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Hang These Patriotic Flags On Important Days of America!


What do the following things have in common? July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day? If you answered they are all important days of America then you are right! All of these holidays are celebrated throughout the U.S., and each year on those special days, proud Americans show their patriotism by decorating their homes with patriotic flags to honor the holiday and our nation’s heroes. 

Those flags are an excellent way to decorate your home on such special days. However, you should know that you aren’t limited to just hanging American flags. Here are some other patriotic flags that you can hang out on Independence Day or any other time of the year.

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American Patriotic Flags

The American Flag - Spotlight of Everything

american flag flying

First and foremost, it would be nothing without American flags on important days of our country. The American flag is a powerful symbol of freedom, hope, and unity for millions. Because it has been flown on battlefields for hundreds of years, we use it to remember our fallen soldiers and to honor those who fought to protect our country’s liberties.

It is also widely used during holidays like Memorial Day or Independence Day. The American flag was designed by Francis Hopkinson, a signer of The Declaration of Independence and a member of New Jersey’s state General Assembly.

American folks hang it on their house to show their gratitude to those who laid down their lives for the country.

Each of its 50 stars represents one of the first 50 states in America (Nevada is currently 48th) while red and white stripes stand for courage and purity, respectively. Placed in a triangular shape, its 13 alternating red and white stripes represent that Americans are one unified group with thirteen distinct states under their banner.

In 1782-1795, it had 15 stars with alternating rows colored either red or white. The number of stars rose from 15 to 24 between 1795-1814 as more territories were added to the United States after independence from Britain.

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American Patriotic Flag Alternatives (For Decoration)

American flag alternatives

Many people only want to display the original American flags on the national holidays — that’s actually OK and budget-friendly as well. However, some people wonder: what else is there for a person who wants to decorate their home with a sense of patriotism? So here are the options for those wondering the same thing. We’ve got Patriotic garden flags, house flags, bunting, wooden American flags, pennants, patriotic signs, etc.

Ain’t no way it can get boring with these accessories. Try to mix things up for the holidays once you’ll decide to have a great 4th of July or Veterans Day! It’ll be interesting.

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Patriotic Garden Flags

If you’re looking for a quick way to add some American flair to your home, why not try displaying patriotic garden flags in your front or backyard? Today garden flags are durable and can withstand wind, rain, and snow. Many of these can also be flown year-round since they’re made from nylon and other strong materials like canvas.

No matter what part of America you’re from or where you live now, there’s a patriotic garden flag and banner out there for you. Remember, it’s common courtesy to treat all flags with respect by following proper flag etiquette.

Military U.S. Army Police and American Flag


German Shepherd God Bless America Flag


Happy Independence Day Outdoor Flag


Texas And American Patriotic Texan Flag


God And Country Patriotic American Flag


Grumpy Cat American Patriot Yard Flag


One Nation Under God American Flag


911 History of Patriot Flag


Patriotic House Flags

When you’re choosing flags to honor American holidays and events, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is size: flags can be any size, but they need to be large enough for people to notice from a distance. Most are between 2’x3′ and 3’x5′. It’s ok if people walk by without noticing all day long; after all, not everyone has time for patriotism 24/7. But if someone does stop in front of your house and takes notice? Then that moment is more than worth it! That’s why a patriotic house flag must be the essential decor for your home during special American days and events.

Cardinal Christian Cross American Flag


One Nation Under God Christian Wreath Flag


Happy Independence Day Outdoor Flag


Patriotic Christian American Flag


U.S. Coast Guard Veterans


Family With Pride Veterans


Patriotic Yellow Labrador Retriever


Funny Flamingo Happy 4th of July


Grommet Flags - Raise The Pride Real High!

If you want to make sure visitors see your patriotic flag right from the start of your driveway, you should consider our 3×5 flag.

You wonder what it is and how it is different from the 2 flags above? then here’s the answer. Grommet flags are flags of a larger size and with 2 grommets at two adjacent corners on one side of their height. They are usually hung high with a tall flagpole, and grommets are attached to the halyard.

Such flags are loved by many families because it upholds their patriotism. Nothing looks more glorious than a patriotic flag fluttering in the American sky. You can’t deny it, can you?

Pledge of Allegiance Patriotic Grommet Flag


Patriotic Eagle American Grommet Flag


Patriotic Eagle Grommet Flag


No Man Left Behind Grommet Flag


Christian Cross US Grommet Flag 


Family With Pride Veterans Flag


One Nation Under God Grommet Flag


One Nation Under God Jesus Grommet Flag


Go Unique With Custom Patriotic Flags!

Show your love for American traditions and heritage with customized patriotic flags. From special occasions to holidays, there are so many days throughout the year that deserve to be commemorated with a personalized flag.

Buy one today and show it off on Flag Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans’ Day, or any other special day of celebration that comes to mind. You’ll find these custom decorative flags have an added touch that really brightens up any porch or garden area—which is why it makes sense to purchase a few!

Plus, when you hang these American-themed wall art pieces from your porch or patio during warmer months, you’ll be able to enjoy them even longer than most patriotic outdoor home decor items.

Personalized Desert Storm Veteran


Personalized American Patriotic Cat


Custom States and Territories


Happy 4th Of July Red Truck With Dogs  


Custom Vietnam Veteran Flag


Personalized Patriot Dog Image  


Personalized American Baseball Player


Custom U.S. Navy Veteran


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Last but Not Least, Choose Your Flagpoles

For Grommet Flags

American flag pole

Keeping in mind your budget and backyard size, you can choose to go for wooden flagpoles or fiberglass flagpoles.

Wooden flagpoles are sturdier and last longer as they are made up of good quality wood that is durable. They also look good when placed in a yard with green grass.

The only drawback with wooden pole would be it’s durability which is not as long lasting as fiberglass poles. Fiberglass flagpoles are much more affordable and easy to install than their wooden counterparts, but have less aesthetic appeal in appearance.

But then again, for our purpose, since we want one for two weeks or so; fiberglass works well enough!

For Garden Flags

american dog flag

Unless you’re a flag expert, finding a flag stand that’s sturdy and well-designed can be difficult.

Most flag stands will hold your garden flags upright as they fly in cool summer breezes, but not all are created equal. Flag stands come in various designs and it pays to know what type is right for your property before you make your purchase.

For example, selecting an ugly or cheap stand for an important display like Independence Day just doesn’t make sense! So how do you find a quality flag stand?

Well, first it helps to understand basic design factors; if these criteria sound foreign to you, don’t worry—we wrote a post that can help with just about every aspect of purchasing durable garden flag stands. Learn here!

For House Flags

decorative american jesus flag hang on a flagpole under the sun

People often wonder what kind of flagpole they should get for their decorative house flags when they are buying one. If you’re new to house flags, don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to pick out a simple wall-mounted version for them.

There are plenty of different kinds that all work just fine. And most stores that sell American flags will also have them on display in-store. If you want to be more hands-on, however, here are some things to look for when picking a wall mounted flagpole.

What Size Should You Get?

The size of your wall-mounted pole is going to depend largely on your tastes and budget, but generally speaking, there are three main sizes that are available: 24 inches; 36 inches; 48 inches.

The first two are appropriate for indoor use while larger sizes can go outdoors, as well as indoors if placed behind glass (for example).

Where Will You Hang It?

As mentioned above, where you plan to hang your decorative American flag is going to play a large role in how big or small you go with your purchase. For example, if you intend on hanging your indoor American flag from the ceiling then it only needs to be about 24 so it doesn’t hit low hanging lamps or obstruct tables too much.

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As a patriotic symbol, a flag is something that each and every American should be proud to display on their lawns. A simple summer meal on your porch or patio can bring you great pleasure when you wave a well-made American flag at passersby.

Hang these American patriotic flags on days like Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, Flag Day, Flag Over Fort McHenry Day (August 9th), Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday (January 15th), and Presidents’ Day (third Monday in February).

With this post, we hope you’ll find a flag to fit any need and mood. Waving the American flags is one way to honor those who have served their country. So let’s just do it with Blog Flagwix!

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