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Helpful Tips: How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Flag


Today, it is simple to obtain  beautiful flags made of high-quality materials and vibrant colors, but not everyone knows how to care for them. Because some flags are so important and prominent, we must take special care of them. The most frequently asked question we’ve received recently is about how to get wrinkles out of a flag. If you’re having the same problem and want to find a solution, keep reading. You’ve come to the right place!

Identify The Flag's Material

The first step is always to identify the material of your flag. You’re fine if it’s cotton fabric. The simple reason is that cotton is an organic material, making it extremely simple to quickly remove all of the unsightly wrinkles on it. Allow your iron to do the work with a medium or high heat setting. It’s as straightforward as ironing a regular t-shirt that you may wear every day.

What Is Your Flag Made of

However, if it’s made of polyester or nylon fabric, which is a type of plastic, stop and think about it. These unique materials are also more resilient and long-lasting than cotton. As a result, polyester and nylon flags must be treated in entirely different ways. Because we already knew how to handle the cotton flag’s wrinkles, the rest of this article mostly focuses on how to deal with the wrinkled nylon or polyester flag. 

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Wash Your Flag & Dry It Flat

Well, the most common way to remove creases from polyester and nylon fabric is to wash the flags. Either hand washing or machine washing is acceptable. After being washed, they need to be hung flat or stretched on a flat surface until getting dry.

washing flag and drying it flat

However, before you wash them, be sure to check to see if your flag is color-safe. To find out, read the instructions on the flag’s tag that you’ve kept since you bought it. Otherwise, vigorously rub the surface with a white cotton swab. It is not color-safe if the cotton top of the swab has the colors of the flag. In this case, avoid washing it and instead use one of the alternatives listed below.

Can You Iron A Flag?

Totally yes. Ironing is one of the fastest ways to remove wrinkles from your polyester or nylon fabric. The tip is, that before hauling out an iron, hang your flag for a few hours in a damp environment to ease those heavy creases. A bathroom is a perfect place to do so. Or else, spritz some water onto it if you can not wait in an hour. Once it is heavy-wrinkle-free and a bit moistened, it’s easier for ironing. Remember to withdraw any plagpole attached to it and set your iron at a very low degree so the heat won’t damage it.

how to iron a flag

How To Remove Wrinkles Without An Iron

Removing Wrinkles With A Clothing Steamer

The best way to handle those wrinkles is using a clothing or garment steamer. Adjust the heat degree to a medium level. Your flag is guaranteed not to get any damaged this way. Moreover, it won’t take you much effort and time to finish the work.

clothing steamer

Hanging Flag In A Clothes Dryer

Removing wrinkles on a piece of polyester or nylon fabric with a clothes dryer is an effective method that requires you the least work. You only need to hang your creased flag (which is wet) in a clothes dryer and wait until it’s done in one to two days. However, this is not the best way for those who want the wrinkles to be removed fast. You must wait for a result if you are looking for the safest way without doing much.

clothes dryer

Hairdryer Can Also Help

If you’re afraid that ironing will ruin the flags and you don’t have any of the other items listed above, try using a hairdryer. The first step is to wet your flags. In a few minutes, spritz it with water or place a damp towel on its surface. Once it gets a bit wet, hang it flat on a drying rack and use a hairdryer to dry it. Slowly move the hairdryer back and forth to allow the entire flags to dry quickly.

how to remove wrinkles out of a flag

Try to prevent your flags from being wrinkled by rolling them instead of folding them after use. Another good way is to hang your flags in a wardrobe or a clothes dryer to keep them flat all of the time. Prevention is the key! 

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