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American Flag Etiquette: How To Display The American Flag With Other Flags


Every country has its flag, which reflects its nationalism and custom uniqueness. Similarly, the American flag symbolizes our unending patriotism for our country.

Undoubtedly, we must treat it with the same respect that we treat ourselves. One of the things that civilians in the United States should understand is how to display the American flag with other flags. It’s not only essential to gain a good understanding of the precedence of our national symbol. It also demonstrates that you’re a true American patriot. 

The U.S. Flag Code is a set of regulations established by law in order to guide citizens in the proper use of their country’s flag. The Federal Flag Code, Public Law 94-344, was enacted in the United States. It includes custom rules to ensure that the United States people know how to handle and display their national banner.

Anyone who violates the Code may face penalties based on the severity of the violation under U.S. law. So, the most fundamental way to correctly display the American flag is rely on The United States Flag Code. Again, make sure to follow the Code.

how to display the american flag with other flags

Important Rules

The U.S. flag may be displayed on a flagpole during daylight hours. At night, make sure to illuminate this eminent symbol. It should be displayed near schools, government buildings, public buildings, and polling places.

When flown with other flags, it should be higher than the other banners or to its right. Additionally, it should be the first one to be raised and the last one to be lowered.

american flag salute

When it is at the beginning of a parade, spectators should remove their hats and stand at attention with the right hand placed over their hearts.

In a church or on a stage, it should be in the position of honor. It’s either behind and above the speaker or to the speaker’s right as he or she faces the audience. The field of white stars must be on the upper left without a flagpole.

The President or Governor may order it to be flown at half-staff to pay respect to someone (usually a government leader) who has died. Also, the Americans should use it to cover the casket of a person who has served in the military or army. 

It should not touch the ground in any case. If it is worn or frayed, you should never display it. Then, it must be of respectful disposal.

How Do You Display The American Flag With Other Flags?

General Guidelines

The highest point and the right is the position where it should be displayed. These two positions are considered the most prominent and formal. 

Avoid displaying flags having larger sizes next to or around it. It also should be flown higher than the smaller flags. 

If the flags are displayed in the same row and of the same height, it shall be flown at the right end.

When Mounting Crossed Staffs

When forming an X with any state flagpole on the wall, it must be tilted to its right. Compared with the other flagpole, the flagpole for it should be opposite the audience or the farthest away from the wall.

cross staff

Note that spectators standing opposite two crossed flagpole will have to turn their bodies slightly to their left in order to see the it. In addition, make sure that the intersection of the two flagpoles is not their midpoint.

Among A Group Of State Flags

No national flag must be flown higher than it. When displaying a row of flags that includes state flags, organization flags, and the U.S. flag, make sure you will designate the tallest vertical flagpole for the it to be flown. Then, place it in the center of all flags. This rule doesn’t apply to the situation where it is flown among other international flags. Or else, that may show disrespect to other countries.

US Flag Among A Group Of State Flags

Among Other International Flags

When it is displayed in a row with other international flags, these flags must be of the same size and height. It must never be higher than any other international banner in peacetime. More specifically, the flags of other countries should not fly the same halyard as it. It means each must have a separate staff or pole.

displaying the american flag among international flags

Next To A Presenter

It should also be flown to the presenter’s right on a staff higher than the other flagstaffs of other states or localities. In like manner, if it’s a podium where a presenter should stand, it must be positioned to the right side of that podium. And, the podium is placed in the middle of the two flagstaffs.

american flag display next to a presenter

To be more specific, from the view of audiences standing in front of the presenter, they should see it to their left and the other state flags to their right. 

Within A Flag Row

In the same row, the other flags must be hung to its own left because the right side is the most prominent position. That means it should be to the left of the observers that face these flags.

Otherwise, if they are the national flags, you can fly it in the middle of all the flags in the same line. It could also be in the front to lead the rest of the flags in a procession. No matter what, ensure to put it in the same row as international flags. 

Within A Flag Row

Exceptions To The Rules For Displaying The American Flag

The United States Flag Code is applicable only to flag-raising ceremonies on American land. Each country has its own regulations to make its banner stand out in a prominent place in its territory.

At church events conducted by Navy officers for Navy personnel at sea, the church pennants may be placed above it. After service ends, it must be positioned in the most prominent displaying

american flag etiquette

At events held by the United Nations headquarters, the display of all international flags including the American flag is subject to the organization’s own guidelines and not the U.S. Flag Code. Although the UN headquarters is located in the United States, it is owned by the 188 member countries. So, the international flags must be shown in alphabetical order to show fairness and the same respect. In addition, the United Nation flag should be placed above all other international flags.

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