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Summer Front Door Decor – 30 Ideas To Spruce Up Your House


Indeed summer is hot and sunny; some places can be so hot that many people can’t stand it. But hey, who doesn’t love summer anyway? It might be hot, but it’s the time when people usually have vacations and travels. 

Besides the youthful, playful vibe, if you are in the States, there is also an important event in summer – Independent Day. That’s why summer is a great time for house decorations!

Yet, you’ve run out of ideas and can’t reuse ones that you’ve done in previous years.? Or is this year the first time that you decided on house decorations? You simply just don’t have anything in mind and don’t know where to start?

Whatever the problem is, don’t freak out! Just sit down and have a sip of tea; this article will provide you with the 30 best suggestions on brilliant summer front door decor!

30 Playful Summer Front Door Decor Items For Your House

summer front door decor with sunflowers

#1 Sunflowers

Going for a floral, cheerful, energetic look? Then, take sunflowers into consideration and put them in your list of home decor options. The flowers symbolize summertime since it is bright yellow, and even the name also shows the heat from the sun!

You can either twirl them into hoops or just have them in pots and place them along your curbs. Or else, any decor inspired by sunflowers would do.

#2 Citrus Fruits

Customizing Citrus Fruits as front door decor is perfectly fine. A front door wreath of lemon and lime with exotic leaves will give your entry a fresh, lively feeling of the season with some greenery.

Learn this DIY from Kim.

#3 Watermelon Door Decor

If not, how about a giant piece of watermelon made of fabric or plastic as your porch decor? It’s summertime! Who isn’t craving for a bite of fresh, juicy watermelon to cool down? Just hang one in front of your entry, and automatically there’s an instant vibe of this season.

Versatile Burlap

#4 Burlaps

Burlaps are also one of the potential porch decorations

You can have some bows and flowers for them, or there’s another way: use them to replicate the seashores. Sew burlaps on each other with a little help of some seashells; it will appear just like sand dunes.

tropical summer wreath

#5 Tropical Flowers Wreath

A gorgeous, splendid summer front door decor – a boutique of tropical flowers. Instead of just putting them there, you can turn them into a wreath with some exotic leaves. Use a small ribbon if you want, or maybe don’t.

frangipanis wreath

#6 Frangipanis

If not a whole bunch of tropical flowers, how about just one kind among those? Frangipanis are elegant, stunning, and have an unmistakable fragrance. One or two pots in front of your entry will make your exterior shine.

#7 Fishermen Lifestyle Wreath

Yep, you heard it. A summer decor for front doorway inspired by both the sea and the people. 

What you should do is get yourself some shells, a winding rope, a small net, and maybe some burlap. Customize them into a wreath based on your personal preference or any good ideas popping up in your head. It should remind people about the sea and those hard-working fishermen out there, as well.

#8 Lavender Wreath

Those pretty little flowers are not only incredibly cute but also bring a remarkable fragrance. Lavenders are exactly what you need for a rustic look!

Take those flowers, braid them into a wreath. You will end up having a lovely door hanger, and it smells good, as well!

#9 Pineapple Decor

Another option to go for among fruits-inspired door decorating ideas is Pineapple Décor. The fruit represents the season well and also tastes good! Who can say no to a pineapple bite in summertime? An oversized pineapple décor may make your house look fun!

ribbon wreath

#10 Ribbons

Okay, it’s not even a comeback. They have been here the whole time! Going for the iconic and popular choice is never wrong! Instead of having them on other decorations, make a whole wreath or anything you think possible out of ribbons, and voila!

#11 Nautical Theme Decor

Inspired by the sea and the people. Especially if you’re in the States, it will be perfect for both summertime and Independence Day

Indeed, it’s one of the most suitable summer front door decor ideas. We suggest making a hoop with white and blue stripes, adding finishing touches with an anchor and any flag-patterned items. 

gerbera front door decor

#12 Gerberas

Going for a spring decor that can still be used in the sunny season? Then, you cannot skip Gerberas.

These happy flowers are suitable to decorate for both spring and summertime. A couple of pots of Gerberas might add a ray of happiness to your house’s front space.

popsicle front door decor

#13 Popsicle Décor

Hey, a popsicle in the middle of the hottest season of the year is irresistible, okay? Rather than fruits and flowers, if you’re into modern summer door hangers, consider customizing Popsicle Décor . Either a wood sign or a plastic popsicle is perfectly fine.

bumblebee front door décor

#14 Bumblebee Décor

Indeed it’s not fun at all being stung by one, but a Bumblebee Décor might be a great idea. They look quite adorable since their body is covered in fluffy, fuzzy hair. You most often see them in this season. 

Among those front door hanging decorations, why not make a big bumblebee out of fabric? Or maybe a small hanging rug will do. 

Ship Compass Wall Art

#15 Sailing Ship Hanger

For an adventurous vibe, a Sailing Ship Hanger is one of the most worth-trying front door decor ideas for summer. You can get them pre-made, or you can create one by yourself. Get some shells, some nets, and a sailing ship. Put them together to make a hoop, and there you go!

hanging flower basket

#16 A Basket Of Flowres

One of the most simple and effective methods to garnish your porch is a basket of flowers. It is fast and easy to handle. Buy one and hang it on the entry, and you’re fine. Just make sure that you get enough water for the plants.

starfish wreath

#17 Starfish

Who doesn’t think of starfish and shells when it comes to this sunny season and beaches? Well, you can stick them all into a hoop, and there you go – a simple beachy gateway hanger!

wheat wreath

#18 Wheat Wreath

It is also an option to go when it is autumn. For a summer wreath for front door, find blonde and green wheat and twirl them together. It will give you the feeling of a sunny field for your living space.

hydranges wreath hung on a front door

#19 Hydrangeas

Add a retro, soft vibe with a wreath of Hydrangeas, add finishing touches with some burlap. You can have a boutique of them in front of your gateway if you prefer. It is ideal for brightening your front space and giving you a dreamy porch look.

#20 Blue Grapevine Wreath

Kill two birds with one stone – Let’s get a blue grapevine wreath to welcome both the season and Independent Day by adding a small patriotic star to it. How convenient!

flip flop door decor

#21 Flip-flops Décor

You will end up having a playful, vibrant, pigmented porch décor. Customize your own by getting some funny slippers and garnish them with faux flowers, or just get them pre-made.

strawflower wreath

#22 Strawflower Wreath

It will look similar to the wheat wreath, so just choose one between these two. You can create a colorful flower field vibe for your house. Just braiding some dried flowers in different colors to your strawflower wreath will get you there.

Sailor Anchor Doormat

#23 Summer Doormat

Nothing can go wrong with a doormat for gateway decoration. Go to any store near you and purchase one that has the yellow theme color!

#24 Picture

Another convenient way to jazz up your main entry is to hang pictures. Find a summertime theme pic, or even the calendar page of July can garnish your gateway.

#25 Frame

In case you can’t find the desired theme picture, replacing it with a frame would do. Choose one that has the season color scheme, and it will brighten your exterior.

#26 Wind Chimes

Not only does it look pretty, but it also sounds great. Hang them at your main doorway and let the summertime breezes pass by for some relaxing sounds.

#27 Wildflower Wreath

Instead of having them as finishing touches for other kinds of wreaths, make one using mainly wildflowers. Keep it cute and simple, and it will enhance the season’s atmosphere quite well.

#28 Summer Wood Signs

You can’t get off topic with a wood sign that says “Hello Summer”, or bright yellow wooden letters of “Hello”. It hits right on the theme, looking cheerful and welcoming. Cool, right?

#29 Aromatic Herbs

Into the scent of fresh summertime herbs? A bunch of aromatic herbs or a basket of rosemary, thymes of lavender at the front entry will give you a pleasant fragrance.

#30 Planters

Last but not least, how about displaying pots of your favorite flowers to match the sunny weather? Or else, you can add planters full of greenery at the curb for an environment-friendly look. They will definitely spruce up your entry.

Related Questions

How Can I Decorate My Home For Summer?

You can get started by decorating your front entryway first, as it is the first place when looking at your house. Besides, this will also give people a welcoming feeling and freshen your living space. 

Some small decorations suggested above will do. Keep in mind that this sunny season is all about small and cheerful items. Ones that match the sunlight are perfect. 

Best 4th Of July Decoration Ideas?

It is best to hang 4th of July flags, patriotic signs, or any flag-patterned item at your front doorway. It hits right on the theme and gives you the patriotic spirit right away.


Let’s welcome the new season by refreshing the look of your front doorway! There is no need for elaborate or expensive items to beautify the space; you can level up its appearance by making some simple summer front door decor we’ve listed above! It will give you pleasure, and you can enjoy both the process and the result as well!

Thank you for reading our blog post! Have a happy summer, with love from Blog Flagwix!

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