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Learn These Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas To Adorn Your House


Living in a home with outdoor space creates the opportunity to have some fun decorating your outdoor walls. Whether you have a porch, patio, or backyard, you’ll be able to find an outdoor wall decor idea that will look great and help you make the most of your outdoor living space. To get you started, here are the wall decor ideas to adorn your house exterior this year.

Modern & Contemporary Outdoor Wall Decor

Modern outdoor wall decor is a great way to completely modernize your exterior design. Contemporary wall art is a simple way to help any home or office feeling refreshed and new, without needing a major overhaul. If you’re looking for contemporary style on an affordable budget, shopping at stores like Target and Ikea can help you achieve that look without paying big bucks.

If contemporary isn’t your thing, consider more traditional styles of outdoor decoration as well; you might be surprised at how much more welcoming your space will feel.

Garden Outdoor Wall Decor
Design: Amir Schlezinger

Garden walls are one of our favorites. You can install them yourself or have someone do it for you—either way, they’ll give your patio or deck area an aesthetic lift while providing practical value too! Who wouldn’t want all those plants right off their patio? From out-of-the-box garden walls to custom brickwork creations, there are tons of ways to transform outdoor space into stunning additions to any house.

Also, add outdoor lighting that complements your décor choices by coordinating colors with paints used on fences and houses. Illuminate walkways with motion sensor lights for safety after sunset—and don’t forget porch lights! Accessorizing outdoor walls doesn’t have to be expensive either.

Traditional Wall Art

The easiest way to adorn your house’s exterior walls is by using traditional art. You can paint a mural, print a favorite photograph, use ceramic tiles and decals, or even hang a decorative flag. Simple and cost-effective – outdoor wall art will allow you to express yourself creatively for years! Plus, it requires very little maintenance – just wash it with soap and water once in a while. 

traditional arts for outdoor wall decor
Source: Pinterest

Choose materials that are waterproof and resistant to inclement weather for your artwork. That way, you’ll be able to keep it looking good for a long time and it’ll last for years.

What’s more, the concept of hanging an outdoor wall decor large painting is intriguing. It demonstrates your expert eye for aesthetics when compared to displaying many small paintings in a row. A large-format canvas can also make an outdoor wall feel more inviting.

Nonetheless, small outdoor canvas art paintings on a row can have awe-inspiring effects too. They create the space and make the guests feel like they’re living in a gallery museum. 

Southern Oaks Art

$246.75 – $1,124.25

Garden At Arles


Oliver Gal Muse


Sunset Framed Art


Outdoor Metal Art

A metal sculpture can be very eye-catching and add a fun element to your outdoor space. Whether it’s a small sculpture of a bird or an entire wall installation made out of metal, you’ll be able to express yourself uniquely.

Metal Bird Yard Art
Source: GardenMetalArt

The possibilities are limitless! Search for shops near you that sell pieces you love. Alternatively, if you have experience welding or sculpting, make your outdoor wall art from scratch using scrap metal.

There’s no need to spend lots of money on creating a fantastic piece of work – instead, choose materials based on what you already have available and how much time and effort you want to put into building it. You can create artwork that is minimalistic or elaborate. It could be a metal sign or sculpture — everything is entirely up to your imagination! 

Handcrafted Sun, Moon, and Stars Metal Wall Art


Kokopelli Metal Sun Art Sign With Powder Coat


Black Cat On The Moon Hanging Metal Sign


Butterfly Faith Hanging Metal Sign

$39.95 $49.95

Wooden Work

Wood is one of our most popular materials for outdoor wall decor because it’s so versatile. It’s easy to paint, stain, or leave unfinished. It can also be distressed with sandpaper and left in its natural state. There are various wooden wall decor ideas, from boho, rustic to farmhouse style.

boho outdoor wall art decor
Source: arborand.co

When you’re making your outdoor wall art, think about what style of wood you like. Do you like rich woods like mahogany? Would softwoods like pine make more sense? Or do you want something really unique, like driftwood?

Once you know what kind of wood appeals to you most, look at where you plan on putting your new decoration. Will it be outside year-round or just during warmer months? Remember that if you put wooden outdoor wall art outside permanently (and not just for summer), it needs to be weatherproofed somehow—either stained, sealed with an exterior varnish, or coated with polyurethane. You could also use metal framing instead if that makes more sense for your project.

Folk Art Wooden Blue Tits Wall Decor Hangings


Hippie Dragonfly Round Wooden Sign

$45.00 $60.00

Vertical Wall Decor Welcome Sign for Front Porch


Mandala Wood Wall Decor Sacred Geometry

$39.95 $49.95

Natrual Materials

If you want a natural look, then it’s a good idea to use natural materials. For example, bamboo is a very popular natural material for decorating a home. It’s light, strong, and looks great!

If you have bamboo growing in your garden or near your house, don’t cut it down for decoration purposes. Instead, collect fallen bamboo poles from your neighbors or friends who do have bamboo growing near their homes.

To make them stand out against your wall you can stain them using dark colors like brown or black. You can even paint words or images onto them. This gives an overall effect of rustic wooden letters that are quite appealing to see on display in both modern interiors and exteriors.

bamboo wall decor
Source: engineeringdiscoveries.com

Another fantastic alternative is wood planks. Not just any wood planks though, if you really want something unique, then you should go with hardwood planks instead of cheap plywood boards.

Be warned, though, they aren’t cheap, but when they come out looking excellent, they will be worth every penny spent on them. Along with displaying a beautiful pattern in grain, they also add insulation to a wall. So if you live in a cold climate, you might need to have some plywood under them to provide more insulation rather than beauty.

These wood planks can be used to create stunning large wall art decor. This concept is expected to dominate all wall decoration trends in 2022, according to design experts.

Solar Lights

One of my favorite home decor items is solar lights. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and price points. You can mount them on walls or fences, light up paths or create little decorative gardens with them.

The best part is they are self-sustaining; you don’t have to pay an electric bill every month for them! There are even solar spotlights that will illuminate your house numbers or mailbox at night for security purposes.

Some will also automatically change colors, making them great for party décor (although I prefer using colored lighting inside). It only takes a few minutes to set these up once you get your materials in place, so it makes it easy when you need new additions in a hurry.

solar lights on wall
Source: groupon.com

Solar lights work well throughout many seasons and are safe from extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, and heat. As long as there’s sunlight out during daylight hours, you should be able to enjoy your beautiful piece of wall art without any problems.

All you need to do is keep it clean by wiping off dirt build-up and clearing any leaf debris that may fall onto it throughout the year. If too much debris builds up on your outdoor wall decor, then more sunlight won’t be able to get through to charge your item properly for optimal usage. Still, fortunately, cleaning isn’t too tricky if you’ve got some time on hand once a week or so while enjoying fresh air outside.

Outdoor Decor Plants & Foliage

Create a living wall of greenery with large containers, planters, and hanging baskets filled with ferns, ivy, bromeliads, and other houseplants. Plants don’t need a lot of special care when they’re outdoors. Water them regularly and protect them from harsh elements—such as wind, which can dry out foliage quickly—and your plants will thrive for years.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb (like me), simple tropical plants that grow well in direct sunlight are easy to care for, and they can be hardy enough that even neglect won’t kill them.

Two wooden benches in front of a concrete wall with ivy
Cre: milicad

Plus, leafy greens such as palms add height and dimension without taking up too much space. If you’re nervous about experimenting on live plants indoors, try buying some inexpensive plastic pots at a discount store and place them outside instead. If they die on their own accord, it’s not really your fault!

To make sure your outdoor garden looks great all year long, keep one eye on the weather forecast to ensure rain isn’t imminent. If it is, bring everything inside or cover pots or containers with tarps to prevent damage due to excess moisture.

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Where Can I Decorate The Outdoor Wall?

If you want to create a great outdoor space with a beautiful wall, you can find a great source of inspiration from garden decoration. The best outdoor wall decoration ideas are often simple and include clever ways to utilize materials that already exist in your yard.

For example, if you have an old tree stump on your property that’s simply taking up space, add some planters on top of it and add greenery like ivy. You could also plant flowers right in front of it for color and balance.

There are many other ways to make good use of what you already have; an outside wall will almost always feel more open and inviting when decorated with items found in nature rather than traditional furniture or accessories.

Final Thoughts

Decorating a house is a unique experience. It’s important to ensure that your outdoor wall decor ideas stand out as much as those found inside your home.

The addition of plants and other natural elements can help achieve a stunning final product. However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on these luxuries if you know where to look for affordable options. Above are the ideas and tips that we find useful to share with you.

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Wishing you happy moments decorating the walls!

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