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Our Top 3 Patriotic Party Supply Ideas To Celebrate With


Americans celebrate Independence Day with patriotic expressions and parties. It’s so cute that people always love to gather on such special occasions, decorate, prepare everything, and laugh around.

If you’re hosting a Patriotic party while not knowing how to make it stunning, here are our Patriotic party supplies suggestions to make your holiday more splendid and fun.

Top #1. Patriotic Party Flags

Decorating homes, gardens, and streets are must-have activities on every Independent Day. The patriotic flags come out on top in the decorating process, as this is the first thing people think of when decorating their homes these days. Especially when you have a Veteran member in your home, these Veteran Flags are sure to make the most wholesome moments during the party. 

patriotic party supply

For each country, the color of the national flag symbolizes the national spirit, so does the US. The meaning of the American flag is clear:

  • Blue: Belief in God and heaven with justice, loyalty.
  • Red: Showing enthusiasm, courage.
  • White: Symbolizing hope in a pure life.

So, on these anniversaries, we can easily see three colors (red, white, and blue) on every street in America.

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Top #2. Patriotic Home Goods

While streets are spruced up with flags and flowers, people also decorated their houses with patriotic party supplies to welcome July. A Memorial Day flag is a must-have item. Besides, everyone also prepares home decorations or party supplies with that.

Patriotic Signs

The most easy-to-find patriotic signs are made of wood and metal.

These decorations can be designed in horizontal (for flags), vertical (hanging on pillars or gate posts), and even arc types (for different types of gates or entrance loops). Those are all large-sized wooden signs. 

With smaller sizes (4×4 inches maybe), people will put them on the dining table, living room table or hang them on the walls and shelves in the house. The designer will create them in many different shapes, such as stars, flowers, or a particular picture with three primary colors: blue, white, and red.

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Mailbox Cover

In the US, we can see mailboxes everywhere. Therefore, a mailbox cover will be a good idea to give gifts to relatives and friends. The craftsman will decorate the mailbox with colorful motifs or add America-inspired stickers. 

Mailbox cover is magnetic to ensure a secure attachment and tight fit and make your house more delighted.

It can also add to your party entrance or front yard. Guests coming in will know a passionate patriot is waiting for them. 

Patriotic Tableware

In the Independence Day parties of the American people, it is indispensable to have dishes with typical colors of this event. These tablewares are usually decorated in sync. A set usually includes basic dining table items like plates, paper cups, and folks.

Some families will buy a new set of tableware every year. These are disposable and made of paper or plastic. There are also types made of ceramic or safe metal. That said, disposable tableware will be the optimal solution for serving outdoor meals or picnics even though they are not environmentally friendly.

In addition, other patriotic party supplies such as straws, napkins, centerpieces, paper trays, etc., are also very popular because of their variety and convenience.

Patriotic Drinkware


Why drink out of an ordinary mug when a custom printed one is so much cooler? Imaginative image is printed on both sides with high gloss finished. The maker usually prints on the mugs the image of flags, stars, ribbons, eagles, etc.


Taking a sip of disposable cups is an excellent choice of tableware for any Fourth of July party, Memorial Day BBQ, Labor Day picnic, or military welcome home party. Use them to serve guests all of their hot or cold party beverages, then toss them in the trash when the party is over for hassle-free cleanup.

Table Cloths, Towels, and Blankets

Table Cloths 

The patriotic tablecloths are made from many different materials such as fabric, plastic, etc., in a variety of stars, stripes, anchors, and flags. It can be large enough to cover the entire tabletop. A small piece of table cloth is also a good idea.


On the 4th July holiday, people usually go on vacation to the beaches. 3-tripped towels are essential for picnics by the beach or simply for lounging in the sun.


A 3-colored blanket covered over your armchair will make the house so much more interesting. Add texture to your decor and transform your room into an inviting space with a simple yet patriotic design.

Spread it on a chair, couch, or bed for an extra stylish touch to your living room or bedroom.

Picture Frames and Arts

Unlike patriotic signs, picture frames or arts are also sold a lot every memorial day with diverse materials and designs.

The paintings or arts are mainly drawn on canvas paper with eco-solvent ink, so they can be used for a long time without worrying about fading. You can reuse them for the next Independence Day.

The frames are usually made from wood and metal and have many sizes, so they are suitable for many different pictures.

Top #3. Patriotic Gifts

If you’re invited to a patriotic party, it’s nice to bring along a gift that the host or all members will enjoy. Most importantly, not all patriotic days of America are meant to be celebrated; some of them are for commemoration only. So, make sure to pick something meaningful and appropriate to the person. 

Military Merch

Military shirts, sweatshirts, jackets

The extensive line of American-made t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, and more gives you plenty of patriotic party supply options for special occasions like this memorial day. This is suitable for gift-giving and designed to inspire pride.

Commemorative Flag Cases

Most of the commemorative flag cases are handcrafted. You can find it easily on americanflags.com. These outstanding American flag display cases make a perfect gift on many special occasions.

Patriotic Patches & Decals

An option that is not too expensive but still very sophisticated and full of meaning. These products are easily found in many different sales channels with a variety of models.

Key Rings, Bottles Openers, and Lighters

If you are still wondering what to buy for your loved ones and friends on Labor Day, key rings, bottle openers, and lighters will be the wisest choices. Although they are quite simple and affordable, the gift still carries the spirit of pride with their distinctive designs and convenience in everyday use.

Bags and Luggage

Perfect for sporting events, a day at the beach, shopping, airline carry-ons, and more! This continues to be a simple but extremely convenient option because the recipient will often use them.

License Plates & Car Tags

A special present for a gentleman or a family with a car. With those items, your relatives and friends can express their American pride as they ride the car everywhere. The features of patriotic license plates and car tags will boost the performance of any car.

Lapel Pins & Lanyards

People carry an assortment of American flag lapel pins, military pins, lanyards, and patriotic jewelry for every style and budget. These pins are great for daily use, especially for clothes.

Other Patriotic Supplies

These are just a few of the essential patriotic supplies for every occasion. You can also check out a few things: ornament, lanyard key strap, pet items, office products, toys, patriotic games, pleated full fans, decorative bunting, door cover, stainless steel flask, American flag table lamp, and so on.

Spark Your Own Patriotic Party and Decoration Ideas!

#1. DIYs

diy 4th of july decor for party
diy patriotic banner

DIY is a way to honor the dead veterans so we can live happily today. Handmade patriotic party supply will be meaningful and still can decorate your home to become unique.

Crafts are made quite simply. For example, a pin flag is attached to a shirt. Each guest who comes to your home will receive a handmade paper battery. That is appreciable.

Remember that the pieces of paper you use should have 3 main colors: blue, white, and red. Patterns of stars, eagles, or fireworks should also be applied.

#2. Blue, White, and Red Themed Party

patriotic porch
patriotic party food and tableware

We know that Memorial Day’s main colors are the three colors of the American flag. Therefore, touch up your house with blue, white, and red items to synchronize the whole house.

The gate will be hung with a flag or an arched wooden board engraved with congratulatory words. Next is the entrance from gate to door. Let’s spruce it up with colorful flowers. These flowers you can DIY by hand. Using lanterns is also a very good idea.

If you’re having the party in your garden or backyard, use blue, red, and white lanterns. Placing it around trees, hanging it on the ceiling, or placing it along the path will make your home glow.

The most important part of the party is the dining table. With drinkware sets and matching tablecloths, the party will become much more joyful and cozy. You can also hang pictures celebrating Independence Day or banners on the wall.

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#3. Flag Inspired Food Recipes

American Flag Tart with Fresh Berries and Pastry Cream
patriotic cupcakes with mini american flags at the top of it

White, red chex bars and blueberry are the no-bake time savers you need for a crowd-pleaser. This delicious light dessert uses summer berries, gluten-free Chex. They are prepared very quickly, suitable for a large party.

Dessert is a way for you to win guests’ hearts. Place a plate of cupcakes on the table with a small American flag, or garnish the cake with a topping of 3 main colors. Patriotic-themed desserts will be great memories for your family.


Patriotic party supply is indispensable in every Independence Day celebration in the United States. This is a way for people to hold ceremonies or gather with their families. 

The time when everyone decorates the party with these items is valuable because we spend time together after a long time of hard work. With suggestions about the patriotic party supply above, we hope you will have a meaningful memorial day with family and friends.

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