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Front Door Fall Decor – 30+ Ideas To Jazz Up Your Entry


Fall, often referred to as Autumn, comes in non-tropical countries. It is between summer and winter, marking the transition of those two seasons. This name is because leaves change color and come down when it comes.  You can’t skip this fantastic home decoration theme. But you have no idea what to do? This blog of 30+ front door fall decor ways is here to save the day!

The season is spectacular with a touch of breeze and shredding leaves. It is perfect for those who don’t like the heat of summer and can’t take the cold of winter. Also, there is an exciting festival during this season – Halloween

There’re many pretty home decor symbols for Autumn. The areas that need the most attention are your porch and front door since those are places that people see first. It is perfect for giving us the fall home feeling. 

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Best 30+ Front Door Fall Decor Ideas To Welcome October

Door Cover

When I think about decorating my house for the fall season, the first thing that comes to mind is a door cover—the simplest way to add a fall vibe to my lovely home and catch my neighbor’s eye.

Fall Flags

Flags are the most adaptable ornament I’ve ever seen. It can be hung on a porch pole or a garden pole, as is customary. However, you can be more creative and hang them directly on the door, as shown below. Custom flags that are holiday-themed and change depending on the season and occasion of the year can be easily purchased. Flagwix is a highly reputable website that I highly recommend.

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Fall Metal Signs

Metal Fall Signs are versatile decorations that can reuse for many years. It can be used as a door sign, fence, or garden. Their colors are very sharp and outstanding, which is an outstanding feature. These metal signs, in particular, can be ordered separately based on your design. It’s a good idea to pair your dog with pumpkin or autumn leaves. Nothing says “personalized decoration” like that.


An iconic symbol for this specific season, especially the biggest festival of October – Halloween. Pumpkins are so popular in many countries, namely the United States nowadays.

Some scary faces carved on pumpkins for Halloween will give you that spooky feeling. If you’re more fond of normal fall door decoration ideas, putting some orange and white pumpkins is perfectly fine. 


It is easy and pretty to hang a garland over your door. You can make it yourself with leaves like sycamores, sassafras, and alders. Or get a pre-made one if you don’t want to waste your time making it. 


Another convenient way for fall decor for front door is to hang pictures. All you have to do is find an Autumn theme pic, or even the calendar page of October can garnish your door. 

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3D Artwork & Frame


Can’t find an Autumn theme picture? Replacing it with a frame would do. Choose one with a fall color like orange, brown, or yellow, and it will brighten your exterior. 

Fall Mums Decor

Fall Mums

If you prefer porch decorations of flowers, fall Mums are one of the best options that give you the October vibe. Simply put them along your entryway, and there you go! 

You can combine them with pumpkins to further emphasize the season’s atmosphere.


Autumn is known as the season for harvesting. Haystack is what is left from the harvest. Farmers often keep them to make fodder for cows. Trust us, some piles of haystacks can effortlessly jazz up your front door. 

Corn Stalks

Never thought of it, right? Fresh and dried corn stalks can also be piled up and turned into a porch decoration. Add some corn husks and flowers as finishing touches, and voila! 


For a floral vibe for October, having a couple of Marigold pots can help you there since Marigolds have the month’s warm yellow fall color symbols. Another option is to turn them into a wreath to spice up your space.  

Wheat Wreath

Similar to haystacks, after collecting wheat, wheat stalks are what remains. By braiding wheat stalks into a hoop, you will end up having a harvest look wreath to hang in front of your door.

Corn Husk Wreath

If you are into wreath decorating, the corn husk one is also worth trying. Add some greenery into your doorway by using fresh stalks to enhance your wreath of corn husks. You can finish up with the stalks on either side of the door, too!


A door planter is never wrong. Gather up all flowers in an Autumn color scheme. Then, perfect them with green leaves for a rustic door-planter. We bet that it is one of the best October decorating ideas

Dried Flowers

Keep it simple with a small, cute bouquet of pretty little dried flowers. It brings you a vintage, retro vibe and brightens your exterior very well. Besides, who doesn’t like flowers anyway? 


Guess what can be used as a simple fall front door decor next? Yes, an Autumn door hanger! How easy it is for an October vibe home. You won’t have to create anything else since hangers are made to spruce up your space. 

Stars And Moons Fall Wreath

Unexpectedly this idea’s presence in this list? Combine stars and moons for the wreath, and you will have a modern fall front door decor. It adds a bit of Halloween mystery to your front space. Just remember to match them with some colorful pumpkins, and you’re done!

Harvest Front Porch

If you prefer a harvest look, build up piles of haystacks, corn stalks, straws with some pumpkins or squashes. Your porch will look like a farmer’s pantry. It may be a little messy but in a good way, giving you a cozy, warm feeling. 

Fall Wood Signs

Displaying wood signs in front of your door will directly hit the theme. You can’t get off topic when the content on the sign is clearly presented. Plus, altering it with wooden letters seems like a great decorating idea. 


You can never go wrong with lanterns. They symbolize the Halloween festival with a spooky, mysterious feeling. They fix up your dark porch with sparks of lights. Obviously, they are amazing to welcome October. 


Besides pumpkins, squashes are Autumn’s symbols, too. If you got bored of the iconic pumpkins, try squashes instead. Simply put them around like you normally do with pumpkins, and there you go! How cool is that! 

Eucalyptus Wreath

Choose a leaf wreath for a more vital touch of green to your front door. A eucalyptus one may help you here. Not only does it add greenery to the house, but it is also a simple way for a minimalist look. You can also perfect the wreath with warm yellow tiny flowers. 


Does it seem familiar to you? You can’t help but come across at least a scarecrow while passing through the fields. It is an integral part of the season since it prevents the birds from damaging crops. Why not have a scarecrow on your porch to enhance the atmosphere this occasion? 

Oversized Leaves Decoration

You see the leaves shredded everywhere in Autumn, but have you ever come up with using them as decor for this theme? Customize your own door garnish by attaching them to create big ones or make them out of fabrics. Anything will do! 


Sunflowers also stand for Autumn because it has the season’s color scheme. A touch of sunflowers can make you feel cheerful, energetic, full-of-life. Put some pots of them on the sides of your doorway, or you can braid them into hoops along with other things.

Pumpkin Topiary

Another way to decorate using pumpkins is to pile them up. Placing smaller pumpkins on top of the big ones and you will have a pumpkin topiary displaying at the front door. It takes just a little more effort for your doorstep to stand out. 

Wood Bead Wreath

If you have wood beads, take advantage and customize them into your own wreath. It’s easier and quicker, just put the beads into a hoop using a wire. You can combine them with anything in this theme you want along with them. 

Fall Wood Crates

The crates are another important thing often seen in the harvest season. They are usually used to store pumpkins or anything after the harvest. If you have these at home, you can have a welcome October decoration by piling them up in your own way. 

To replicate a farmer’s pantry, you can put substances in the crates if you don’t want to leave them empty.  


You can’t go wrong with ribbons. They are often all over the decorations. You may put them on your wreaths, garlands, or anywhere you like. 

Instead of beautifying other decorations, you can turn large ribbons themselves into a pretty, magnificent garland. Or, for effortless decor, make a big bow and hang it on your front door. Make sure that they come in the right color scheme. 

Fall Doormat

It is pretty as it is easy to put a fall doormat in front of your porch. Your guests will feel more welcome. All you have to do is buy a pre-made one at stores. 

Acorn Wreath

They’re literally 20 choices to go for when it comes to wreaths. Especially in this season, there are a lot of items that you can put on the wreaths. How’s an acorn wreath sound? Is it too crazy?

In fact, it is not as crazy as you think it would be. Having one on your porch may make you feel full and warm, and brown is also a fall color scheme. 

An iconic decoration to go for on every occasion is a banner. Why not use it this time? A banner with a wood sign or just with some orange and yellow flags is perfect. It is easy to harvest the cheerful feeling of October instantly. 

Bucket Fall Door Hanger

A bucket door hanger is also worth considering for a small but complete decoration for this theme. Get yourself a small, cute little bucket, fill it with dried flowers, Marigolds, corn husks, or anything you think will do. How easy is that?  

How Do You Make Fall Wreaths?

Most of the items mentioned above can be used to make a wreath. You can utilize natural materials or anything at home to make it. 

It is just a hoop made out of anything you think can be used. If you want to go for a natural look, haystacks, corn stalks, or husks are perfect options. Braid them together and decorate them with leaves or flowers, and there you go!

When you’re not using materials that can be braided, sticking them to an existing hoop will also get you there. 

If you are more fond of modern Autumn decor, use a wire to make a circle first. Then you can string anything like pumpkins, beads and add a finishing touch with a ribbon. 

Related Questions

A well-decorated, clean curb appeal makes you feel joyful and relaxed when you’re at home. It can help you feel more like going and staying at home. 

Also, a pretty curb appeal may inspire you with your work and projects. An attractive space supports your imagination. You will be more likely to accomplish your job in no time! 

It can even make your guests feel more welcome and cheerful whenever they come to your house.

The first two weeks of October are the best time to start decorating for the festival. It’s good enough for you to feel festive and inspired, and it’s also early enough for your work to stay there for a while. 

Or else, if you don’t have time, anytime when you’re free is perfect for getting started. 


Front door fall decor is also a way to refresh your living space. In addition to responding to the festive atmosphere, it will help you freshen your life and put you in a more comfortable mood with your place.

Best ideas to decor your house: Blog Flagwix

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