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About Us

by Jade Miller

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About Us: Flagwix is a young and growing company. We are proud to offer you the best quality flags at a reasonable price. We want to make your experience with us pleasant and memorable.

FlagWix is the one-stop-shop for all your flags needed. We offer a vast collection of US-made flags, as well as a wide array of designs to choose from. Flagwix, an online flag store, caters to customers who want to decorate their homes with meaningful flags for various holidays and occasions throughout the year.

Design Flag meets US culture.

Our designs are inspired by the cultural aspects of each United States holiday and occasion. Simultaneously, based on extensive research on customer preferences, it is clear that each product requires innovative, one-of-a-kind ideas and cultural appreciation. Our design team is committed to creating products that are as pleasing to our customers as possible.

Decorate your house with a custom flag.

A flag can be used to add color and style to any environment. You can hang a flag on your wall or plant it in your garden.  It is simple to get started; simply click the “Holiday” or “Niche” button if you are looking for a specific flag design, or click the “Personalized Product” button if you want a completely custom creation. 

We understand that no two houses or gardens are alike when it comes to decorating, which is why we are happy to offer custom flags that are designed and made just for you. You can select from a wide range of images and sizes at reasonable prices.

Whatever your requirements are, we have a flag design to meet them.

Flagwix is a top supplier of high-quality flags, truck tailgate wraps, door covers, and custom products. We are proud to offer the best selection for beautifying your home and garden.

Flagwix, your flag source for all occasions