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Outdoor Christian Flag: The Flags For Outdoor Uses


Many people are familiar with the American flag, but Americans use various flags for different occasions and events besides the national one. America is one of the world’s most religiously diverse countries. As a result, each faith will have its banner, such as the flag of Buddhist, Episcopal, Hindu, etc. According to recent polls, Christians make up 76 percent of the entire population in the United States. As a result, in this article, Blog Flagwix will dive into a prevalent religious symbol in the USA, the Outdoor Christian Flag.

What Are The Purposes Of The Outdoor Christian Flags?

Americans use the outdoor banners for outside purposes because they can withstand the elements such as sun, wind, and rain. The flags are ideal for parades, conventions, holidays, churches, and religious organizations.

In addition to outside, people use the Christian flag indoors in some cases. Specifically, Christian stick flags are a fantastic educational tool for history and social studies teachers.

Three Main Materials Of Outdoor Christian Flags

The symbol of Christianity comes in various fabrics, including woven Nylon, super-strong polyester nylon, and cotton.  


There are many forms of Nylon. When woven and blended with other fabrics, it has many properties that make it hard to beat when it comes to flag material. Outdoor banners made of Nylon are perfect for warmer climates with fewer strong winds. They are light, easy to dry, and wave gracefully in even the lightest breeze. Nylon outdoor flags are in the following sizes: 2’x3′, 3’x5′, 4’x6′, 5’x8′, 6’x10′, and 8’x12′.


Polyester has many qualities that are great for outside flags. There is a combination of Polyester and natural fibers to get the benefits of both. One common application is 2-ply poly in an open weave. An open weave allows air to pass through, reducing friction and lowering fabric stress, increasing durability and longevity for a banner. Polyester Christian flag is the most durable outdoor symbol in most conditions.

For this reason, Polyester outdoor banners are an excellent choice for commercial use and ideal for harsher climates and coastal places with high winds. But durability comes at a cost. They are also the most expensive.

To alter the height of your flagpole, you can choose from a range of sizes: 3’x5′, 4’x6′, 5’x8′, 6’x10′, and 8’x12′.


The third material for making outdoor banners is cotton. Cotton grows naturally in the form of bolls on cotton plants. The fiber is spun into yarn or thread and used to make soft, breathable textiles. Compared with Nylon and Polyester flags, cotton ones are not durable and more challenging to maintain. That aside, a cotton banner has a certain elegance that is undeniable. It is a sentimental favorite among purists.

Various Options For Purchasing Outdoor Christian Flags

Customers may find several distinct sorts of outdoor Christian flag on the market right now. Let’s have a look at each type so you can choose the most suitable option.

Christian Flag Fringed with Pole Hem

This applique banner is a beautiful, heavyweight all-nylon taffeta with a brilliant luster. It is decorated with two gold bullion fringes and finished with three flannel lined pole headings and Velcro tabs.

Christian Flag Fringed With Pole Hem

Premium Christian Flag Kit

Premium flag kit is suitable for auditorium, classroom, and parade use.  

This premium flag set includes many items—specifically, a beautiful, heavyweight, all-nylon taffeta applique Christian flags with a brilliant luster. Decorated with two in gold bullion fringe and finished with a flannel lined pole heading with Velcro tabs. Besides, it has:

  • A two-piece oak pole with a brass screw joint.
  • A 9 ft. gold cord and tassels.
  • A 9-1/4 in. Solid brass plain church crosses ornament with a smooth lacquered finish.
  • An Admiral-style cast iron base with a gold anodized aluminum finish.
Premium Christian Flag Kit

Christian Flag String Pennants

Share your faith with the Christian Flag String Pennants. Each pennant is made of 4-mil gauge virgin polyethylene material, double sewn on a plastic-covered high-strength sag resistant tape. The 60 ft. string has 32 pennants per string. These are great for indoor and outdoor events.

Christian Flag String Pennants

Christian Miniature Flag

The Christian Miniature Flag is made of Silk-like material called Rayon. Rayon is a synthetic fiber made from natural sources of regenerated cellulose, such as wood and related agricultural products. It has the same molecular structure as cellulose. The banner is hemmed on four sides and securely stapled to an ebonized staff with a gilt spearhead.

Outstanding Features Of The Outdoor Christian Flags

  • Ideal for use at home, church, or other places of worship.
  • Basted from fade-resistant, durable, all-weather, Fabric is dyed using aniline dye, penetrating the Nylon for vivid, bright, and long-lasting color.
  • Appliqued red nylon cross on a blue nylon background is embroidered to the front and back of the banner.
  • Lock stitching on all seams and hems for strength plus four rows of lock stitching on the fly end.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Flag

Flags outside serve in harm’s way. There are many factors at work on an outdoor banner that you may not have considered.


Conditions That May Affect An Outdoor Banner





Low wind









To make the best choice, you must match Fabric to use, consider the environment and what you’d like your flag to represent.

  • Material is an essential consideration in choosing flags. The flag is a living symbol, and the Fabric is the very soul. The look, feel, movement, and longevity all come from the material. Many good options cover a wide range of uses. 
  • If you choose a flag to use outdoors, what is your climate? How severe is the weather? Do you plan on flying your flag daily? 24/7? Or will you preserve the flag only flying in fair weather, special occasions, and holidays?

Related Questions

On church grounds, inside or out, we should fly the Outdoor Christian Flags over the American Flag during services or at all times. Those rules state that no other banner is placed right or above the American flag (US Flag Code).

Christian flag, while there is no one official flag of all Christian churches, by common usage, a so-called Christian flag has come to be recognized by a number of them. It consists of a white rectangular field with a blue rectangle in the upper corner at the mast side, containing a red Latin cross.

When displayed alone, the Outside Christian flag should be on floor level on the far outside of the congregation’s front right point of view. If displayed on the chancel, choir loft, or communion railing, the Outdoor Christian flag should be placed to the far right of the clergymen, alter, and choir – always facing the congregation.

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