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Easter Garden Flag Selection in 2024


The month of April is approaching, and it is almost time for us to celebrate Easter. With that in mind, we created this Easter Garden Flag Collection so you can learn how to make your home burst with color in just a few months.

Also, pay attention! This choice was made with both heart and mind. We’ve polled our customers to see which flag design they’d like to see added to our Easter flag collection next year! In addition, this collection includes our shop’s best-sellers ever since!

Check out the list below and vote for your favorite right now! Remember, you can buy any of these designs (along with many others) right here on Flagwix! What do you think? Let’s get this party started!

The Easter Garden Flags You'll Fall For This Year

Easter is associated with Jesus, who was crucified and resurrected on Sunday. This symbol of the crucifixion is represented by our outdoor flags featuring an image of Jesus, crosses, doves, and lilies.

In addition to religious-themed flags, we have a large collection of garden flags with traditional symbols of Easter such as eggs and bunnies. These timeless symbols are included on many religious-themed flags and are enjoyed year-round by families across America. 

Flagwix is proud to support our customers, so they can honor their faith while also celebrating Spring. We hope you enjoy our Easter garden flag designs!

More with Christian themed:

#1 Religious Easter Garden Flag

#3 Easter Egg Garden Flag

#4 Easter Pet Garden Flags

Do you have a canine, feline or other pet that has impacted your life, and you want to honor them this April? If yes, do it with an Easter yard flag depicting a rabbit that looks like your pet. That way, you can make something fun and memorable for them during the season. And of course— we’ve got several choices available for you.

#6 Personalized Easter Garden Flags

If you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, Easter decorative flags with the actual image of your pet or family name are ideal. They can be lovely garden decor pieces or gifts for friends. All you have to do is add text or an image of your pet before purchasing your flag. We will handle the rest of the work.

Why Should We Hang Outdoor Flags on Easter Day?

Flags have been hung on doorways, in gardens, and on fences since time immemorial. But why should we hang those outdoor Easter flags?

Below are four things that garden flags can do to give us an enjoyable and meaningful holiday:

#1 Adding a festive vibe to our homes

Using outdoor flags to add a festive vibe to our homes, we become a part of a grand tradition that transcends borders and generations. Our neighbors may not be aware of it. But when they see our colorful banners waving outside their window, they are reminded that it is springtime—and Easter time too!

Fun Fact: In countries like Poland or Germany (or at least regions within them), where Catholicism is dominant, Easter decorations include red-white-and-blue Polish Easter eggs. They are called pisanki or pisaniek, representing Christ’s Resurrection on Sunday.

#2 Celebrating Easter in an easy and budget-friendly way

Yard flags help us celebrate this Day more joyfully without sacrificing an ounce of elegance. In addition, they’re an easy and budget-friendly way to add some color to your house!

So even if your neighbors don’t know why they have Easter decorations in their garden (or which holiday they represent), they can join with others by creating beautiful dioramas. And believe us— that really makes springtime feel like springtime!

#3 Showing off your style

If you have a spring or Easter-themed garden flag, use it to show off your sense of style. You can choose between contemporary designs with subtle flowers and grass. Or, playful designs with a bunny rabbit or colorful eggs are impressive too!

Decor Tip: Add some festivity to your yard by hanging up an extra-long rag banner to create a colorful scene that will put everyone in a festive mood! Even if you don’t have anything like that, you can still take advantage of vibrant colors from your garden for an equally effective garden flag.

#4 Telling everyone about your FAITH

There’s no better way to show everyone what you believe in than by hanging up your symbol of faith! Such flags are one of those ways you can do it for Easter’s time. And don’t be afraid to hang up a religious flag outdoors. Even a sacred message can seem less intimidating and more inviting when surrounded by nature.

What's Good About Flagwix Garden Flags?

Our garden flags are manufactured with high-quality weather-resistant canvas fabric. It has been dyed through to lock in color and prevent fading. They can handle years of outdoor use. Also, we made them perfect in a standard size of 11.5″x17x5″ so you can confidently hang them on your flag stand.

They can look great both outdoors and indoors. Especially if you display them in an illuminated position, they’ll look more stunning!
Browsing through our store, you can easily find that all flags are excellent for displaying at home during any season, graduation, or even patriotic holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day!

Also, we provide free shipping if your order value is over $70! Buy your Easter garden flag today!

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