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How To Attach A Flag To A Pole: Thing To Know


Flags are widely used to represent a country, group, or individual. In the military, flags are used to display ranks and identify units. Obviously, we use flags for various purposes and celebrations. Indeed, how a flag is attached to a pole often depends on the person mounting it and the tool that they use. As a result, there are many ways to place a flag on a pole. This tutorial will show you how to attach a flag to a pole. Above all, it’s a straightforward process but requires an efficient tool.

Metal Hook & Plastic Ring

This method is appropriate for outdoor flags/banners with grommets. Additionally, you’ll also need a metal hook and a plastic ring. Hence, this is how it works.

Step 1: Attach the upper left grommet to the metal hook at the flagpole’s top

Step 2: Move the transparent plastic ring up the bottom of the flagpole until it touches the flag’s lower-left grommet

Step 3: Insert the grommet into the ring’s hole.

Step 4: Tighten the plastic screw-on just enough to allow the ring to spin around the flagpole.

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Pole Sleeve & Sewn-In Tab

This method is applicable to outdoor flags/banners with pole sleeve and sewn-in tab. Besides, you can use a metal hook to set up. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Look inside the pole sleeve for the tab. It’s at the top left corner of flags

Step 2: Attach the flag to the flagpole

Step 3: Attach the buttonhole in the tab via the metal hook.

Please keep in mind that your flagpole may come with a transparent plastic mounting ring. And this ring is not required for this type of flags.

Flag On Stationary Pole /Non-Spinning Pole

Cable Ties

For indoor or outdoor flags/banners with grommets on a fixed pole, simply wrap the cable tie around the grommet and fasten it to the flagpole. In addition to this, this process requires cable ties and grommets.

how to attach a flag to a pole

EZ-Mount Rings

If you use EZ-mount rings rather of cable ties, here’s the way.

Step 1: Remove the EZ-mount ring’s plastic screw

Step 2:  Attach the ring to the flagpole

Step 3: Screw the plastic screw back into the EZ-mount ring after twisting it through the flag’s grommets

Step 4: Repeat steps 1 to 3 with the second EZ-mount ring and grommet.

Tabs For Pole Hem

For indoor or outdoor flags/banners with pole sleeves on a fixed pole, you need a pole sleeve, a pre-cut buttonhole in the tab, and a brass screw on the pole to conduct.

Step 1: Insert the pole into the flag/banner’s pole sleeve and locate the tab on the inside of the sleeve (upper left corner of the flag)

Step 2: Push the pre-cut buttonhole over the head of the brass screw.


For indoor flags/banners with pole sleeves on the fixed pole, you should have a pole sleeve and a velcro to carry out.

Step 1: To check placement, slide the pole through the pole sleeve of the flags/banner

Step 2: Remove the sticky back from one side of the Velcro and place it on the pole in the appropriate location

Step 3: Remove the second sticky back, slide the flag/banner pole sleeve up and into an adjacent position, and press against the adhesive back, while both pieces of Velcro are still connected and now secured to the pole

Step 4: Repeat the previous steps for the bottom of the pole sleeve.


Flags On In-Ground Pole

Attach Snap Hooks

For outdoor flags/banners with rope, you need snap hooks and grommets to set up.

Step 1: Decide where you want to put the snap hooks.

For a new flags, measure the distance between your flag’s grommets. This is the same as the distance between the snap hooks on the rope.

To replace old snap hooks, first ensure that any knots or other rope defects that would prevent the rope from threading through the pulley are at the bottom of the rope circle and the snap hooks are towards the top. Lower the flag and place the new snap hooks in the same spot as the previous snap hooks.

Step 2: Thread the snap hooks: First, slide a loop through the eye of the snap hooks. Then, place the loop over the top of the snap hooks and pull the rope tight.

Snap Hooks

Snap Hooks On Wire Rope

If you use the snap hooks on wire rope, here is the process.

Step 1: Remove the snap hook’s bottom portion from the crimp and hook it to a U-shaped bar

Step 2: Align the crimp-on rope with the flag’s grommet

Step 3: Tighten the screws until the rope is securely held in place between the snap hook and the crimp.

Snap Hooks

Whether you’re putting up an American flag to show your patriotism or a decorative flag for a special occasion, you’ll need to know how to attach a flag to a pole. Undoubtedly, it’s not as easy as it looks, but you can do it with the right methods and materials. For this reason, this post has guided you through attaching a flag to a flagpole, including the most effective methods of attaching and hoisting your flags.

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