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Basket Wall Decor – Vintage Wall Baskets For Your House


Try the classic style if you’re looking for a new look for your place. The classic look is currently fashionable since it gives a home a warm and elegant impression. Plus, vintage-style decorations are easy to find.

Have you ever used Basket Wall Decor to beautify your home? They’re fantastic family wall decor for a traditional look. Let’s have a look at this one-of-a-kind product.

Material Of Basket Wall Decor

Designers make wall-hanging baskets from natural materials. Some natural materials mentioned are rattan, bamboo, sedge, palm leaves, seagrass, etc. There are also wooden and metal baskets. They are completely eco-friendly and safe to use. Wall decoration with baskets is a trend favored by many people because of the rustic but still no less sophisticated and luxurious. 

Natural Materials

handmade wall baskets
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First of all, rattan baskets are the priority. People tend to use rattan, bamboo, sedge, etc., furniture to show the classic style of the house. Furniture such as rattan baskets and rattan chairs are always popular because of their low price, but they create value because of their sophistication and rustic, close-knit beauty. The reasons that people love handmade rattan baskets include:

  • Low price
  • High flexibility and durability
  • Light-weight
  • Many styles and sizes
  • Rustic beauty, easy to combine with other decorations
  • Suitable for many indoor spaces

Wooden Baskets

Wooden Baskets
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Wooden home décor is also a popular option for interior design lovers. Wooden home decor can bring a variety of preferences and are eager to please even the most discerning customers. The following are some of their highlights:

  • Multi-style, easy to harmonize with many different decorating styles
  • Various models
  • Rustic beauty and luxury
  • Durable

Metal Baskets

Metal Baskets
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Metal is another popular choice. Metal is durable, easy to shape, and difficult to deform due to external influences, so there is no need to consider its durability. Furthermore, the decorations, including metal baskets, always provide a beautiful and fashionable look to your home, making it modern and liberal.

Rattan baskets became famous for several reasons:

  • Durable
  • Firm structure, good bearing, and heat resistance
  • Luxurious, multi-style
  • Easy to clean.

3 Reasons Why People Choose Basket For Decoration

Environmentally Friendly

First, it would be best to choose wall-hanging rattan baskets because they come from natural and safe materials. The materials I mentioned above are lightweight materials that are easy to clean and hang. You won’t have to worry about these decorations wearing out, fading, or damaging your walls.

Stunning For Home

Second, of course, they are gorgeous. Rattan baskets hung on the wall are ideal for craft enthusiasts. The rustic beauty of the handmade decorations is simple but elegant and classy. Warm hues are a popular style for decorating homes, even though they don’t have many color choices. Furthermore, they are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and multi-functional in everyday life.

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Finally, handmade items are always the first choice of interior enthusiasts because of their affordable prices. Have you ever spent a lot of money on expensive decorations hoping that they will make your home look more luxurious? 

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend or how little, you need to choose the right style and mix them properly and your home will become perfect. Then the bamboo and rattan basket is what you are looking for. They have low cost, unique beauty, and coordinate with other furniture to create accents for the home space. In short, this is precisely your budget-friendly choice.

Basket Wall Decor Collection

We have a few standout goods in this year’s collection inspired by the attraction of handmade rattan baskets. They will assist you in coming up with new ideas for decorating your home’s walls as well as selecting the appropriate product. Come on, let’s go shopping!

Handmade Wall Baskets

Get started on planning your wall decors ideas with basic crafts. Handmade Wall Baskets from different materials bring you great experiences. Let’s bring the beauty of nature to your space with the suggestions below.

Bamboo Woven Wall Baskets 

The Bamboo basket wall decors bring a vintage look to any space in your house. They are also perfect for indoor decorating. So, what do you think about giving this woven wall basket as a present for your relatives?

Tobacco Basket Set

This charming Tobacco basket wall decors with dyed dark brown will capture your heart at the first look. A fantastic gift that everyone loves to get.

Rattan Basket Decors

This Rattan wall basket decors is perfect for the kitchen or bedroom. The neutral colors and rustic style will make a cozy look for your house. Click to choose your favorites!  

Round Tobacco Basket

Add the Round tobacco basket wall decor to bring your space to a high level. The vintage style is never-getting-old. Boho wall art creates an impressive cozy cottage for you.

Baskets For A Boho Wall Art

Stunning Bohemian baskets give your home a sophisticated and edgy look. You can buy them as a set to match the color scheme and get the best decorative effect. Let’s see what you can choose for a perfect boho wall decor.

Boho Wall Baskets 

Bohemian basket wall decor is a perfect choices for people who love classic style and rustic beauty. These wall hangings has magic to turn your house into a cozy look.

Hanging fruit basket Boho style

This Hanging fruit basket is a super item for your kitchen. The construction and everything is charming and as expected. A rustic highlight for your space. 

Modern Baskets Wall Art

Not only bringing ancient beauty, but wall-hanging rattan baskets can also give you a modern beauty that is not outdated. Elegant and cozy colors will create a different and pleasant beauty for the space. Modern Wall Decor is a hot product in the market of home decoration.

Hanging Flat Basket

This Large wall basket decor is an eco item for your house. A basket decor with a unique design and neutral colors is ideal for the kitchen. 

Flat Tray Decor Craft

The handmade decoration often creates a rustic but luxurious appearance for any space in your house. Try this Flat Tray or Wall Decor Craft

7 Colorful Wall Basket Wall Hanging

A break in the design of classic decorations. Colorful basket wall decor will delight people who love the rustic but still waiting for an explosion in interior design. 

Chic Bicycle Duo Hanging Wall

Wow! Look at this unique design. Chic Bicycle Duo Hanging Wall has warm colors, suitable for any space in your home. Besides, it is an excellent souvenir for someone you love.

African Wall Baskets

Decorative African basket brings unique and wild beauty and carries the African spirit. African Wall Baskets will be the perfect decoration accessory to make your home so different and impressive.

African Wall Baskets Art

The impression of this African Wall Baskets Art is made up of perfectly interwoven colors. If you are looking for a gift for your belove grandparents or parents, this item is a great choice.

Wall Basket Decor in Africa

The attraction of handmade items comes from the fact that they are created by skillful hands. This Wall Basket Decor in Africa is handmade and comes in classic colors.

Wall Baskets In Many Shapes

Try to be a little different with different shaped baskets. Creativity in decoration knows no bounds, so sometimes, we need to be a little different. Imagine the surprised faces of your visitors when they see new decorations like an art.

Square tobacco basket

If you need something more different, why don’t you give this Square tobacco basket a try? The square will create balance for the space, making your decoration more attractive. It’s also a versatile product and goes well with all sorts of decor.

Extra-large square basket

Matching items with different sizes can create beautiful effects when decorating your home. This Extra large square basket is deserving to be the first choice for those who want to decorate from the basics. A simple item can also beautify your room.

Farmhouse Baskets

Farmhouse Baskets like these will be a unique highlight for your home. Be confident to decorate your wall by stunning farmhouse decor. Maybe you can promote your creativity and do your work?

Wall Mounted Bin Basket

You can combine the striking colors of Christmas with the classic colors of the vintage Christmas decor for the wall. This unique combination gives you variety in style and makes your home stand out. Get this Farmhouse Christmas Basket Wall Decor for your house.

Wall baskets for decor

If you are looking for a unique decoration for your bedroom, these Wall baskets for decor are an excellent choice for you. Environmentally friendly materials will make you feel more secure when decorating them in your bedroom. Try and feel the difference!

Teacher Vintage Mandala Flag
Teacher Vintage Mandala Flag
Dog Lover Wooden Sign
Dog Lover Wooden Sign
vintage cushion
Vintage Cardinal Cushion
Bath Time Door Cover

Give Your House A New Look With Handmade Vintage Decorative

I’m sure that no one would think of bringing rattan baskets to decorate the wall, even in home decoration. But people’s limitless creativity has turned this item into a trend in interior decoration. Nowadays, there are countless ways to utilize handmade items in your home decor, especially rattan baskets. Let’s take a look at the wall decor with rustic beauty.

Where To Put The Baskets?

You can apply basket decoration anywhere in your home: living room, kitchen, or even bedroom. Their warm colors create a cozy look to the room, so you should put some baskets sets in the same space to create a dynamic effect between the colors. Wall baskets will replace arts to create an impressive beauty.

It would help if you tried putting the baskets on the shelf, and they will immediately change the look of your home space. This style is suitable for the kitchen space. You can place the wood on the hanger next to other items to create a tight and harmonious composition.

To create more accents for the house, you can add baskets to the empty spaces to create more cohesion. Putting them on the stair entrance is an example. The entryway to the stairs will become colorful and will be a spotlight for the house. Maybe you’ll make the perfect backdrop for your Instagram selfies.

Mix And Match With Other Vintage Decorative

In addition to decorative baskets, there are many other interior decorations made from bamboo, rattan, and vintage style. You can consider adding them to the room to create cohesion in the space. Try adding curtains, arts, or mirrors, but don’t forget they should be boho or vintage pieces. Some accessories such as night lights, rattan chairs, shelves, carpets are also recommended.

With the wire baskets, you can create beautiful flower baskets to decorate any space. Or you can use them to store items that are both tidy without losing the house’s aesthetics. Flower decor for walls is a specific item perfect for mixing and matching in vintage style.


Decorating ideas for your home is not an easy task. However, choosing decorations for the house will no longer be a challenge if you are consistent in the decoration style and the choice of furniture for the room. Basket Wall Decoration and classic style are the perfect choices for you if you do not want to spend too much effort on home decoration. 

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