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Farmhouse Rug: Great Combination Between Classic And Modern Decoration


Farmhouse style is considered a new trend in interior decoration. The simplicity and rustic style of the country style has inspired many designers, and more and more products with designs are created in this style. We can easily find farmhouse decoration such as flags, lamps, farmhouse-style tables, and chairs; even farmhouse rug products are top-rated. Keep reading to find out more!

What Can Farmhouse Style Bring To Your House?

Farmhouse Living Room

In easy explaining, the farmhouse style is simplicity, not using sophisticated decorations. It will be like the rustic and casual style from the farmhouses to make it easy to imagine. And everything uses natural materials.

If you value elegance and simplicity, a farmhouse is the best style for your home. Because the farmhouse style is basic, you won’t have to spend a lot of time selecting or mixing items to make it look classy and colorful. This style favors neutral and warm colors, resulting in a cozy beauty for your home. So, with just a few simple items, it doesn’t even matter if they’re a little worn, as this is typical of the farmhouse style, you’ll have a perfect look for your home.

Farmhouse style is characterized by simplicity and nostalgia. So, it will make your home look old. You have a lot of options because this trend is a perfect blend of classic and modern. Furthermore, the trend artistry to make the space as modern as today’s generation.

Farmhouse Rug - The Best Collection In 2022

Rugs are an essential decoration for rooms, especially living rooms and bedrooms. A carpet placed in the center position will be the dominant color array that determines the color and style for the overall space.

With a farmhouse style, let’s look at the following suggestions to choose the best rug for you.

Farmhouse Wool Rugs

Wool is a pretty popular rug material because of its beauty and is suitable for all types of styles, including farmhouse style. The carpet is soft and thick, ideal for a farmhouse living room or bedroom space.

Aside from its capacity to produce a variety of beauty, the wool rug is also easy to clean and less stained, so you can be entirely confident while using it, especially if you have children at home.

Polyester Rugs

There is a lot of traffic in the kitchen area and the hallway. As a result, if you want to decorate with flooring, you should choose one that is durable, thick, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. It is challenging because not all area rugs can perform these functions.

Polyester carpets are your savior. It is a material that is highly durable and stain-resistant. Polyester rugs are appropriate for high-traffic areas such as walkways, corridors, and so on. Furthermore, they are easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and have an anti-slip back.

Nylon Rugs

Although made of nylon fiber, nylon carpet still has a certain softness, like a natural fur rug. The cost of this carpet is quite affordable. Nylon fibers are hypoallergenic and completely safe for children.

The carpet has fluffy and soft. Therefore, it is very suitable for decorating the bedroom or living room, especially in the cold season. The product will be the ideal choice if you are aiming for a farmhouse style because its classic and modern beauty will bring warmth to the room, true to the typical spirit of the farmhouse style.

Seagrass Rugs

It can be said that seagrass material preserves the spirit of the farmhouse style. Seagrass is a natural material, and any product made from it has a rustic and simple beauty. Of course, a seagrass carpet is no exception; it will be an ideal product for those looking for a greener lifestyle.

The product adds a rustic and cozy charm to the room because of its high absorbency and anti-fouling properties, which you can use in any house room. Use them as a doormat or a door cover.

Practical Hand-Woven Rug

Combining both farmhouse styles and modern beauty is an excellent concept. This item will give your farmhouse porch a distinctive look.

This product will ultimately persuade you. It has stunning colors and textures. Also, the eye-catching hues will make your vehicle shine.

Choose this product to enjoy the new appearance of your house.

Neutral Round Area Rug

Are you looking for a fantastic farmhouse rug product? This item is the ideal choice that you are looking for. Striking colors and farmhouse-themed images will leave you satisfied.

A round shape will make the depth and eye-catching look for your area. This handmade item is made from recycled material, which is very Eco-friendly with a shallow carbon footprint.

In addition, this boho farmhouse decor is ideal as an accent rug, allowing all concepts to match the surrounding area.

Hand-Braided Area Rug

If you are looking for a new decoration for your room, this product is the perfect choice for you. The impressive hand-braided and natural material is a great combination. The product shows modern and farmhouse spirit.

There is nothing better than decorating your space with a rug that adds a fashionable look to any area without worrying about damage from high traffic. The product will be a great gift that will satisfy even the most demanding people. Try and feel the product quality.

Tips To Pick The Best Rug For Your House

Where To Place The Rug

You need to determine the location of the carpet before whatever you do with it, which is very important to decide on the following factors such as material, color, and size.

For example, you can freely choose materials such as cotton, wool, and bright colors for the living room and bedroom to make the room cozy. And if you want to put carpets in places where there is a lot of traffic, it is better to choose materials that are absorbent and resistant to stains, and their color should be dark colors.


A rug doesn’t come cheap, especially for the designer and high-quality rugs. So, to avoid wasting money on unsuitable products, you need to consider the material and your needs.

Wool is the most common material. Although buyers pay a premium for a wool rug, they don’t hesitate at all. You get what you paid for. The effects it brings will not let you down. It has a modern and classic look. Besides, it is soft and durable, suitable for living room and bedroom space.

For places with a lot of traffic, you can choose a seagrass rug. Seagrass is a rigid, durable material that gives it a classic look. This type of material is anti-fouling. It would be great to place it in the hallway or aisle.

Size Of The Rug

Each rug is a different size. An essential piece of advice for you is that the carpet needs to cover all the object’s edges above it. It can be a table or sofa. 

Do not choose a rug that is too small or too large. It’s best to take accurate measurements between areas of your home to select the most suitable mattress size.

How To Decorate Your House In Farmhouse Style?


If you are still confused about the farmhouse style, let me show you a few simple tips to make your space bold with this style.

First, you have to think about neutral colors. The farmhouse style is characterized by leaning towards neutral, warm colors to create a classic and warm look. You should limit the colors that are too prominent because they will lose the simplicity and nostalgia for the space. If you want to add a bit of a modern atmosphere, you can consider gentle pastel colors.

Second, make use of old items. The style of the countryside and farm likes to bring beauty from the old. So if possible, take advantage of old items around you to create a new beauty. For example, when you buy a new flowerpot, you can use vases from rattan baskets, bamboo baskets, etc., to create a classic look for the room or sew a tablecloth from old fabrics.

In the end, the antique stores will be better. You can save more money and find lots of cool things by visiting an antique store. Old items such as picture frames or an old set of teapots will be essential accents. It is tough to find in furniture stores or expensive malls.


Farmhouse rugs make your house more vintage and also modern. So it would be great if you could pick a good one for you. I hope that this post will be helpful for you in choosing a rug to beautify your house. Let’s take a new look at your home from today.

Thanks for reading!

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