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Top 10 Cutest Easter Signs With Eggs, Bunnies, and the Cross


The Easter season is all about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but that does not mean you cannot also enjoy some cute decorations as well! In this article, we’ll talk about Easter signs

Signs are incredibly wonderful to make and hang on your front door, front porch, or local church. This April (or earlier), if you’re on the lookout for some easy decorations to boost the Easter festivity right at home, check out our post! Here are the 10 cutest Easter wood signs around from our collection – enjoy!

10 Cutest Easter Signs To Hang On Door

He is Risen - Easter Bunny Wooden Sign
$45.00 $60.00

#1 He is Risen – Easter Bunny Wooden Sign

The first is a lovely Easter sign that makes an excellent decoration for churches or even your own home. Use it as an outdoor decoration on your lawn or as a piece to decorate indoors. It would look great in almost any room of your house. 

Let people know that he is risen at church or use it as an Easter egg hunt sign when you hide eggs around your yard! This wooden easter sign illustrates two bunnies with grass on their feet and many colorful eggs all over. Beside it displays the Cross and Jesus’ face in the blue sky. At the center of the sign is a large cross with a saying He is Risen on a golden book placed under it. 

Why we love it:

  • Overall demonstration about Easter
  • Nice decor piece for Christians

He Is Not Here For He Is Risen Round Easter Church Sign
$45.00 $60.00

#2 He Is Not Here For He Is Risen Round Easter Church Sign

A Christian American patriot would look for Bible words, the cross, doves, lilies, and the Old Glory combined for display on an Easter sign.

Yes—this is the second sign we’d like to recommend to you. It conveys God’s most beautiful message (Matthew 28:6). As a result, you can confidently hang it on the church’s front door during the season. Also, hang it on your front door to demonstrate your religious belief and consistent faith in one God!

Why we love it:

  • Featuring Bible words and the American flag 
  • Vibrant colors and lively graphic details

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Easter Bunny With A Large Egg Sign
$45.00 $60.00

#3 Easter Bunny With A Large Egg Sign 

This sign features a cute bunny holding an egg with his hands. At first glance, it’s just a simple illustration of a bunny in funny clothing with an egg. However, there is much more meaning to be read between those lines.

The Easter bunny or rather Osbert or Eostre had its origins as a festival honoring fertility and renewal in spring. As we can see on the sign, the symbol of fertility is clearly depicted by the big egg. This is an excellent piece for greeting guests at your house!

Why we love it:

  • The bunny is cute and more likely to pique most kids’ interest
  • Huge egg with textures based on the Old Glory
  • Depicting a deep traditional meaning about Easter day

Easter Sign for Wreaths
$45.00 $60.00

#4 Easter Sign as Wreath

Love wreath but want a different form of hanging for your front door? Have a look at this adorable sign now!

The sign is made from wood and measured 0.5 cm thick, which is very easy to hang and store when not in use. Also, the floral circle is what we love most about the item. It shows the festive vibe of Easter and the Spring atmosphere.

And, of course, we cannot forget the bunny, either. It symbolizes Easter tradition and has a great place in many kids’ hearts.

Why we love it:

  • Excellent wreath alternative
  • Impressive color vibrancy

Bunny-Cosplay Golden Retriever Easter Sign
$45.00 $60.00

#5 Bunny-Cosplay Golden Retriever Easter Sign

If you have a Golden Retriever dog at home, this one is definitely for you! Although it is unusual that we put another animal rather than a Rabbit on such an Easter decor piece. But hey — this dog is cosplaying a Bunny! It looks like he believes he’s already a bunny. You don’t want to miss this fantastic piece, do you?

Why we love it:

  • Unique design
  • A festive decor piece to praise your dog
  • Elegant pastel colors

Personalized Easter Bunny Wooden Sign
$45.00 $60.00

#6 Personalized Easter Bunny Wooden Sign

Although this design is not that impressive, it can serve as a decoration that many families appreciate. And the only thing that can make it into our top ten is unquestionably its personalization feature. This allows you to personalize the sign with your family name.

It’s entertaining and worthwhile to give it a shot because it shows that your entire family is looking forward to the holiday. But, you know, it’s not always a family name. You can pick any “word” you want (but don’t make it too long!).

Why we love it:

  • Personalization
  • A cute blue pick-up truck with lots of carrots, eggs, and flowers

He Is Risen Custom Wood Sign
$45.00 $60.00

#7 He Is Risen Custom Wood Sign

We’d like to introduce another sign with the most popular Christian saying, “He is Risen.” This time, however, things are a bit different. There are no bunnies or eggs, only lily flowers, and the Cross.

Furthermore, we wanted to emphasize the color by using a simple but exquisite and sophisticated color combination. That corresponds to what the sign says and where it could be found — we’re talking about churches.

Why we love it:

  • Simple design yet impressive for how the colors “teamwork.”
  • Elegant depiction of what about He is Risen

The Crosses Hanging Sign
$45.00 $60.00

#8 The Crosses Hanging Sign

Because Easter is religiously about Jesus, it is about the cross as well. There are three vivid and bright crosses on this sign, depicting the Holy Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy spirits. 

With this colorful design, you can easily teach kids about Jesus Christ’s resurrection and what Easter truly means. 

Why we love it:

  • Depicting the idea of the Trinity
  • Cheerful and inspirational colors about Spring

Happy Easter Bunny Eggs Wooden Door Sign
$45.00 $60.00

#9 Happy Easter Bunny Eggs Wooden Door Sign

After all, maybe you just need a sign that says “Happy Easter,” and that’s all you need!

This item has a traditional Easter theme with bright but understated colors. We believe this will be the best option for farmhouse Easter decor this season.

Why we love it:

  • Vintage inspiration
  • Classic 
  • Perfect for most vintage farmhouse decor

crucifix Hanging Metal Sign
$45.00 $60.00

#10 Crucifix Hanging Metal Sign

This sign is supposed to be hung on the wall, yet we still recommend it because it is particularly lovely.

The sign really shines thanks to its metal design. Also, it features crosses (of course) as well as a stylized font with just enough flourish to make it really stand out. Look at the sign, we’re likely to be told the story of Jesus on that Sunday morning.

Why we love it:

  • Shiny and easy to hang with wall magnets
  • Vivid design
  • Perfect for church decor

When Can I Put Up Easter Decorations?

As Easter approaches, we all begin to ask ourselves when it’s OK to decorate for spring. When can I put up Easter decorations? How long should my Easter window display be up? 

The answer is: It depends on your landlord. But if you are renting or leasing a house or apartment from someone who doesn’t mind how much egg-and-bunny clutter you leave around for two weeks straight, then the second half of March is as good a time as any. 

Most people have already decorated their houses by Easter Sunday itself. They don’t wait until April 1st to hang their bunnies in their front yard.

The Bottom Line

Easter is a religious celebration with Christian overtones that many people around the world celebrate. Some people love to buy cute Easter signs for their homes or as gifts for family and friends. They are all very colorful, cute, and pleasing to look at. Thus, you will want to use this review as a guide to get your own sign. 

Blog Flagwix hopes this post has been helpful so you can choose the best Easter wood signs. Thank you for reading and Happy Spring!

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