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Farmhouse Easter Decor: Best Ideas For The Most Important Feast Day!


Farmhouse decor, in general, will win the hearts of those who love the rustic and simplicity. It has also become a trend for many people in home decoration style. Let’s create an unprecedented Easter concept and farmhouse style in April. Let’s start with some farmhouse easter decor!

What Is Easter Day?

Easter is a significant and essential holiday for Western countries and Christians in particular. The meaning of this holiday is marking the day Jesus returned from the dead after being executed on the cross. This holiday is a very sacred day for Christians. In addition to the religious meaning, the holiday also has the meaning of birth, growth, and continued hopes.

On this day, in churches, many different activities are held to recall and praise the life of Jesus. For non-believers, this is an occasion for people to get together and eat a hearty dinner. Children will decorate and give each other beautiful eggs – a typical symbol of Easter.

Best Farmhouse Decorations For Easter Time

Whenever we start decorating, the first thing that comes to mind is: What should I choose?

The concept of this day is colorful and cheerful, but the farmhouse style is more about simplicity, rustic and neutral colors. Choosing decorations can seem a bit challenging, but that’s okay. I’ve brought you some great options.

farmhouse easter decor

Farmhouse Decorative Flags On Easter

Let’s start with the most basic decoration, the flag. Americans often love to hang decorative flags, especially on special occasions. They often use the Easter garden flag to decorate the yard in April. Let’s take a look at some of the standout products for you.

Farmhouse Easter Wood Signs

Signs are popular decorations for special occasions. They will be creative accents for the house, making your decorating concept richer and colorful.

For Easter Day, make your home come alive and colorful with farmhouse signs. In addition, the farmhouse style will make your home warmer, true to the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Farmhouse Style Easter Bunny Head Decor

In the Easter stories, the bunnies take responsibility as a “Santa Claus in Spring,” bringing beautiful eggs, candy, and chocolate to put in the baskets of good children at night before the holiday. Rabbits are also believed to bring good luck and hope to those who see them. So why not bring a baby rabbit into the house?

Adorable rabbits are the mascots of the holiday. If you want to bring the atmosphere of Easter into your living space, you can’t ignore the image of baby bunnies. They will make your Easter picture beautiful.

Farmhouse Easter Table Decor

We can decorate the table in many different ways. By using a variety of accessories and other decorative items on the table, you have a perfect decorative corner for your room, office, or party table. Let’s see what we have in our collection of farmhouse-style table decorations.

A gorgeous tablecloth is necessary for creating a dynamic farmhouse table decor. If you plan to decorate a party or create a highlight for the room, the tablecloth plays a significant role.

In addition, to make the Easter décor theme more dynamic, put a vase or an egg basket on the table.

A small sweet party with family and friends is also a lovely option. Of course, a tea set is prepared for a dessert party.

A tea set that includes a teapot and cups with the same theme will be ideal for you. They both contribute to the party’s attractiveness and color and give guests the impression that the tea will taste much better. A tea set is also a fantastic choice if you want to offer someone a present this holiday.

You may add various accents from modest and gorgeous décor to make the party table more beautiful. Everyone’s heart will melt when they see this adorable rabbit ear.

Outstanding work and charming contact! It is an ideal Easter accessory since you could add all of your big family’s important dates and now have them at your fingertips at all times. Highly recommendable.

Farmhouse Easter Wall Decor

It can be said that the wall is a significant part that determines the space of the whole room. The color and decoration on the wall will tell the style and concept of the house. To accentuate the Easter farmhouse style, we need some unique decorations.

Farmhouse Easter Decor For Living Room


Farmhouse decor is not necessary to use only pale colors, and you can still choose gentle pastel tones like this. You can apply a dominant color to centrally placed items such as sofas, tables, curtains, and more. You can color them with cushions, throw blankets, and tablecloths in the same tone or color scheme to create a consistent look. Next, create accents around the room with farmhouse-style shelves, garlands, etc. You can take a look at this living room farmhouse decor collection.  

Finally, create the theme of Easter. Place the special holiday symbols such as baskets of colorful eggs or baby bunnies in the most visible places, such as a basket of colorful eggs on the table or shelves. That’s it; you have a perfect space for Easter.

Farmhouse Easter Decor For Party

easter party decor

The Easter party is the place to get creative and decorate. The kids will surely be eager to lend you a hand. Let’s start with wall decoration: canvas bunting flags, wall paintings, or DIY decorations will be the best suggestions. 

Next, decorate the table with a farmhouse-style tablecloth. You can put a candy tray decorated with images of bunnies and eggs on it. Keep going with napkins in classic colors for each guest. Don’t forget to prepare some fresh flowers to make the party more lively. Now it’s time to welcome guests and join the party.

Activities At Easter

Vegetarian. Christians on Easter day often abstain from eating meat and other unnecessary needs. Therefore, they will fast and participate in other religious activities at the church.

Decorate the eggs. This activity is the specific part of Easter for children. The kids will boil eggs and decorate them beautifully. Today, Easter eggs are also made from candy and chocolate to give each other gifts and send them good wishes.

Celebrate with parties. This day is also an occasion for family members to gather and have dinner together. They often organize parties with many delicious dishes and dine together.

Egg Race and Egg Hunt. Many people, especially children, enjoy this game. Winning the games and getting colorful eggs is a great joy for the kids. Sometimes, adults also can’t resist the attraction of these games.


Easter is a much-awaited holiday every year. The holiday has both religious significance and the meaning of fertility in the spring, after experiencing a cold winter. At the same time, this is an opportunity for children to have fun and for families to get together. Uniquely decorating your home with farmhouse easter decor is a particular way to harmonize with the spirit of the holiday. Hope this article has given you helpful decor ideas for the upcoming months.

Thank you for reading and Have a happy Easter!

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