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Farmhouse Signs: Simple Ideas For Vintage House Look


Are you a lover of rustic and vintage? Are you passionate about classic beauty and want your living space to have that warm atmosphere? That just got easier with this year’s most trending farmhouse signs collection. Let’s explore together!

Popular Farmhouse Signs - A Vintage Beauty For Your House

Farmhouse style is a rustic style inspired by country beauty, but it retains modernity without making the space too old. All farmhouse decorations are warm and natural colors. Signboards made from wood are top products that will do well in bringing both ancient and modern beauty to your home space.

Farmhouse Sign For Living Room

The living room is where you receive guests who visit your home, so it is the place to create their first impression and assessment of the whole house. So investing in the farmhouse living room decor is something you should do. Do not worry if your budget is limited because the farmhouse style does not require you to choose to buy high-end and expensive products.

With signs for the living room, the classic signs will bring the best beauty effect to the farmhouse style. You can choose medium to large size signs so that the decoration does not become too complicated. Combine a few other simple accessories to make the space more lively and cozy.

Farmhouse Signs For Bathroom

A bathroom is also a place for you to relax, so do not neglect to decorate it beautifully. A bathroom with a beautifully decorated space also helps to improve your mood and relieve stress. Vintage farmhouse bathroom decor will be very suitable for you.

To choose the right signs for the bathroom, the signs with neutral colors will be perfect. However, you can go wild and make it a little crazy.

Farmhouse Signs For Bedroom

The bedroom is not only a place to rest and relax; it is also your private space. So you can comfortably decorate and design the room according to your preferences. You should use colors and textures with elegant, gentle hues and limit colors that are too bright or too prominent because they can adversely affect your sleep. Cozy and comfortable are the priorities in decorating the bedroom.

Farmhouse style will fit the above criteria. To create more accents for the room, you can choose different signs, which will do an excellent job of making a difference in your bedroom.

Outdoor Farmhouse Signs

You also need to pay attention to the exterior decoration to create consistency in the style that you are aiming for in your home. Refresh the space around your house, such as the garden, porch, or front yard, which are areas that contribute to the house’s beauty.

There are many ways you can beautify the outside space of your home. Using signs is the simplest and most popular decoration, but it has a practical beauty effect. You still have many choices with the farmhouse style, especially with wooden signs.

Farmhouse Vertical Signs

If you are too familiar with circular or rectangular signs, you can refer to vertical signs to change a new style for the house. Vertical signs are suitable for decorating porches, doors, or walkways, especially since they are very convenient for parties.

Farmhouse style does not limit your choices. On the contrary, it will add classic and cozy beauty to the space you decorate, and it is suitable to coordinate with any different style.

Farmhouse Porch Signs

If you are looking for ideas to refresh your porch, you may need signs. Farmhouse-style signs are an excellent choice for those who love the simplicity and classic beauty. Make a significant update with farmhouse porch decor. It’s time to make a refresh.

Farmhouse Metal Sign

If you like materials other than wood, but you still love the farmhouse style, metal signs will still meet that for you.

Metal signs are lightweight and durable. In addition, they are also designed according to the characteristics of the farmhouse style. Therefore, you can rest assured to choose metal materials but still do not reduce the color of this style.


Hummingbird Garden Metal Sign Quote
Hummingbird Garden Metal Sign
Boy Scout Garden Metal Sign
Boy Scout Garden Metal Sign
Jesus Wooden Sign
Birdhouse Garden Metal Sign

How To Make A Diy Sign

Things You Will Need

Farmhouse style represents rustic and classic. So you can create your sign with your style. You can repurpose old pieces of wood to do this craft project. Don’t worry if you are not good at this, and you must create a product from your creativity.

You will need a few resources for this project.
– old wooden boards or you can buy some blank wooden boards
– paints and decorations, you can easily find them at craft stores or major bookstores.
– Hammer, nail, drill, hanger, they come in many different types and sizes. You should consult the seller to choose the most suitable one
– Measure
If you’ve gathered enough tools, let’s get ready to work now!

Steps To Do

First, you need to determine the location and take measurements of where you will hang the sign and the size of the board required. Make sure the product you make is not too big or too small. The ruler will do its job, and don’t forget to mark where you will display your work if needed.

Next, sketch your work. For a quick decoration, draw your work on paper or wood with a pencil. It is your time to unleash your imagination. If you’re running out of ideas, that’s okay. Just check out a few other ideas on Pinterest; maybe you’ll come up with some good ones.

Now is the time to need your skillful hands. Cut the board into the size and shape you want. You can use a knife or a saw for small panels. If your work is more extensive, use a Cricut machine to make your work easier.

It’s time to complete your work. Please color the board. You can paint layers of colors on top of each other to create different shades. Paint it with your favorite colors. Use glue to attach other decorations, if any. Finally, you attach the hanger to it or close it directly to the position you want to display.
That’s it! Enjoy your project!

Tips To Hang A Sign To Get The Best Beauty Effect


A few tips to hang wooden signs to get the perfect look for your home:

  1. Hang signs in eye-catching locations. Do not place signs in places covered by too many other objects. Let them shine in a particular area, for example, on the wall above the sofa, door, or above the bed.
  2. You can put multiple signs next to each other to add vibrancy, as long as it’s consistent in theme and style.
  3. Consider walls and hangers. Drilling nails into the wall can ruin the wall’s aesthetic; consider that. The types of hangers are also very diverse, so choose the right kind so that the sign can be ornamented in the best way.
  4. Don’t forget the glossy finish to protect the finished work.


Signboards are quite popular decorations, but the beautiful effect that it brings is far beyond your imagination. Wooden signs promote its outstanding beauty by decorating the house in farmhouse style. Farmhouse signs will not disappoint you in upgrading your space to a new beauty.

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