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Outdoor Nativity Set: How To Set Up Outdoor Holiday Decorations?


An outdoor Nativity set is a must-have for any Christian decoration, especially during Christmas. So, how can you make yours a dazzling highlight for the upcoming Christmas season at your home? Join Flagwix as we explore the most stunning decorations and share creative ideas to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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For those who might not know, the term “Nativity” dates back to before 1150 and refers to the birth of Jesus. The nativity stories recount this miraculous event.

The Nativity scene, featuring the crib, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, and the Three Wise Men, is a beautiful recreation of this story that we see every Christmas.

This timeless story is an integral part of Christmas and serves as the greatest inspiration for all Christmas decorations. Scroll on to discover more delightful ideas

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The Origin and Meaning of the Christmas Crib

The Christmas crib’s origins trace back to the legend of Jesus’ birth in a small grotto in Bethlehem, where shepherds once kept their mangers. This iconic image has become a cherished symbol of Christmas, recreated in churches and homes worldwide.

The Nativity scene, featuring the manger and figures like Baby Jesus, God, the Virgin Mary, the donkey, and the three kings, has become an essential part of the festive season. These symbols embody messages of love and hope during Christmas.

Today, decorating Nativity scenes with an outdoor Nativity set is not just a religious tradition but also a heartfelt expression of human harmony and hope. The humble manger, along with the Baby Jesus statue, reminds us of Christmas’s true meaning: God’s descent into our humble world to bring peace and light to all.

Setting Up Your Outdoor Nativity Set

Now is the perfect time to start decorating! Let Flagwix inspire you with our outdoor Nativity set items and tips on how to make them shine this Christmas 2024.

Selecting the Ideal Location

Outdoor Nativity set items are designed with versatility in mind, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Incorporating large accessories into miniature landscapes can greatly enhance the Christmas ambiance in your home.

However, it’s important to carefully consider the placement…

To create a stunning outdoor Christmas Nativity scene, select a prominent location where it can be easily admired by everyone. A picturesque lawn in your garden or your porch are excellent choices.

Positioning it on either side of the entrance ensures maximum visibility. It’s best to avoid placing it in the center of the yard, as it might become obscured.

Preparing the Ground

When setting up your Nativity scene with outdoor Nativity set items, it’s essential to find a spacious and convenient spot.

Ensuring a Stable and Level Surface

First, let’s chat about the surface where you’ll place your delightful display your outdoor Nativity set. The ground itself plays a crucial role in ensuring your project looks stunning and stays secure throughout the winter.

In your garden, pick a spot with soft soil, minimal rocks, and free from concrete or tiled areas. If there are any, clear away the gravel and remove any obstructions to make tasks like nailing and stapling (if needed) a breeze.

Additionally, a flat, smooth surface is ideal for keeping your festive display stable and secure.

Protecting Your Nativity Set from Weather Elements

Now, let’s dive into setting up your beautiful Nativity scene with an outdoor Nativity set!

Based on your project details, you can flexibly arrange your Nativity scene. Start with the larger elements, like the stable or cave structure. Then, add charming details like the star on top and straw inside the stable or cave.

Take a moment to ensure everything stays secure and stable. You might need to add heavy objects, like bricks or stones, at the base or secure it with some rope.

Once you have a solid frame, place the smaller details inside: statues of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and other Nativity characters. You can use glue to keep them in place.

Finally, add some extra magic by installing LED lights and a sound system for a truly sparkling display with illuminated Nativity sets outdoor!

Enhancing Your Nativity Scene with Lighting

Soft lighting in yellow or white is perfect for illuminating your outdoor Nativity set without altering its overall ambiance.

So, opt for LED lights that emit a gentle glow rather than a harsh glare. Soft yellow lights can add a touch of sparkle and warmth to your display.

There are many types of LED lights to choose from. You might go for a single bulb for broad illumination or a string of LEDs to create a twinkling effect.

Don’t forget to protect the power source, whether it’s battery-operated, rechargeable, or plugged in directly. Keep it safe from direct sunlight, moisture, and anything that could cause a fire or explosion.

Adding Natural Elements to Your Display

As Christmas approaches, families, parishes, shopping centers, and amusement parks are busy preparing cribs to celebrate this special year-end holiday. These Christmas grottoes are richly and diversely displayed, reflecting both traditional concepts and cultural differences among ethnic groups.

Nativity DIY Materials and Setup

  • Main Materials: Straw, wood, or foam.
  • Statues Inside: Baby Jesus, Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, shepherds, and other figures.
  • Outdoor Display: The grotto is often a stone cave with life-sized statues and decorations.
Nativity DIY Materials and Setup

Simple Design

  • Structure: Foam stone walls painted to resemble real stone.
  • Central Feature: A large stone staircase with statues of the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, an angel, and a shepherd.
  • Top Decoration: A glowing Cross.
  • Lighting: LED strips around the cave to highlight the central figures.
Lighted Outdoor Nativity

Sophisticated Design

  • Additional Elements: A flowing stream with a small suspension bridge, lit with yellow LED strips.
  • Statues Placement: Virgin Mary and God statues under a straw roof.
  • Enhanced Features: A large white cloud above the main figures and colorful LED bulbs representing glowing flowers.
  • Details: Small bundles of straw and livestock statues around the scene.

Indoor Christmas Crib Models

Wood and Straw Crib:

  • Materials: Mainly wood and straw.
  • Size: Suitable for display in living rooms.
  • Features: Large logs creating a yard, a green grass carpet, cattle statues, and a straw roof with LED strips for lighting.

Thatched Roof Scene:

  • Structure: Simple thatched roof built with bamboo poles.
  • Characters: Main figures from the Nativity story and various animals.
  • Lighting: Warm yellow lights for a cozy ambiance.
  • Adjustable Size: Can be built to fit indoor spaces.
Indoor Christmas Crib Models​

Is It Too Early To Put Up The Christmas Tree In Early November?

Is It Too Early To Put Up The Christmas Tree In Early November

Decorating for Christmas with some outdoor Nativity set items in November is not too early—in fact, it’s a smart decision. Here’s why:

Benefits of Early Decorating

  • More Time: Christmas decoration projects need ample time for brainstorming, designing, purchasing materials, and setting up. Starting early gives you plenty of time for each step.
  • Easier Shopping: In November, the decoration market is not as bustling. You have a wider selection and stable prices. You can pre-order your outdoor Nativity set or buy directly without the hassle of long waits, crowded stores, or overloaded online orders. Returning items is also less urgent.

Get Started on Your Nativity Scene

  • Early Planning: If you have ideas for a Nativity Scene or Holy Night display, don’t hesitate to start your project now.
  • Visit Flagwix: Explore Flagwix for a selection of beautiful Christmas decorative flags, available exclusively at our store.

Starting your Christmas decorating in November ensures a stress-free, enjoyable process, allowing you to create the perfect festive atmosphere.

Highlight Your Christmas with Nativity Flagwix Decorative Flags

Among the unique flag designs in the Christmas decorative flag collection, the Flagwix Nativity House flags stand out as a warm and beautiful highlight for the holiday season.

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Features of the Nativity Flagwix Decorative Flag

Design Elements:

    • Nativity Scene: Depicts the night Christ was born, bringing the holy night to life.
    • Key Characters: Features Father Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and Baby Jesus.
    • Supporting Figures: Includes images of the Three Wise Men and angels surrounding the birthplace, adding depth to the scene.
    • Bible Verses: Some designs incorporate emotional and meaningful Bible verses that convey the true spirit of Christmas.

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Additional Designs:

    • Santa Claus: Classic and cheerful, adding a festive touch.
    • Snowman: A whimsical and frosty addition to your décor.
    • Iconic Symbols: Includes the Christmas tree, reindeer sleigh, and other traditional symbols that capture the essence of the season.
    • or Christian Flags


    • Bright Accent: These flags can serve as a bright accent for Christmas Eve celebrations.
    • Complement Nativity Scenes: Perfect for hanging next to your Nativity miniature, enhancing the overall festive display.

Why Choose Flagwix Decorative Flags?

  • Durable and High-Quality: Made from high-quality materials, ensuring they withstand winter weather and retain their vibrant colors.
  • Exclusive Designs: Unique and beautiful designs exclusive to Flagwix, adding a distinctive touch to your decorations.
  • Easy to Display: Simple to hang in various locations, whether indoors or outdoors, making them a versatile addition to your holiday décor.

The Flagwix Nativity Decorative flags, along with other festive designs in the collection, can add a special touch to your Christmas decorations. Whether you’re highlighting the holy night or celebrating with Santa and snowmen, these flags help make your holiday season even more magical and memorable.

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A Nativity Outdoor Set is one of the most captivating decorative items for this year’s Christmas season. If you already have ideas for your decorations, now is the perfect time to start implementing them.

Why Start Now?

  • Ample Preparation Time: Get a head start on brainstorming, designing, purchasing materials, and setting up your decorations.
  • Stress-Free Shopping: Avoid the holiday rush by shopping early, ensuring you get the best selection and prices.

Explore Unique Designs at Flagwix

  • Beautiful Christmas Flags: Visit Flagwix to choose from an array of beautiful and unique Christmas flag designs that can complement your Nativity scene.
  • Exclusive Offerings: Flagwix offers exclusive designs that can add a distinctive and festive touch to your holiday decorations.

Visit our store to find the perfect flag that resonates with your beliefs and enhances your space.

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