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Are Wooden Signs Worth Our Effort Spent? ─ Pros and Cons


Wooden signs have long been the most common type of signage and decoration. They are made of a brilliantly natural material that’s both beautiful and durable. We can also customize the shape, color, and art of a wooden sign. 

As a result, they can be used for a variety of purposes and occasions. It is worthwhile to have them; however, using a piece of wood can bring up several issues that we must consider. So, in this post, we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of wooden signs to help you decide what’s best for your needs.

Advantages Of Wood Signs

Timeless Touch To Your Place

Wood has long been associated with timelessness because it has been used in the creation of signs. Wooden signs have a classic, timeless appeal that is ideal for those who want a sign that can be considered traditional. 

The beauty of real wood, with its earthy tones and beautiful grains, particularly, conveys a strong message of class and excellent quality. There’s also something about a wooden sign that conjures up images of well-established and rustic spaces. Yes, this type of sign can be a great choice to create a charming rustic home.

wooden signs

With the help of a wooden wedding sign, a wedding venue can be transformed into a sophisticated, classy party. The appearance of wood is not to be taken lightly while creating your dream rustic wedding ceremony. Furthermore, wood provides a powerful and energetic magnetic field source to the living area. 

This material serves as a spiritual link between you and Mother Nature. As a result, wooden signs make thoughtful gifts for special occasions ー for example, a wedding gift or an anniversary keepsake. In addition, any wooden sign with timeless beauty will be the ideal choice for those who want to celebrate their business anniversary.

rustic wedding sign

Wood can add genuine character to any farmhouse decor because it is a symbol of rusticity. If you have a farm on your property, don’t forget to put up a wooden sign. It isn’t something that will make a farmhouse stand out, but it will blend in with the overall atmosphere and impress eyes. It is the item that will bring a true sense of the countryside and simple fashion to your home.

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Wood is a remarkably sturdy and long-lasting material that can be used year after year. A piece of wood can last hundreds of years if properly cared for. Remember to apply a protectant all over the surface of a wooden sign so that the core wood does not come into contact with the elements. 

Limit the time you display your wooden home sign outdoors, especially when the weather turns foul. Moisture in the air can easily cause wood mold during rainy seasons. 

wood sign for business

For all those reasons, a wooden sign is undoubtedly perfect while used indoors. Its high durability can, indeed, make a fantastic home decor wall art to your living space. Nonetheless, still bear in mind not to display it in a damp room, for instance, your bathroom. Instead, allow the signs to appear in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. 

These rooms are always impeccable to display the wooden hangings as your favorites. I love hanging a monogram sign or wood letters in my bedroom to mark my own space and a pallet sign that adds a welcoming touch at the front door. 

A Custom Wood Sign Is Easy To Make

There’s always joy and excitement when you can have your decor home sign personalized. Imagine having all your family members’ names engraved on a well-designed wide wood and use it as beautiful decor in the living room. Yes, wooden signs can bring you that same experience. 

custom wooden sign

It’s much easier to engrave or create your desired shape of such a sign because it’s made of wood rather than any other material. There are numerous options available to you. You can paint it, have it engraved, or carve it. A custom wood sign to promote one’s business is common nowadays for its ageless beauty and high quality. Despite being rustic in its look, a wooden sign can add some luxurious feels to the appearance of a store or café. It can be seen as a bit of vintage between rusticity and luxuriousness, so it’s great.

Disadvantages Of Wood Signs

Expensive Most Of The Time

It’s hard to find a piece of wood sign that fits your taste without breaking the bank. Wooden signs are generally expensive on the market for their high quality. People also talk about many environmental issues regarding wood, so the prices are never getting cheaper. However, not all types of wood are costly. Mainly, plywood is less expensive than redwood and cedar. Depend on the limit of your budget for a DIY project of sign creation, choose the type of wood that is worthwhile to you. 

welcome wooden sign

High Maintenence

Things always come in two flavors: good and bad. For such a piece of wood, there are no exceptions. When you choose to use a long-lasting wooden sign, you must also commit to a high level of maintenance, which is time-consuming. 

As I mentioned in the previous section, these wood pieces require a layer of protectant to keep them safe from the elements. Moreover, they must be cared for regularly. They also quickly deteriorate due to inclement weather and insects while exposed to the outdoor environment. So, consider only putting your wooden signs indoors or at least below an eave, no matter how you decide to display them.

Not All Options For Mounting Are Applicable

In comparison to plastic or vinyl signs, wooden signs are heavier. As a result, we don’t have many options when it comes to finding a way to hang the sign. Put velcro and other adhesives out of your mind. 

They mostly can not be able to support the weight of a piece of wood like this. Consider other options, like a thick rope, rivets, or screws, to ensure that the signs are securely installed.


Wooden signs are one-of-a-kind decor items that can be used to enhance the aesthetic of your space at any time. Like other materials, wood can provide benefits and challenges to any user, but it’s worth our money and effort to have one in our house. Start with a door wood sign from our store to enjoy this experience. We hope you found this article to be informative and helpful!

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