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Garden Flag Stand – A Useful Item Helps You Display Your Flag


Beautifying your garden or yard is a really rewarding activity especially if it turns out looking enchanting. One of the most popular decorations for your outdoor space is garden flags. Once you’ve already had fabulous outdoor flags, what do you need for the next step to decorate your garden? A Garden Flag Stand would be your great choice. This item will help you hold your flag firmly and also brighten your garden space.   

What Is A Garden Flag Stand?

A Garden Flag Stand is an item that helps you display your flag in your outdoor space. It can be pole kits, arbors, hanging accessories, etc. Besides, there are several types of garden flag holder such as House Flag Holder Stand (House Flag Pole, House Pole Kit, House Flag Mount), Stand For Yard, Stand With Base, Stand With Solar Light, and so on. Many pole stands have inserts, allowing them to be used with several pole diameters.


  • Wooden Stand For Flags

Wooden Stand for garden flags has excellent quality and a stunning appearance. It can be a ready-made item or a custom item. The design of the wooden yard flag holder fits the decoration of your garden. They can hold multiple flags or banners. An engraved plate of Personalized Stand for garden flags is also added to customize them.

wooden flag stand
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  • Metal Stand For Flags

They include aluminum and cast iron stands. The round base is available in three sizes: 7″, 12″, and 9″. The stands are also available in various weights. Choose a heavier pole base for a large, heavy flag and pole. It also has folding portable stands for easy transport or storage, which is popular with scouting people.

metal flag stand
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  • Plastic Stand For Flags

Most pole holders today are composed of sturdy ABS plastic. They have a metallic gold or silver finish and then they are filled with sand for ballast to keep your garden flag set straight and not easily toppled over. The base does not require sand for weight. Other pole holders are available unweighted, which is a wonderful way to cut costs in delivery.

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Characteristics Of Flag Stands

  • Hanging Accessories

This item is made of fiberglass dowel with metal coupler and heavy-duty string bridle. Hanging accessory splits at the metal coupler, then passes through the garden flag sleeve and reattaches for easy hanging. A split ring is added to make hanging simple. It is an ideal choice for hanging 12’’ x 18’’ garden flags. This item can hold flags up to 12.5 inches wide. 

hanging accessory
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  • Arbors

High-quality arbors are commonly made of black powder-coated cast iron and solid steel. It’s rust-resistant and can suffer from bad weather conditions. This item is designed to fit standard flags (12’’ x 18’’ or 12.5’’ x 18’’).

flag arbor
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  • Pole Kit

A Flag Pole Kit includes a Spinning Flagpole and a Flagpole Bracket. This item is usually made of aluminum so that it is rust-resistant and durable over time. The aluminum pole kit is heavy-duty and lightweight. It’s used to hang 3’’ x 5’’ flags.

How To Set Up Garden Flag Poles

Step 1: Connect the three separate sections of the pole together. The straight pole goes in the middle with the fork section at the bottom. 

Step 2: Take the hook piece and connect it to the top of the straight pole. 

Step 3: Install the completed pole into the ground by pushing the forked end of the pole into the grass using your foot.

Do not use a hammer on the hardware as this can damage the material.

Step 4: Once your pole is securely staked to the ground, slip your garden flag sleeve through the top hook of the pole and add the black stopper onto the end to help prevent your fly from blowing off.

Step 5: Attach the fly clip to the pole as shown and click the bottom of the flags with it. This will help stabilize the flags in windy weather.

Tips For Displaying Flags - Garden Flag

How To Keep Flags From Wrapping Around The Flag Pole Holder

It’s inconvenient to untangle your flags from the pole frequently. Here are four solutions that help you solve tangling problems of your flags. 

  • When purchasing a pole for flags, consider buying one that rotates to keep your flags from getting flipped around, even in strong winds. 
  • You can attach anti-furling items and devices to your pole. These work in a similar way as rotating flag poles by allowing the pole to spin with the wind. 
  • Purchase heavier flags, rather than a lightweight printed flags. The heavy weight nylon and polyester naturally help to hold the flags down and keep it from getting tangled. 
  • You can create a windbreak around your house using large trees, wood fences, hills, rocks and even sheds. This helps to block heavy guts from grabbing your flags around the pole or aging it prematurely. It is such a long term solution if you live in an area with strong winds.

Choose Placement For Flag Holder Stand

  • When displaying a garden flag pole holder against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the flag’s own right, that is, to the left of viewers. When putting it in a window, it should be displayed in the same way, which is with the union or blue field to the observer’s left in the street.
  • You should put garden flag holder near the visitor entrance or any place drawing attention to the guests. 
  • Don’t put garden flag holder in places where trees and bushes can grow in the future. The flags can get tangled in the branches and that will cause damage to it. 
  • Don’t install the holder for flags in places close to overhead power, phone or cable lines
  • The height of the flagpole may increase as the distance between it and the house increases.
  • If you are finding where to mount flag on house, you can consider the house’s roof, roof eaves, pillar, windows, structure overhang, etc.


Your garden space will become so lively if you hang beautiful decorative garden flags. To hold your flags firmly and keep them always enchanting, let purchase garden flag stands. It is an indispensable part for flag displaying. A great holder can help your flags keep flying under different conditions.

Related Questions

To stop your flag from flipping in the wind, screw stabilizer screws horizontally onto the garden pole with a thumbscrew. Then, attach the bottom of the flag to the two sawed clips to secure it.

To keep your flag from flying off the flag stand, you can use rubber stoppers for garden flag poles. Its size is usually 1.2’’ diameter x 0.25’’ thick. This item is sold separately in many flag stores.

It won’t be good if you put other flags above the American Flag. If you display a flag at the same place as the U.S flag, it should be hung to the right.

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