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How To Hang A Wooden Sign – Easy Ways To Attach A New Wooden Sign


A holiday is coming, and you decide to put a wooden sign to decorate your house, or simply you just want to get a new one to make your house more colorful and more attractive. But how to hang a wooden sign? What should you mind about when you want to use this creative decoration? Here are some tips for you. 

How to hang a wooden sign

Where to hanging wooden signs?

Before choosing a new sign for your house, besides their beautiful visuals, you should pay attention to where you will put them on. Depending on the place to put it, you should choose the suitable types of the sign. The sellers may not advise you, but you need to pay attention to small details to make your sign last longer.


If you put a wooden sign indoors, you should check the surface of the place where you will put it. It should be a flat surface without roughness, such as walls or doors, where reducing the impact or rubbing that causes scratches on the signs. Maybe a lot of people would love to hang the sign in the bathroom or kitchen. Still, it’s not a good idea: the bathroom can evaporate moisture which can evaporate the wooden signs, and the grease from cooking in the kitchen will make the sign color dirty and not as beautiful as the original. So It will be better if you hang your wooden sign at an eye-catching place.


If you prefer to hang a wooden sign outside your houses, such as gardens or main doors, you should care about the material of wooden signs first. We will find out more about the material of wooden signs below. An important thing you should check carefully when you hang a wooden sign outside is the weather factor. When you hang the sign outdoors, torrentially, strong wind, and sunshine are factors that can affect the quality of the product. Therefore, you should consider hanging the wood sign in places that avoid high outdoor temperatures and avoid heavy rain, even if it is painted with waterproof paint. It can damage and crack the sign. So make sure that your wooden sign can hold out against weather elements. 

In short, you should choose a stable and flat-surface-place to hang the wooden sign, preventing it from strong winds, and ensuring that it will not drop. It’s dangerous!

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What should you care about when you hang a wooden sign?

Types of hanging surface

There are various types of surfaces. This is one of the crucial things that you have to check before if you want to attach your board indoors. What is the material of the wall or ceiling of your house? Wood or brick wall? And when you hang your signs outdoors, the surface must be brick walls or Vinyl Sidings.

Weight of signs

If you want to hang them on any surface, make sure that your board is light. Of course, you have to use hardware to keep the wooden sign stable. However, if it is too heavy, or your hardware cannot keep the board sign, it will fall. Each hardware can withstand a different scale of the sign when you hang it; I will explain more below.

Measurement of hanging places

Before purchasing a new board sign, you have to check the space where you will hang it. You should measure the distance, such as the distance on the wall and the distance between the board and other objects. Then you have to choose the suitable size of the it, which ensures that it will fit the space where you will put your new one.

Hanging Hardware

If you hang your new board, you will need some hanging hardware. As usual, the manufacturer will include some hanging hardware when you buy a it. But if you don’t have one, you can prepare a few things to hang it up. For indoor hanging, you should choose:

  • Sawtooth:

This is a standard hanger and easy to use. If your wooden board isn’t too heavy, a sawtooth hanger is an excellent choice to hang it. Sawtooth can withstand a 10-pound-object, which is suitable with a small board sign. We recommend that you do not use this type of hanger for signs of considerable size and bulky. It will be dangerous if the hanger is overloaded and the sign falls down.

How To Hang A Wooden Sign
  •  D-ring: 

A D-ring is as easy to use as a sawtooth, and Its endurance is about 20 pounds. This D-ring is also a dedicated hanger with a D-shape ring, which allows you to put your board  on a nail within the wall. Additionally, other D-rings can carry objects heavier, so you should check this information on the package when you buy it.

How To Hang A Wooden Sign
  •  Keyhole Slot: 

A keyhole slot is designed to make your new wooden board flush with the wall. Same with a D-ring hanger, a keyhole slot is suitable for a 20 pound-object or more. You should check the package when you buy this. 

  • French Cleat: 

You can imagine that the French Cleat is two pieces of woodcut, which have 45-degree angles. A piece is mounted on the back of the board, and another is on the wall where you will hang it. The biggest plus of this French Cleat is that it can withstand heavy objects up to 75 pounds. So if your board is big in size, you can choose this hanger to use. You can buy French Cleat at any hardware and design store.

How To Hang A Wooden Sign
  • Twine or Wire: 

Another traditional way to hang it is using Twine or Wire. This type of hanging is popular because it is simple and has high aesthetics.   

how to hang a wooden sign

Ways to hang

Now you have your own wooden board, ready to be hung, and it makes your house fabulous. All of the work you have to do is hang it in your place. Let’s begin!

Use nails or screw to hang signs

If you bring your sign indoor, do the following steps:

 Step 1: Mark and sign the position where you will hang signs. Flip the opposite side of it, measure, and mark the middle point on the top of the sign. This will help you put the hanger in the right place and your sign balance when hanging on.

Step 2: Use a double sided piece of tape to keep the hardware at the point you marked before. Then you use a hammer to nail the hardware on the back of the sign. Be sure to use enough force so as not to damage the sign. Now it’s ready to be hung!

Step 3: Almost done! Now you identify the point where you will hang the sign, use a hammer or drill to put another nail (or hole) on the wall (or door). Don’t forget to leave enough space to hang the sign. Then see your achievement!

Hanging the wooden signs outdoors has the same technique as indoor hanging. With the brick wall, you will use a drill to put a nail on the wall and hang it. With the Vinyl Sidings, because the surface is not flat, you have to look for some products that allow it to be hung up and remove and move the board more easily later. Do not drill holes in the wall surface because moisture can penetrate through the hole and damage the wall.

Use tools to hang signs

Some other tools can help you hang the new board outdoors. You can find eye-hooks, chains, S hooks, or Quick Links to have more creative ways to hang it.

How To Hang A Wooden Sign


Although too many things you have to know when you hang a new wooden board can make you feel concerned a little bit. However, a wooden board is a creative and unique decoration for your house, and it only takes a little effort to turn your home from monotonous to colorful. I hope that you can attach a new board ideally after this post.

Related questions

You will need some tools and hangers. First, put the hanger on the top of your wooden sign (make sure that you put the hanger on the back of your wooden sign). Then you have to decide where you want to hang the sign, drill a hole, and put a nail on it. You have to measure and check the sizes, the weight of the wooden sign carefully to ensure that your sign won’t fall. This work is not complicated, but you have to check carefully before hanging a wall sign.

You can choose wooden signs which have a chain on them already. Then you put a nail on the wall by using a drill or hammer. Finally, you hang your wooden sign and enjoy your achievement. If your wooden sign doesn’t have a chain, you can buy a chain and hanger at any shop. Don’t forget to check the types and sizes.

There are many other tools which allow you to hang a wooden sign without nails. You can try some ways below if you don’t want to use nails or drill a hole on the wall:

Use some hooks

Put your wooden sign on your self

Put the sign against the wall

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