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60 Marvelous Wreath Ideas For Front Door


Wreaths are a great way to add color, texture, and style to your entryway. Also, the holidays are fun to get creative with your door decorating with wreaths. They can be hung inside or outside and look great year-round in many styles and colors! If you’re looking for a marvelous wreath to hang on your door, these 60 wreath ideas for front door will get you inspired.

And to provide you with some tips on making your own door wreath, we also include a DIY guide at the bottom of this post. Now scroll down to learn!

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60 Wreath Ideas For Front Door

Spring Wreaths For Front Door

Hang floral wreaths on your door to welcome the spring season! Floral wreaths not only add a lovely touch to your entrance but also keep out any creepy crawlers from coming into your home.

It’s best to have real flowers on the wreath unless you don’t really have the time to change them week by week. Wreaths coming with fresh flowers and greenery will bring positive energy to your house.

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One of the best things about spring is Easter. It’s a traditional holiday that most people have grown up with and look forward to every year. Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Besides, bunnies and eggs are the icons associated with this great day as well. So, let’s spark some wreath ideas on them!

The warm weather in Spring brings about many lovely flowers and other plants; one of them is the grapevine. This type of plant symbolizes abundance and fertility, so it’s pretty good to have them on your door.

And to make the most of these beautiful sights, you can decorate your door with a beautiful grapevine wreath. It’ll add some rustic vibe to your home, as well as give you something beautiful to look at during Spring.

Summer Wreaths

Summer is also the season for flowers like daisies, sunflowers, lavender, hibiscus, and so on. Bring these flowers’ vibrant colors and scents to your front door.

The dry garland concept also works well with some cotton species, such as daisies. Consider a fabric burlap wreath attached with some sunflowers if you want a long-lasting wreath that can be used year after year.

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Summer wreaths can be colorful creations made from everyday items such as flip flops, ribbons, buttons, and rags, rather than just flowers. Such bright designs will bring a true summer vibe to your home. More especially, if your home has children, these decorations will make them feel excited.

Don’t forget about Independence Day in the summer, which is celebrated on July 4th. A wreath can show your patriotism while also adding a splash of color to your home.

Here are a few patriotic wreaths that I believe everyone will love.

Fall Wreaths For Front Door

Autumn is the best time to hang wreaths on your door. The warm colors of fall and the cool, crisp air fit well together. The primary purpose is to decorate your home for the holidays, and autumn gives you a lot to work with.

You can hang them on your door or on any other part of your home. Just be sure to keep them within your property. If you do not have a front door, you can put them on the side walls or even on the porch. You can even use these fall wreaths for parties and special events during October.

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Don’t forget that we have a big holiday to celebrate this time of year – Halloween. Whatever the reason, please don’t leave your front porch empty and unadorned, especially the door during the season.

If you don’t have a lot of money to make something special, a simple Hallowen wreath can change the game. Make your wreath a little spooky by adding some mini Jack O’ Lanterns, spider webs, or anything you find interesting about the season.

Thanksgiving is the time when you appreciate your family and friends by giving thanks to them. It’s a day to eat, drink and be merry. But If you really want to enjoy this day to the fullest, you should invite your friends over for a big party. And make it even more special by putting up some decorations outside your home so that they can see how thankful you are. You can use Thanksgiving wreaths on your front door, doorsteps, gateways, or welcome mats.

Winter Wreaths For Front Door

Hanging wreaths for the Christmas holiday brings a bit of extra light into your home and neighborhood. One of the best parts about hanging wreaths is that it’s such a versatile decoration. You can use them in so many ways to bring light and energy into your home, whether you’re celebrating Christmas or not.

Selecting Christmas wreaths depends on your personal taste, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind when shopping. They should be made of real evergreen, which will smell fresh and look beautiful. Be on the lookout for silk or plastic too; they’re stunning sometimes!

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Hanging a wreath on your front door is a seasonal tradition that has been practiced for generations. Decorating with evergreen plants and flowers is part of the holiday spirit, and provides a cheerful welcome for family, friends, and visitors.

The Christmas wreath has become so popular over the years because it’s easy to make, inexpensive, and can be changed every year to reflect the current season.

Hanging white wreaths on your front door for the holidays is a lovely tradition that can add a stylish touch to your holiday season. It not only enhances the beauty of your home but also gives visitors an idea of how you celebrate Christmas.

From the looks of it, some families have made it a tradition to hang white Christmas wreaths on their front doors every year. However, many other families do not yet follow this practice. Be aware that  Christmas is more than just color; it’s about being creative and doing what makes you truly happy.

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DIY Wreaths - Christmas Wreath Ideas

To prepare for the upcoming holiday, here is the guide on making your own Christmas wreaths. This tutorial was performed by the talented Megan – queen of making everything look like a million bucks. Now, let’s see what she got for us!

Watch her full tutorial video!

diy candy cane swag

#01. DIY Candy Cane Swag

diy over sized wreaths

#02. DIY Over-Sized Wreath

DIY wood wreath

#03. Wood Wreath

white christmas wreath

#04. White Christmas 


Wreaths are no doubt the most beautiful and important decorations for every house. It symbolizes joy and luck. Beyond that, the wreaths spruce up your house and add colors to it on any occasion.

Above are the wreath ideas I want to share with you. Hope you have fun decorating the front doors!

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