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Farmhouse Front Door Decor – Top 30 Unique Projects


Have you ever thought of farmhouse front door decor? Well, you will be surprised because of the welcoming vibe your home brings. Rest assured that these ideas are simple and easy enough to be done without breaking the bank or having too much time on your hands. 

If you find it interesting, follow our article, pick one, and get crafting right off the bat.

What Is Farmhouse Style?

The farmhouse-style decor is a classic, nostalgic look that evokes the feel of idyllic country life. It includes the interior and exterior design to accentuate your home’s warm aesthetic qualities.

The farmhouse style is a fantastic way to add rustic warmth and charm to your home without going too far. This style is not meant to be matchy-matchy but attempts to appear accumulated over time. They appear to be typically friendly and warm rather than stiff or formal.

Farmhouse style is the perfect option for those who want their home to feel like it’s lived in. And its versatility makes it not a big deal when your kid accidentally scratches the interior. 

You can find many sub-styles of this sleek, sophisticated, and rustic farmhouse design. For example, modern farmhouses emphasize minimalistic design, or French country farms combine elegant details for a classy and romantic feel. There are also industrial styles where you’ll see repurposed commercial pieces showing the masculine.

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30 Farmhouse Front Door Decor Ideas

farmhouse door decor Rustic Glass Frame Style
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Rustic Glass-Frame Style

This style combines natural wood exterior, normally polished teak or mahogany one, and glass panels. The highlight here is that three-quarters of the door is transparent. 

If you pair the application of brown paint or varnish on the door up with a brown-colored wooden lantern, no doubt, the rustic beauty is on another level. 

sliding farmhouse door
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Sliding Farmhouse Design

Sliding farmhouse style is considered a sleek and contemporary approach to traditional front doors. The panels slide inwards to form a door that completely covers the space, bringing an interesting look with the classic farmhouse brown-colored wooden design aesthetic for your home.

farmhouse double front door
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Traditional Design For Double Front Doors

Polished brown with high-quality wood seems to be among the best decorating ideas for a double front door, keeping the farmhouse’s traditional feature.

Brown Front Door With Thick Foliage
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Brown With Thick Foliage

This farmhouse-inspired door is most definitely one of the most stylish designs. 

Wooden ornaments are made to frame glass panels that let in natural light, while neutral colors convey a sense of calm and serenity for any seasonal decor. 

practical two tiered farmhouse front door
Cre: Jeld-Wen
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Practical Two-Tiered Farmhouse Front Door

The two-tiered door is a great way to welcome visitors and protect your family from many elements. 

This farmhouse design features an open but not fully-opened compartment that can be used for children’s security purposes. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the scenery outside and allow fresh air in with minimal effort!

brown windowed door
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Chocolate Brown Windowed Front Door

Chocolate brown is not only popular for farmhouse decor, but it is also eye-catching enough at first sight for any newcomers. The glass panels can be beautified by green garlands or designed frames like the picture above.

simple black front door decor
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Simple Black

If you are in love with the black color, why don’t you try this simple yet modern farmhouse front door decor? It is just a simple black door that nothing is challenging to handle. However,  you can apply a few small black accents to the wall so that the space will be exclusively impressive without being overwhelmed. 

matte black front door
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Matte Black

Or else, you can decorate the front door more classically with the matte black color. 

For this idea, you can try the design of a one-black door and white wall. This great combination surely highlights the black “jewel” while doing the farmhouse porch decor. Moreover, you can hang on a couple of black lanterns on two sides to make the lookout more outstanding.

Wooden exterior door and window to courtyard
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Naturally Wooden Barn Door

The barn door is an excellent way to add some personality and creativity. The natural wood’s warm color and texture make for a welcoming entrance that will give off so much visual effect and surely get your guests excited about what’s inside!

blue french front door next to a white window
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French Design

If you fall in love with the style of a traditional French household, let’s consider this style. Similar to other styles above, this kind of door features glass panels on the doorframe.

large farmhouse door
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Big Patterned Door For A Big Home

The large door is a perfect match for a home whose owners are nostalgic about the countryside. They will feel like living in an old farmhouse where nature has been obeyed and preserved outside and inside your heart.

And with those large hinges? They complement the farmhouse appeal and a unique, authentic taste.

dark grey front door
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Modern Dark Grey

Apart from black and white, dark grey is also commonly used for the door, bringing a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Also, it might be a great contrast with the white-colored wall. 

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modern front door inspired of pure woodland
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Modern and Pure Woodland Inspired

Pure woodland is one of the best farmhouse front door decor ideas, making the house a perfect representation of the luxurious and aristocratic design. With its big size and full solid wood material, it really makes an impact on how much space you have inside your own home as well!

Light Wood And Glass Combination For A Front Door
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Light Wood And Glass Combination

Do you want to experience a zen ambiance? If yes, let’s go ahead with this home decor idea. The wood’s light color also contributes to this effect, making the door warm and inviting. Plus, this wooden frame combines with glass to draw your attention, “come inside and relax”.

ood paneled front door
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Rustic Wood Panelled Idea

How about a rustic wood-paneled door?  When looking at this door, you can feel that it leads to a warm and comfortable home. The balanced design between wood and glass makes a light handle well to come inside your living rooms yet still keeps enough privacy.

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vanished black front door
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Varnished Black Finish Front Door

Varnished rustic black doors are undoubtedly among the front porch decorating ideas that many people love. It has brought the antique feel for years. Let’s randomly stain the wood sections and then add additional sanding to show off some signs from past generations through these old frames.

Simple Rustic Blue Whitewashed Front Door
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Simple Rustic Blue

You can effortlessly create a rustic look if you know the paint techniques, including the distressing and whitewashing techniques. Rest assured that the painting is random as long as you create an aged look for your front door.

rustic front door
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Rustic Simple Wooden Bark Panel Front Door

If you are loyal to authentic farmhouse front door ideas, this style is for you. The door uses solid wood beams, which sounds simple, but it can become a treasure that provides your home with charm and interest. 

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Arch Shape

Unlike other designs having changes of color,  this one is exclusive due to the unique shape of an arch. You can find out this vintage style from the Victorian era. In this case, hardwood or wrought iron are the main materials to make.

peachy pastel door
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Peachy Pastel

Peachy pastel colors are on the top list when you intend to do a romantic and girly farmhouse style. Of course, they are different from those traditional colors, that’s why you should think carefully. Painting your door in the peachy pastel color is a great way to welcome the warmer weather.  

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white front door with the Christmas accent
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White Glass Frame

If you lean to simplicity, let’s consider this retro design of white color. The outstanding point is a large white front door with a full glass frame to let the light come indoors. In particular, you can freely add some seasonal accents to make the home presence more inviting.

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cream white front door
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Unique Cream

A neutral color like cream for the doors can give your house a chic vibe. You can choose a simple cream entry door surrounded by a patterned wall.  We bet that it is unique compared to many other houses, and many people will pay attention to it. 

yellow doors
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Bright Yellow

How about a bright yellow front door? Well, this warm color definitely boosts your mood up even in the cold season.

red front door
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Strong Red

If you would like a showy farmhouse front door, we think that this red color suits you. It feels like this door is where happiness and joy gather together. How outstanding it is!

bold and bright orange front door
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Bold, Bright, And Energetic Orange

Orange is also an eye-catching and tasty color. What makes it more appealing is that you can frame it with white, black, or grey cases; they all match perfectly. This option is listed in farmhouse small front porch ideas due to the brightness it brings. 

pastel blue doors
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Pastel Blue

Let’s move on to this soft color when you cannot stand those dazzling colors above. Pastel blue door brings a neat and refreshing lookout. Of course, you can use some ornaments for decoration. 

baby blue front door
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Baby Blue Paneled Barn Door

Another kind of blue color you can consider is baby blue. This one undoubtedly shows off the perfect visual effect that you can be interested in and want to come closer to experience.

green front door
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All Things Green Inspired

Just a light green door is suitable for those who want to brighten their front porch decor. No doubt, it can catch your attention immediately at first sight.

bold green front door
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Bold Green

How about bold green? It is considered a risky palette but still gives you a warm and welcoming vibe. The green color seems to mix with nature, which the farmhouse style aims at.

pink doors
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Pretty In Pink

Once again, we add the milky pink shade into the pastel palette that you can decorate your door. Of course, it seems to be restful to your eyes, yet very chic and sweeter. In the last year, such a color will come in handy to give your home warmth.

Related Questions

There are many of them, but in today’s article, we will only introduce four options that we think stand out the most. 

Option 1: Contemporary Roof Pitches

Steep contemporary roof pitches surely meet your need for a trendy style for farmhouse decor. It is outstanding due to the contrast between dark windows and soft-colored stone. The glass doors and modern garage design can upgrade the elegant beauty of your home more.

Option 2: Course Stone & Sleek Metal Roofing

Course stone and sleek metal roofing might grab your attention if you want something more special. You will experience the large glass doors with the gable roof. 

This style also comes with soft-colors stone and dramatic dark windows like the first option. But this farmhouse is more balanced, where the bedroom suite on the first floor has an attached balcony.

Option 3: Transitional Blending of Traditional & Modern Designs

It is possible to achieve both traditional and trendy farmhouses if you want. Specifically, all the traditional and contemporary elements blend perfectly.

You can combine the pure white walls with dark navy blue trims. Mixing standing seam accents with flat tile and gable roofs will help you achieve a luxurious look for the house while still keeping the traditional vibe. 

Option 4: Mixed Materials Farmhouse

Mixing different materials to create a unique farmhouse exterior is a good idea. Apart from the traditional building materials, you can consider hardwood, whitewash brick, and stucco.

It will be great if you add the eye-catching bright yellow shade to the entry door. 

Well, you must not cause holes in the screen door to avoid damaging it. What happens if you want to hang a  farmhouse door wreath? There are three common situations you might come across. 

If you have a lightweight wreath, double-sided tape is enough. Try using command strips or regular adhesive hooks from the hardware store if it’s more substantial. This way comes in handy to hang your decorations on properly without causing damage in any way!

And when you have a pretty chunk wreath, let’s go ahead to pay for the WallX hook. It holds much more weight while being stronger than regular hooks, so there won’t be any problem holding up all those heavy decorations. 


Above are so many good farmhouse front door decor ideas that only a random choice can turn out to be extremely impressive. We do hope you can make the right decision at last. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s start your projects now.

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