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20 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas – Breathe New Life Into Your Home


A farmhouse living room is a harmonious combination of traditional and modern design that homeowners worldwide are passionate about. 

With a unique atmosphere and warmth, this decor will surely give you and your family a sense of relaxation after stressful working hours. 

If you’re expecting a stylish farmhouse living space, we compile together 20 amazing living room ideas so that you can create the most well-fitted one. 

Check it out now!

What Are The Essential Elements Of Farmhouse Interior Design?

Simplicity is almost the most important factor when it comes to farmhouse interior design. No matter if you build onto new elements or take some out, it should be straightforward to implement.

You can make the most of inherited furniture, or any vintage finds to combine with new items. Farmhouse decor is not something that requires you to do heavy projects from beginning to end, yet it leans toward what you got and what you desire! That way, everyone can create a unique living space!

To help you better understand its vibe, we’ve summarized three key points of farmhouse style below.


“Clean yet practice” should be the best two words to describe the design of a farmhouse living room. It should be easy to move around, find things and carry when needed. 

Wood is the most commonly used material in farmhouse designs. It adds warmth, comfort, as well as aesthetic beauty to the space. 

You can think of other materials like iron, steel, leather, suede, cotton, and linen fabrics. Metal brings a classic vibe, while fabrics add colors and texture! Whatever you choose, the more rustic, the better!

Natural light is the highlight of the room. Consider traditional window treatments like covering, valances, curtains, and drapes. Light fixtures should come in simple yet elegant shapes, such as lanterns and wood chandeliers.

Color Palette

The primary color of farmhouse style should be white, harking back to the whitewash often appearing in classic houses in the past. Light and neutral tones (like beige) help set off other colors and textures

The walls should be clean so that you can highlight other interior fixtures and furnishings. To bring more personality to the space, think of your favorite ones – sunny yellow, barn red, forest green, or robin egg blue.

There might be a certain amount of flexibility in choosing the wood color – dark tone gives a rich touch, while lighter woods add more dimension and offer some contrast for the room.


Farmhouse decor is a great mix of neutral colors, natural lights, wide porches, open floor plans, and houseplants. 

There is nothing better than spicing up your space with farmhouse living room furniture, as long as you incorporate them well!

You can make use of old elements, like vintage tables and chairs, to pair with other accessories or some pieces of art! Plus, it’s best to turn your fireplaces into a warm and cozy highlight of the room. 

Hanging your photos and paintings is also a good idea to add more personality smark to the space.

20 Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Now that you’ve got some insights into farmhouse living room style, it’s time to discover how to turn it right! 

We’ve picked out 20 amazing yet simple ideas that you can start from scratch. Options are endless, but the choice is yours! Dive into and choose the most suitable decorations for you.

1. Cozy Sitting Area

Farmhouse Metal wall decor

A simple yet effective way to add a farmhouse vibe to your room is to spotlight the sitting area. You can play with some warm colors by using attractive throw pillows and blankets. 

Don’t forget to utilize the end table as an option for additional decorating space. If you have no idea, try some flower arrangements – surely they will cheer up your cozy living room!

2. Distressing Side Tables

Distressing Side Tables

Not only end tables, but you can also update your side tables to add more farmhouse charm. Rather than ordinary furniture, let’s turn it into something more classic but eye-catching. 

So, what’s better than distressing your wood table? Just in a few minutes, you will give it such a vintage and industrial look!

3. See-Through Industrial Lighting

See-Through Industrial Lighting

Farmhouse and industrial work well if you blend it correctly, like this hanging light fixture! No matter if you turn the light on or off, the see-through design always makes it look charming and attractive! 

What’s more? This light fixture will even create a new contrast between the rural decor you use (especially the neutral tone) to the rest of the space!

4. Classic Contemporary Accessory Decor

Classic Contemporary Accessory Decor

For those who desire a farmhouse style that is not too rural, don’t miss out on these contemporary decor ideas

We can not deny the effects of the wood furniture, but adding modernized couches or lamps will update your decor into something stylish yet still “farmhouse”. It creates a perfect harmony of colors and textures, bringing a new wind to your room!

5. Warm Family-Centered Fireplace


If you’re expecting a warm space, we bet nothing better than fireplaces. 

The mantelpiece and the area above it will give you room to decorate, which is ideal for you to make it more personalized by hanging your framed family photos. Choosing some wooden-based decor items to add around will also be a good way to enhance the rustic vibe!

6. Personalized Wood Framed Wall Sign

Personalized Wood Framed Wall Sign

This unique custom-made sign surely will be the accent for your home space! Together with the beautiful wooden frame, it is the dark, graceful words contrasting with the light backdrop that makes this item truly stand out. 

Pick a suitable size, and think about the sensible words that you want to remind you and your family! That’s how you can personalize your living space!

7. Craftsman Cocktail Coffee Table

Craftsman Cocktail Coffee Table

To amp up your farmhouse vibe, you can get the ideas from your cocktail coffee table. Not only the solid veneers and pine, but the weathered nutmeg finish also offers it a rustic charm that you hardly find anywhere else. If that’s not sufficient, you can utilize it as a place to add some decorative things to your room, too!

8. Rugged Barnwood Television Cabinet


Your living room cannot be called a “farmhouse” without the white walls and brown accents. Hang your TV on the wall so that you can have more space to decorate above the cabinets. Simple items like a transparent jar, rustic lantern, or a vintage basket should be on your list! 

All of them surely will bring you a feeling of perfect coziness.

9. Hanging Wooden Plant Shelves

Hanging Wooden Plant Shelves

Placing some plants on hanging shelves is a good opportunity to make your entryway greener. You can also place some books or pictures as a way to bring a more farmhouse vibe to your room. Harmonious color combinations like white walls, green leaves, and brown wood make your house brighter and warmer.

10. Wooden Ladder Photo Display

Wooden Ladder Photo Display

Everyone loves to display their family photos in their home, and the best place to show them off is placing them in the living room. 

This wooden ladder display not only gives you room to hang your favorite photos but also adds some rustic vibes to the space.

It’s best to add your black and white photo for a more attractive look and intense feeling. Another tip for you is to use the L-shaped bracket to secure it to the wall so it can’t be fallen over.

11. Cozy Armchair


Simply with a few slight changes, your ordinary armchair will fit in perfectly with your rustic farmhouse decor. Add a light cover, a warm, soft blanket, and throw pillows!

Also, you can place a blanket ladder behind the armchair, set a side table with a decorative lamp, or some lovely items on the white wall. 

Don’t forget to place a rug on your floor, which will warm your feet up on cold winter days. What could be more relaxing than sitting backward on the chair and sipping your cup of coffee?

12. Layer Multiple Rugs

Layer Multiple Rugs

Textiles are also often seen in farmhouse decor, from woven furniture, cowhide throws, and also important, traditional rugs. You can create a sense of depth for your space by adding layers of rugs in the living room. 

Combined with your vintage upholstered couch, brick fireplace, and rustic shelf decor, mix and match rugs will bind them together.

A shopping tip for you is to mix different kinds of textures. A traditional rug will look good with an extra-large jute rug!

13. Build An Industrial Den


These wood-beamed ceilings will bring a natural world into your living room. 

While the exposed bulbs, stylish furniture, and the black shiplap wall enhance the industrial look for this modern room, the wooden floors and neutral rugs warm up your space. It’s how the juxtaposition of modern and old vibes achieves!

14. Highlight the Wildlife

Highlight the Wildlife

Farmhouse design took inspiration from the lifestyle, so combine some touches of traditional farms with your existing ones to perfect the look.

Try a large wall photo of wildlife, light-color shiplap walls, and a traditional area rug. You will be surprised when you see how cozy they bring into your “farmhouse” space.

15. Bring the Outdoors In


Whether you’re got a light-color background, adding natural and organic elements into your interiors always has certain effects on its finished look. 

You can highlight the space with an upholstered sofa, woven accent chairs, and a few fur throw pillows. Other organic elements, such as houseplants and jute rugs, will also add a natural and laid-back feel.

Your guests will feel nice and snug when seeing freshly cut wood on the wall shelves – it’s like an invitation to light a fire to warm up the house.

16. Open-Concept Farmhouse Living Room

Open-Concept Living Room

Rustic is not always the best. Many homeowners take turn-of-the-century houses and open up their living space to make use of natural lights wherever they can. 

You can consider an open concept living and dining room with an elegant glass-paned wall. Comfortable furniture, industrial light fixtures, and vertical shiplap surely will bring your space a relaxed farmhouse vibe!

17. Use Shiplap

Use shiplap

One of the easiest ways to turn your living room into a farmhouse is using shiplap walls. It’s best to choose boards with nicks and scrapes since they reminisce about the feel of longtime use. 

This paneling style can be installed horizontally or vertically for a single wall, the entire room, or even your ceiling. Whatever you choose, the rustic vibe it brings will not disappoint you!

18. Use Barn Doors


If you want to enhance the traditional farm feel, you can achieve it by using barn doors. They are perfect for saving space for small rooms and separating your open-concept floor plan.

Sometimes, two barn doors work better than one since they highlight the warmth of the fireplace and strengthen the farmhouse look for the room.

19. Decorate With Farm-Inspired Stems

Decorate With Farm-Inspired Stems

You can look for some farm-inspired indoor plants, which combine soft flowers with rough stem/ stick. Take cotton, for example! A vase of fluffy cotton balls flowering from its dark stem will add more farm vibes to your space.

Pussy willows and bunny tails are also other kinds of farm-inspired stems that you can display in your living room. So rustic!

20. Use Accents To Add Some Texture

Use Accents To Add Some Texture

The key elements of farmhouse style are simple, bright, and airy, but you can find it somehow lacking! 

In that case, find some accents with texture and rough edges to fill it up. This way can harden up your room while maintaining its overall aesthetic.

For example, you can add a country-style basket as an extra point for the room, which will bring you a bit of a “rough” feeling!

The Bottom Lines

It seems that farmhouse living room styles will never go out of fashion, at least a few more decades. Just remember, simplicity is the key point when it comes to farmhouse decor. Make use of what you got and combine them with what you vibrate! 

We hope you can dress up your living room to something more rustic and “farmhouse” with the ideas in this post. If you’re ready, let’s start working now, and don’t forget to follow our daily post on Blog Flagwix for more home decor tips and flag guidelines! 

Thank you and have a good day!

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