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26 Sweetest Outdoor Valentine’s Day Decorations in 2023


Love is in the air, and it’s time to plan outdoor Valentine’s Day decorations!

Yes. Valentine decorations are the sweetest way to show someone you care this February 14th! From large and colorful to small and romantic, these 26 outdoor Valentine’s Day decor ideas are sure to spruce up your front door and bring the most happiness to your loved one. Specifically, we include the 16 easiest ideas to make yourself and 10 mind-blowing designs to spark your own creativity— so, make your choice! Let’s see what we’ve gathered for you!

16 Easiest Outdoor Valentines Day Decorations To Make Yourself

valentine porch pink flower pot with big heart
Ba Bam Wreaths / Pinterest
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Lover's Lane Outdoor Valentines Day Decorations

There is nothing sweeter than a flower pot with a decorative swan on it decorated with pink hearts. This is one of those valentine outdoor decorations that are also easy to make yourself. All you need is a tall white flower pot, some flowers of your favorites, and basic craft supplies. This beautiful project is from Ba Bam Wreaths— unfortunately, there are no tutorials. So, just make your own based on this!

In fact, you can easily turn an ordinary flower pot into a sweet decoration for your home or garden. Paint it black, then draw pictures of swans and heart outlines with paint pens. You could also make an entire arrangement in smaller pots by painting them all different colors. Make sure to have at least one heart on them. That’s because no matter what color they are – red or yellow, each will always be associated with love and romance because of their similarity to red roses or golden apples.

Valentine Garden Flag
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Valentine's Day Garden Flag

You can hang your loved one’s name on a garden flag for all to see and admire. These Valentine’s day flags are bright and cheerful, just like the day! They can be hung from the fence or above a balcony. Write the names of your family members on these flags so that they know you care about them. Perfect for yard decoration!

Hang them on your lawn fence, balcony railings, gates, mailboxes, or even decorate an old barn door. Choose which design best suits your personality: hearts, flowers, gnome couple, love truck, etc. This is the most beautiful way to show how much you love someone in their garden

red cushions on a white porch swing
Happy Farms Day / Pinterest
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Porch Swing With Red Cushions

Red and white are great color combinations for Valentine’s Day, but combining them with complementary brown tones can also create a warm, inviting space that exudes coziness.

Throwing red Valentine cushions on a white porch swing instantly changes it into an outdoor space you’d love to curl up on with your significant other. Place some darling heart-shaped mats beneath it to create an extra vibe for the accent. You can buy everything at craft stores if you don’t have anything already on hand!

Project by Happy Days Farm

valentines day sign
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Valentines Day Sign Door Decor

If you want to put a sign up at your door, choose something sweet and simple, like God Let Me Straight To You. Don’t let indecision keep you from hanging a sign on your front door! If you’re not sure what you want to say on it, that’s fine; just get a printable template off of Etsy or Pinterest and write whatever comes to mind. It can be as easy as Out sick today. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to add flowers or other accessories!

valentines lanterns with a disco ball at the porch
Dimples and Tangles
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Gold and Pink Lanterns

Lanterns are a fun and classic decoration that you can use to decorate your home or front yard on Valentine’s Day. We love these golden and pink lanterns that stand in front of the door.

These lanterns feature pink and black-and-white checked bow ties- a great color combination for your holiday décor! You can also put these lantern decorations on the sidesteps or place them along with other valentine decorations in your yard for an easy way to bring some warmth into cold winter days.

Tip: Pair them with our gold-colored stars (they glow!) for a cohesive look!

Project by Dimples and Tangles

Pink Valentine Heart Wreath
EverBloomingOriginal / Etsy
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Pink Valentine Heart Wreath

Add a touch of romance to your home with a pink metal glitter heart wreath topped with a bow. This pretty decoration is great for indoor or outdoor use and will brighten up any space.

It’s perfect for lovers, singles, married couples, or even if you’re just going on a date! Hang it on your door to greet guests as they arrive, display it indoors to add some lovey-dovey flair, or put it outside on your porch or balcony. Also, with a heart-shaped decor item, you can adorn your home with holiday spirit all year long!

a heart tree in a black urn and a door wreath
Dimples and Tangles
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Hearts On Wreath and Flocked Tree

Fill an outdoor wreath with glitter foam hearts from Dollar Tree for something more festive than just a traditional wreath. This lightweight material will fly around if you have any breeze on your special day. So if it’s too windy outside, you can either hang it indoors or replace them with real live heart confetti.

To get an exact number of hearts that will fit on your wreath, use some twine and start wrapping it around while leaving a little room at both ends. It would help if you had enough to cover your size based on how full you want it to be. Once you determine exactly how many hearts you need, wrap them up and store them until right before Valentine’s Day! Dollar Tree even has glitter foam Christmas bows for other holidays!

In addition, if you have a flocked tree (after Christmas) in front of your door, fill it with hearts! And voila, you’ve just created a wonderful Valentines day tree. Make use of everything you’re having so nothing can cost you a budget.

Project by Dimples and Tangles

valentines day garland above front door
Sunny Side Up
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Valentines Day Garland

If you are looking for an indoor DIY project, then a valentines day garland is a great way to decorate your home. You can hang it above your front door or above any other important part of your house (i.e. under the eaves, outside a kitchen window). This decoration will cost you some time, but not much more than $5 and it looks incredible. This tutorial goes into detail on how to create a simple valentines day garland that looks stunning. Make sure to use lots of red for maximum effect!

Project by Sunny Side Up

LOVE pallet sign for valentines day
Kristina Parker
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LOVE Pallet Sign with Yellow Lights

Set out a light-up L.O.V.E pallet sign, along with some blocks of wood and stencils. Or, buy pre-cut letters at craft stores so kids can personalize it themselves! You could also include a few romantic quotes like Be my valentine, I’ll be yours forever and ever…to infinity and beyond!

Project by Kristina Parker

XO wreath
twoinspireyou / Etsy
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XO Wreath

Make a wreath and place it on your front door to remind everyone that XO is a popular way to say I love you. You can also hang them inside windows and bedrooms. If you have kids, give them one so they know that hugs are always a great way to show someone they are loved. You might also be able to find some really cute stuffed animals or figures at local craft stores if you want something more sentimental than just saying it with words.

Heart-Shaped Flower Yard Signs
FunExpressShop / Etsy
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Heart-Shaped Flower Yard Signs

Place heart-shaped flower signs around your property if you have a yard or garden and want to be festive but not overpowering. These can be made out of paper and a metal stick. Such items add a vibrant Valentine’s atmosphere to the yard without being cheesy. Furthermore, you can easily install and remove them, or you can leave them up all year for lovely garden decoration.

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Cardinal Family Wooden Sign - Valentine Door Decor For Music Lovers

Music notes are a popular choice for romantic music lovers. This cardinal family wooden sign features a music note shape with three birds, perched on either side. You can hang it up outside near your front door as an attractive welcome to guests who might stop by with valentines!

pink flower decorated hanging lanterns with candles inside
voltaireweddings / tumblr
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Rose Decorated Hanging Lanterns

Want to add a romantic atmosphere to your home? Try hanging some lanterns decorated with roses and candles inside. Perfect for a wedding or other special occasions! Add your own personal style by hanging them at different heights, making them look unique and natural. They are perfect for places without electricity like patios, gardens, or yards.

Project by The Beauty of Wedding

valentines outdoor table decor
Kriangkrai Thitimakorn / Gettyimages
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Outdoor Valentines Day Table Decor With Flowers

If you want to add some bold touches to your table without leaning too far into traditional Valentine’s motifs, go for vibrant flowers without being overly sentimental. Arrangements like these can keep things from feeling cliché but still let everyone know it’s a holiday focused on love!

Valentines ladder decorated with red ruffled burlap
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Valentines Ladder With Red Ruffled Burlap

You’ve got an old ladder?  Instead of storing them, use them for something useful, like this DIY project. You can turn it into the most beautiful decor this year, though, you only need to pay a small fee to wear decor it. A red burlap pattern with the letters L-O-V-E will brighten up any porch, patio, backyard, or front door.

Don’t forget to place some small pots of roses on the stairwell, and wrap the yellow LED lights along both sides to add to the romance at night.

valentines burlap garden flag
Jenifer Parker Gainor / Pinterest
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Valentines Day Burlap Garden Flag

As simple as it is, the burlap garden flag can appear to be customized to suit any special occasion throughout the year. Hang one of these flags next to your front door for Valentine’s Day in 2023. Don’t forget to include some items under the flag, such as potted plants, lanterns, boards, and so on. 

The interesting thing about these alike items is that you can turn them into some Easter garden flags to celebrate April.  That’s how you use things available on your next decoration without having a “knock” on the budget.

10 Stunning Valentines Outdoor Decor Ideas To Spark Your Own Creativity From

feather cupid wings and arrows
Serendipity Refined
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Feather Cupid Wings and Arrows

Instead of the traditional round wreath, do something unique based on the typical symbols of Valentine’s Day. And don’t just focus on the door; this design can also make a wonderful Valentine’s day wall decoration. If you want February 14 to be meaningful and memorable, create a finished product like this so you can feel the joy over it at the end of the day. 

Project by Serendipity Refined

valentines porch decor
The DIY Mommy
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White Tree and Pink Heart Garland

This is a lovely Valentine’s Day outdoor decor project that isn’t cheesy. You can completely create a work of art with a dried twig that you can buy on Amazon right now or get from your backyard. You don’t even have to paint it white. Instead of white, think about paint colors that will complement the overall appearance of your porch. Simply hang a garland of hearts above the door to decorate it.

Project by The DIY Mommy

fun and romantic valentines day ideas
Confetti Sweethearts
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Go Extra yet Keep Things Elegant

If you want to go extra with things but keep them elegant and fun, this design is for you. It’s more than just decorating for a holiday. It’s made to enhance the loving spirit of couples living together. No matter what you pick up from your craft shop, ensure things blend well and show your love for the day.

Project by Confetti Sweethearts

LOVE yarn Letters
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L-O-V-E Yarn Letters

Yarn is a great material in most DIY decor projects, but not anyone thinks about it in the first place. This design would become one-of-a-kind in your home and sure to impress the guests visiting your house on Feb 14. Lean the tutorial now!
Valentines Day Entrance
Jessica Royals Giles / Pinterest
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Valentine's Entrance

This project is both enjoyable and time-consuming to complete, but trust me when I say it’s well worth it! If you want to build remarkable and eye-catching Valentines front door decor, this design was “born” for you.

valentines mailbox decor
Beth Gaughan / Pinterest
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Valentines Mailbox Decor

Decorating your mailbox in the yard is also a way to show off the holiday spirit. Because this is a fairly common decoration, if you don’t want to do it yourself, some products on Amazon or Etsy will make it happen.

Project by Beth Gaughan

be my valentine porch decor
Sawdustsanity Blog
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"Be my Valentine" Porch Decor

Project by Sawdustsanity Blog
hanging cupid arrows
Think Craft
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Hanging Cupid Arrows

Project by Think Craft
Valentines outdoor gathering decor
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Valentines Outdoor Party Decor

Project by Diamondyam
Red Heart Balloons
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Red Heart Balloons

Project by V G

10+ Valentines Day Flag Collection From Flagwix

Click to step into Valentine’s Flag Collection

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day decor ideas appear to be plentiful on Pinterest and other social media platforms. While there are many options available, it can be difficult to choose one that matches your aesthetical eyes and tastes.

We hope that this compiled list of 26 outdoor Valentines Day decorations will assist you in finding something truly beautiful and satisfying. Have a wonderful Feb 14 and enjoy decorating the front porch!

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