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Patriotic Decor: The Fancy Patterns For All National Holidays


Have you been enjoying the new summer décor collection of The Pioneer Woman? In the spirit of freedom and independence, it’s interesting that you can make a lot of Patriotic Decor by yourself. Weave some homemade masterpieces with your favorite items from any store nearby!

You can celebrate Independence Day barbecue with a bang! From patriotic bunting to candles and mason jar lights, are what you need for this special event. Or, why not bring out the patriotism into your spaces during these hot summer days ahead?

Get your patriotic spirit on with these DIY ideas. From pillow wraps and patriotic wall decor like braided hangings, you can add a splash of red, white, and blue to any decor in no time!

Our Patriotic Decor Collection

USN Veteran House Flag

Patriot Eagle Grommet Flag

American Jesus Garden Flag

4th of July House Flag

American Map
Metal Sign

American Windmill Metal Sign

American Cross Metal Sign

Proud American Metal Sign

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Primitive Patriotic Decor Ideas

patriotic cupcakes

Flag Cupcakes

Your tasty flag cupcakes are now ready! Top them with red, white, and blue sprinkles for a flag-themed celebration. Don’t forget the extra Labor Day cuisine recommendations to make this event even more special than ever before.

Patriotic Wreath

If you want to make patriotic room decor to get the American vibe, this beautiful wreath will help you. Let’s first DIY a bare branch version and put it anywhere, such as the sitting space or right at the front entrance! You can use this as inspiration when designing your patio remodel project too.

Outdoor Rug

The patriotic porch decor with the white cottage is a veritable flag-waving den. 

Let’s think about a combo of huge  patriotic bunting that covers any surface and striped mat with white and blue color on the floor for sitting. They can be complete with cushions in polka dots. 

Besides, gingham can curtain everywhere, even over your own property’s threshold!

4th of july sparklers

Party Sparklers

You’ll be the favorite party guest when you bring the Fourth of July to life by exploding these gorgeous vintage fireworks. 

You can place them together with beautiful patriotic paper holders and maintain plastic boxes nearby. They create an awesome, brightening backdrop while also being decorative and lasting in the dark.

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american flag on porch

American Flag

No home is complete without the American patriotic flags. What is better than decorating your front doorstep with red elements? For instance, try potted geraniums or vintage coolers. Red-white tablecloths also work well alongside these accessories.

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patriotic flower and american flag on a table


Vibrant summery vibes are the order of this Fourth of July, so let’s get creative! You can cover the dining table or wet bar with red and white napkins. Besides, think outside the box by adding an antique patriotism tray filled with cheerful geraniums.

vertical american flag banner
DIY by Cindy

Vertical Flag Banner

By weathering all kinds of conditions, it’s perfect for setting them on your home veranda, especially with a cute porch swing. You can also reuse this vertical flag once the festive season has come since they never become old-fashioned. 

Uncle Sam Wooden Statue

You will receive praises for your patriotism and taste with this beautiful piece. The patriotic gentleman is perfect in any outdoor space, from the front doorstep to a veranda or patio. It looks great with an easy-to-keep decking area, too, so let’s get started today.

rose planters and mini american flags

Festive Front Door

With a patriotic exterior color palette and July Fourth planter fireworks, your veranda will catch the eyes of any visitor. The white stars are on top while red roses took center stage next door at your neighbor’s home.

patriotic table setting
Source: homewithhollyj.com

Kitchen With All-Stars And Stripes 

Design a Fourth of July table with an American flag theme; why not?

Arrange flowers, vases, and other decorations at each setting, and don’t forget about some bunting too. 

Nothing is more wonderful than the combination of a modern white table, red strap at the center, and blue seats surrounding it.

Garden Adirondack Chair

Garden Adirondack Chair

Here is one of the Fourth of July home decorating ideas to make your house look like a flag. This beautiful red Adirondack chair is pure patriotism. Thanks to its striped cushion and star-studded cushion, merging with elegant lined roman blinds as well!

patriotic fireplace mantel decor for national holidays
Source: craftaholicsanonymous.net

Fireplace Mantel

Don’t worry about the hassle of arranging Fourth of July; there are always creative ways around! You can get an interesting fireplace mantel and enjoy the festive vibe. Mixing up vases filled with red blossoms next to blue-and-white plates will brighten the atmosphere.

patirotic flower vase

Patriotic Flower Vases

Try red, white, and blue flowers to represent your patriotism. Then construct their arrangements inside the matching vases. It should also match this color palette for long-lasting decoration in the home!

patriotic bedding set

Plaid Bedding Set

It’s time to update your furniture on your beloved bed with something new this Independence Day. Refresh a couch cushion or chandelier, like the one here, using blue gingham print on white fabric!

Second Hand Furniture

It’s not a bad idea to celebrate “The Grand American Day” this year with old-fashioned stuff. The red-and-white theme will be sure to make your house look like an old barn, but that’s not all! You can also get some candy from our kitchen bar for those looking for more traditional treats, and don’t forget about the firecracker items.

patriotic quilt

Patriotic Patterned Artwork

Add red, white, and blue county fair ribbons in the crafts for the welcoming vibe. Flowers along with ancient cups will bring beauty into any space. Retro quilts also provide comfy seating that more than meets the eye!

Mini Flags For Food And Décor

Small reusable flags are always a good choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive decoration that won’t break your budget. Topping them on the burgers creates such an interesting masterpiece, and the color combinations are endless! This convenient way also helps you save cooking time and still creates a tasty impression on your guests.

Burlap Table Runner

Burlap is perfect for adding a touch of rustic country charm to any room in your home. Whether you’re using it as an old-timey wedding tablecloth or filling up the dancing hall theme, burlaps sure are versatile!

flag napkins and plates

Flag Napkins And Plates

Entering the national pride season? Add some stars and stripes plates and napkins to your grocery shopping list. These make exterior tidying a breeze and give you extra time for other tasks like making appetizers or having fun with visitors!

Flag-Based Centerpiece

Burlap lanterns and candle stands provide a more subtle feel for your table. The items are altogether in the package, or you might opt for anything else you want! These ten convenient DIY counters are perfect if you need new furniture at any time of the year.

patriotic edibles

Edible Table Arrangements

With this common table setting concept, you can make more happy moments by placing red, white, and blue stars around your candy dish. It appeals not only to children but also to those who love sweet treats. You’ll be able to focus more on cooking preparation due to its immediate application.

uncle sam party hats

Uncle Sam Party Hats

The Uncle Sam hats are perfect for adding humor to your next event. They come in several varieties, so it is sure to suit you and everyone else’s sense of humor!

Wooden Flag Sign

You can bring the spirit of Independence Day to your home with these beautiful wooden patriotic signs. Made by reclaimed picket boards, these items are sure to last long and look great in any setting! Aspiring DIYers should keep in mind that painting wood is an excellent opportunity for creativity.

Patriotic Decor Ideas For Places In Your House


patriotic kitchen decor

Patriotic Console Table

Have you ever got tired of your kitchen table crowded with all the pies and snacks from 4th of July parties? Time to get a new spare space console counter to solve the problem for you. 

Stars & Stripes are bunting overhead, red, white blue, paper straw flags hanging down below; even you can use matching flower pots.

Colorful Kitchen Towels

When you want to make your kitchen resemble Uncle Sam, there are many ways of doing so! If a red shelf protector and jars with lids aren’t enough for you, consider adding colorful dish towels or platters. For a patriotic color palette, try out crimson blankets during the holidays.

New Patriotic Dining Plates

This holiday is a great time to bring out delicious food with the collection of blue-and-white dinnerware. Add some nostalgic touches with blue, red, and white dishes on handkerchief linen. So, everyone can enjoy this American holiday together. 


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Front Porch Panache

Barbecues are a must on the Fourth of July but don’t settle for any old picnic. Choose from red-painted furniture to create an inviting patriotic outdoor decor, along with white tablecloths or blue spatterware dishes. If it’s windy outside, make sure you keep that cloth down at all times.

Americana Welcome Party Sign

You may send a gentle greeting to your guests with this funny wooden sign. For cat lovers, disassemble the sign and rearrange the letters to spell “meow.”


Garden Spiritual Container

This year, on Independence day, make your windows into a veritable garden and fill them with red geraniums to bring in the colors. Using an oblong blue splatter ware metal container to make a window flower pot. Don’t worry about dirt or grime ruining them; they deliver quality anyway!

Patriotic Painted Flower Pot

Reusing and recycling are two of the biggest ways to help protect our environment. So, it’s always a good idea to color some affordable terracotta jars from the Dollar Store in red, white blue. A quick coat of paint could give your outdoor decor a new look for summertime festivities!

Living Room

patriotic living room
Source: virginiasweetpea.com

Throw Cushions

Let’s pick up some red, white, and blue cushion covers. These colorful ornaments will brighten any living room furniture while reminding us why America is great! You can even get creative with fabric ink by making throw rugs from old sheets for only a few bucks each.

Cozy Country Bedroom Wraps

Americana decoration that will set the mood for your party is a mattress draping in unique sheets. Draping a mattress in unique sheets is the perfect way to decorate for Independent Day. 

With red, denim blue, and pristine white patterns mixed, that’s sure to not only stand out but also be pleasing on your eyes all day long! 

Festive Bathroom Shutter

Explore this patriotic bathroom door shutter that is both contemporary and primitive. You can find these comparable paintings to get your own wonderful Independence Day artwork!

Decoration Patriotic In Any Occasion!

national holidays garland

Fourth of July Felt Garland

You’ll be the most adorable person in any room with this fun, colorful garland! The felt bunny is perfect for brightening up your home on all those dark winter days. It doesn’t go with the product, though, but it would make an excellent addition, so don’t forget about adding it as well.

American Flag Canvas Art Print

Bring home the spirit of the song “America the Beautiful” with this canvas print that features the stripes and stars. The colors are vibrant and perfect for any room in your house!

Red, White, and Blue Star Indoor String Lights

Give your home a touch of patriotism with these star lights. They don’t need an outlet since they can run by the battery, which is great for apartments. The products also come in three different sizes so that you can find one for any space!

3d canvas stars on wall

3D Star Canvas Sign

With only a few Dollar Tree goods, you can build this Sign in no time! You may also add some glitter or paint the interior of each point-out triangle yellow if you want it to be more glowing. It’s also ideal for use as a decoration in your home library!

DIY Patriotic Ideas To Do On Your Own!

The U.S. national holidays are a great time to do some creativity in your home. Why not let the kids help you out with creating fun DIY handicrafts? They will feel excited with glittering mobiles, bubble-painted bunting, or patriotic bicycle décor. You’ll be able to spend quality time with them while they enjoy creating the crafts.

In the year 2022, let your patriotism shine on any occasion with the easy and affordable patriotic party supplies. And, you’re all set for spending lazy summer moments to prepare colorful ornaments that will brighten up any corner in your house. Check out our list!

american flag as a planter stake

Decorative Planter Stakes

You might want to spruce up your porch and patio with cute patriotic hearts or star stakes made from wood. But not if they’re all black! Why not try adding color by painting them in red, white blue?

sewing american flag

American Flag Made Of Textiles

The American flag is an iconic symbol of universal freedom, liberty, and justice. To construct this easy decoration, you’ll need red fabric ribbons, lace, and other items. They are all available at any craft store or sewing studio!

patriotic bottles with flowers and stars

Patriotic Bottles

Upcycling may be a creative and enjoyable activity. If you’re searching for a quick décor, try to load many jars with red flowers and shining candles.

diy bunting

Entrance Adornment

With this DIY patriotic bunting, you will never feel bored with the 4th of July decorations! Making your decorations for the new porch outlook is so much more fun, and you can customize them to match any color scheme.

Learn how to make a patriotic bunting here!

patriotic candy jars
Source: anyonecandecorate.blogspot.com

Americana Sweet Cans 

Isn’t this decoration adorable? It’s a terrific way to show your patriotism and pride in the flag. Load glass jars halfway with red, white, or blue sweets, such as gumballs, then insert portable American flags!

Learn how to do it here!

patriotic pillow covers

Celebrating Independence Day With Pillow Wrap

Although it is summer, do not allow your area to become too cool. Get this 4th of July pillow cover to keep things warm and welcoming! Even on the coldest days, this vivid and colorful pattern will keep you feeling youthful at heart all season long!

Learn how to make patriotic pillow covers here!


The Patriotic Decor is a great way to show your love for the United States of America. Hope you can celebrate the Fourth of July and other special occasions with all the ideas above. There’s no excuse not to find ways to incorporate patriotism into all aspects of life. So what are you waiting for? Try these amazing ideas today!

Thank you so much for reading. Next time, we will be back and bring you a more interesting topic, so keep it up on Blog Flagwix. See you soon!

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