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Valentine’s Day Wall Decor Ideas To Make Romantic Moments in 2023


Some of the most romantic moments happen at home, and Valentine’s Day makes it all the more special to you and your partner if you take extra effort to decorate your home with these Valentines Day wall decor ideas in 2023.

While red roses, chocolates, jewelry, chandeliers and candle lights are some of the popular ways to make your valentine feel loved on February 14th, there are many other beautiful ways in which you can make your home look like one large red rose to make your partner fall in love with you all over again. Let’s begin with the walls!

wreaths for valentine's
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Heart-shaped Wreaths For Valentine's Day

Wreaths are a popular decor but do you know that they can also make a lovely Valentine’s Day decoration? A heart-shaped wreath can be made of fresh or dried flowers; white and red roses, green leaves, pine cones, and/or berries are commonly used for a holiday wreath. Attach hearts made of fabric onto your wreath to create an even more visually appealing décor piece as well.

red valentine day heart decor on wall
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A Large Red Valentine Day Heart Piece On Wall

In order to create a sentimental setting, decorate with red heart-themed accessories. A large red heart piece is filled with bling glitter and covered in a protective layer of material (to prevent damage) that can be hung on any interior wall. The piece is approximately three feet wide by two feet tall, although you can easily adjust for height.

valentines day sign
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Valentines Day Sign

The metal sign makes a great statement in your home or as a gift. This sign is printed on metal and personalized with two names, yours and hers/his. What’s more special is the quote When I Follow My Heart, It Leads Me To You, which creates a touching moment for you both. And it will look great for years to come! Add some personal style to your wall decor and enjoy Valentine’s Day all year long.

valentines day garland
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Valentines Day Garland

A Valentine’s Day garland is a quick and easy way to decorate your home with holiday cheer. You can use items you already have on hand or head to a craft store for some sparkly string lights and colorful beads or pink paper hearts. Simply clip and hang, you are done! If hanging from above, be sure to attach decorations using fishing line. This makes them easier to remove after Valentine’s Day.

valentines banner
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Valentines Banner

This Be My Valentines Banner made of beautiful monogrammed script letters would be great for Valentine’s day wall decor. The banner looks stunning but is not very hard to make on your own. That might be something easy to start with or maybe something you’ve already done. So if you love Valentine’s day and you want to do something really thoughtful for your other half, learn how to make a banner now.

cupid valentines art for wall
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Cupid Wall Art

Hanging wall art in your dining room is a quick and easy way to spruce up a space. A large wall-hanging like this Cupid Valentine Art Canvas adds instant charm to your room without taking up much visual real estate. If you both have a dinner plan at home on Feb 14th, you know how this canvas sign will work. 

valentine light decorations
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Pink Led Light Sign

Add a pop of color to your walls with a loving message sign featuring bright pink LED lights that are sure to turn heads. This sentimental touch, which can be hung inside or outside your home, is best displayed on February 14th (though we think it should stay up all year).

wall love quote
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Wall Love Quotes

Valentine’s Day is all about love. But sometimes it’s just hard to speak something out to the person you love— so simply decorate your wall with a favorite love quote. That will remind you of how you feel for her; and every time your partner looks at the quote, he/she would feel most loved than ever before.

valentines party fans
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Valentines Party Fans

Need a quick and easy craft for your next Valentine’s party? Look no further than these pink and white valentines party fans! It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning on having a romantic evening at home or taking your sweetheart out for a fancy dinner, these paper fans can be used to set any celebration ablaze with romance. All you need is construction paper, glue, a pencil, scissors, tape, and red or pink cardstock.

Love cross-stitching in a frame and hanging on a wall
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Love Cross-stitching in a Frame

This Love cross-stitching will certainly add a romantic ambiance to your room. Mount it in a brown wooden frame, and hang it on a wall in your living room or bedroom. Voilà! You’ve got yourself an instant decor piece for Valentine’s Day. If you’re feeling extra creative but not a very stitcher, why not write I love you on red paper with white or silver sparkles to make it stand out?

Neutral Blush Wall Hanging
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Neutral Blush Wall Hanging Tapestry

If you’re not in a position to redecorate your home but want to create some ambiance on Valentine’s Day, you can hang up a neutral-toned tapestry. This blush-colored hanging wall decor will add depth and elegant texture to your walls without overwhelming them. Also, the neutral hues of pink and orange work well together, making it easy to layer with other decorations such as framed pictures or old posters you no longer have any use for.

valentines wooden sign
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Valentines Wooden Sign

There are numerous types of decorative wooden signs available on the market. Some of them have a heart shape or loving inscriptions engraved on them. They are extremely elegant and ideal for couples who appreciate luxury. However, you don’t have to be as strict when it comes to decorating your walls for Valentine’s Day. Instead, allow a wooden sign painted in a pink shade to brighten the room and fill it with positive energy.

valentines day quilt hanging on wall
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Heart Quilt Hanging

A simple quilt with large heart-shaped blocks will add to the room’s coziness. To add a bonus, subtly place a few candles around the room at night to create a romantic atmosphere. And, if you intend to propose right then and there, make sure you have roses and love messages on hand. After that evening, all that remained for both was love and a quilt as the beautiful keepsake for you both.

a couple is painting their wall pink in a room together
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Paint Your Wall Pink

Painting the room pink together is the ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and create lasting memories for both of you. A room that suddenly turns pink creates a sense of excitement and fun. This way, you won’t have to look for decorations that might look a little cheesy on the wall. In the long run, you can also fully enjoy these freshly painted walls without having to think about taking them down after Feb 4th. 

a girl is drawing on the white wall a heart shape with pink paint
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Spark Your Own Creativity With Paint

What if you won’t paint the entire room but only stretch a few simple strokes, for example, a heart shape? Trust me— it will be stunning! You absolutely don’t need an artistic eye to do this. You just need to prepare a big paintbrush with the paint color you feel is suitable. Yet for us, pink seems to be the most appropriate color for such a romantic day. 

valentines day tassel garland with heart pieces
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Go Extra With a Boho Tassel Garland of Hearts

At first glance, it may seem like Valentine’s Day is all about bright reds and pinks, but there are so many great ways to incorporate boho elements into your decor. Try hanging a tassel garland that has fabric pieces of varying lengths with hearts cut out of them. It’ll add an extra layer of texture and interest to your wall—and also help you create that earthy ambiance you’re going for.

ertical Wooden Glitter Hanging
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Vertical Wooden Glitter Hanging

Take decorating to new heights with glitter planks hanging prints with bow heart lips, love word, kiss, and lips. These hanging wall decors are a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other. With so many options for wall hanging decor, we know you will find something that truly stands out for your home!

valentines day canvas for lovers
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Valentines Day Art Canvas

Your home doesn’t have to be draped in red, white, and pink (well, it can, but that might be overkill) to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Take your favorite painting or photo and make it into Valentine’s art canvas. It can be as simple as putting a picture of you and your sweetheart on top of a black canvas or even an old family portrait behind glass. Valentines Day is all about keeping those special moments close to heart.

White living room decor with two hearts and pink flower vase on a wall mounted table
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Simple Decoration on a Wall-mounted Table

This table decor can be hung on a wall with two hearts and a flower vase placed to add a romantic touch. The vase of fresh roses or white lilies will create an environment of romance for you and your partner. This is one of the easiest ways to decorate your room for Valentine’s Day, and it doesn’t cost much. However, be sure that your decoration looks beautiful, no matter how simple or ornate it is. Enjoy Valentine’s day from here!

valentines day flag
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Valentines Day Flag

For a romantic but subtle touch, try hanging a Valentine’s Day flag above your bed. Another tip is to hang it in different directions throughout your home so that you and your partner can hunt for them and find them on special occasions. You could also make the illumination around it (with led lights) for an added ambiance. Another fun way is to hang the flag on a wall on your house’s porch, as an outdoor valentines decor piece.

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Valentine’s day is coming soon, and many couples celebrate it in different ways. This day is all about love and intimacy between couples, so it’s pretty common to see them share romantic moments during this holiday. That’s why I think that an excellent way to get in touch with your partner is by celebrating Valentine’s day at home with romantic decorations and artwork on your wall.

With that in mind, we hope from this article on 20 valentines day wall decor ideas, you will find something sweet and memorable to do with your partner in the next coming weeks. 

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! Xoxo.

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