling methods and apply them to your bold decoration.

#2 Borders and backgrounds

To make the patriotic wall stand out and vivid, the choice of eagle wall art and patriotic flags is a great image.

During the decoration process, you can observe and evaluate the appearance of the wallpaper. You can add borders to the decoration to help balance and create accents for the patriotic wall.

#3 Painting

Painting on the wall is one of the most popular design styles, especially for those who love the color. You can decorate your walls by coloring them in blue or red. In this case, white is hardly taken into account.

Be careful when choosing bold colors. In particular, dark colors will have the effect of making your room look smaller.

In addition, bright colors also bring certain difficulties to your painting. If you want to create a fun and modern decorative theme, bright colors will be a good choice. Conversely, other themes overlaid with bright colors can reduce the impression you are trying to make.

DIY Patriotic Wall Art - The Fastest Method

The way to own the most wonderful patriotic wall decoration is to prepare and implement it yourself. If you’ve found good ideas, let’s get to work!

What You Need

  • Decals (optional)
  • Plywood
  • Sandpaper
  • Jigsaw
  • Stain or Paint
  • D-rings (two)


To start, you can use a piece of plywood and draw the shape of the state you live in or draw the shape of the U.S. You can refer to the sample drawings posted online for the perfect drawing. After painting, use sandpaper to soften away the rough parts of the wood.

american flag piece of plywood

The next step is to attach the D-ring to your wooden frame. This ring will help hang the wood frame on the wall when finished.

You can choose to taint or draw the U.S. shape with your chosen color. Next, you can select the brush and add other colors around the shape you just stained. In this part, the metallic gold color is a great suggestion.

As the last step, add the word lines you have prepared into this work. The most suggested phrase for this decoration is Sweet-Land-of-Liberty. You can choose this phrase or replace it with other words if you like.  

How To Make Patriotic Wall Decor With Canvas?

You can start making fabric wall decorations if you want to try a softer style!

What You Need

  • Red Paint
  • Canvas
  • Blue cardstock
  • Blue Painter’s Tape
  • White Paint


First, you need to apply a layer of white paint to the canvas to get a white background.

In the second step, you need to divide and cut the stripes of the canvas. Specifically, you can take the width of the canvas and then divide it by 6 to get the measurement. To prepare for the next step, you can use masking tape to cover the parts you want to keep white.

The next action is to draw over the stripes. You now have a white base, and the stripes are glued, so all you need to do is apply a coat of red paint to the fabric.

After the paint has dried, you can peel off the layers of tape. If you love to break things, when the paint is not completely dry, you can peel off the masking tape, allowing the layers of paint to melt to create a powerful effect.

The final step is to attach the stars on top of the linoleum. To do this, you can use 3-inch stars and need 13 stars. You can use a larger star in the middle if you like a break.

Tips: You can use glue to glue the stars to the canvas so that later if you change your style, you can remove the stars yourself most easily.

What Is The Fastest Way To Create 3D Paper Stars?

3d paper stars
Source: Etsy

To start creating 3D paper stars, prepare the paper and cut the star. You need to create a template with the various sizes you want. Usually, many people choose a 3-inch size for their star.

The next step is to create a score to proceed with the folds. Specifically, you can use a ruler to create five points. You need to draw a straight line down the concave part at each point.

After creating folding points for identification, proceed to fold the stars. In the five points created on the paper template, fold and hold the points collectively to help them become 3D stars. This stage has also helped you complete your product.

In addition, there will be a lot of sizes and materials to make stars, and you have to choose and make them to your liking.


It seems that patriotic wall decor has always been the most prominent decoration theme of all time. You can choose the right decoration idea no matter your wall style.

Hopefully, the suggestions and great instructions mentioned above from Blog Flagwix will help you get a satisfying decor product. If you have chosen your idea, let’s start working now!

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