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Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas For A Rustic ‘October Look’ On Your House


Autumn, or Fall, is the time when we think about nature’s unforgettable color-changing moment. When the leaves turn from green to yellow, creating an incredible scene, and when the leaves fall, the scenery looks like the carpets of yellow leaves that stretch along the roads. The magic of nature always amazes and enchants us. To harmony with the atmosphere of autumn, warm up your homes by decorating them with warm fall colors. Let’s see what’s new for your house with our farmhouse fall decor collection.

Farmhouse Fall Signs

Signs are one of the most popular decorative items in home decor. People love their beauty and varied designs. Besides, signs are usually straightforward to use and install.

With the autumn and farmhouse styled decor, try the following Farmhouse Fall Signs to refresh your home.

Fall season is here! So let’s make your front entrance a little less boring. This Hanging Metal Sign is an excellent pick for an autumn mood.

What does the image of the car with the pumpkins remind you of? Shh, Halloween is coming soon!

Let us enjoy the fall ambiance with its brilliant orange colors and gorgeous sunflowers. The Garden Metal Sign rustic and elegant charm will captivate you.

Pumpkins are also excellent choices for the forthcoming Halloween season. Have you made any pumpkin lanterns or candy for the carnival? Your kids are excited.

Pay close attention to the melody of autumn knocking on your door. With a note from the fall symphony, you may add a distinctive touch to your house. If you’re a fan of rustic design, you can’t miss out on this fantastic Hanging Metal Sign Note.

A durable metal substance guarantees that the product will retain its attractiveness for many years. People may display products in a variety of settings and layouts. Get it right away.

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More Options:

Jesus Door Sign Fall
Jesus Door Wooden Sign Fall
Happy Camp-o-ween Wooden Door Sign
Happy Camp Wooden Door Sign
Leprechaun Wooden Door Sign
Leprechaun Wooden Door Sign
Labrador Retriever Wooden Sign
Labrador Retriever Wooden Sign

Fall Farmhouse Door Cover

The house’s front door will make the first impression on the guests who visit the house. Therefore, creating an impressive appearance for it is not an excessive task. Let’s surprise everyone with our collection of Front Door Fall Decor

Don’t be worried. The gnomes are lovely friends. The Happy Fall Y’all Door Cover has images and colors typical of October, such as falling yellow leaves or orange, yellow, and red patches that are connected to make a stunning picture.

Not only should other areas of the house be covered in a new wrap, but you should also wrap your front door in outfits to match the entire house. If you are looking for fall-themed door covers, this product deserves to be in your shopping cart. This change is a big adjustment for the house.

Have you made any preparations for the upcoming Thanksgiving? Because this is a special occasion for everyone to get together, you should make your house looks attractive and bright. A new door cover printed with “Happy Thanksgiving” is a delightful greeting!

In addition, the door cover depicts symbols associated with Thanksgiving, such as a turkey and a pumpkin. Its warm tones remind of the autumnal environment, will give your home an appearance that is both traditional and rustic. 

It is believed that spirits and devils will return on Halloween night. With a spooky door cover, you may join the frightening ambiance of the year’s most awaited carnival.

When combined Halloween Door Cover with the other featured decorations, you’ll have an outstanding miniature for your Halloween party. In particular, the product is highly perfect with the color tones of autumn and the Halloween season. Can’t wait for the Halloween party!

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Fall Farmhouse House Flag

America is known as the land of flags, so that it would be remiss without the decorative flags. Americans love to beautify their home with impressive flags, especially for different seasons or special occasions. The flags, which are great for farmhouse front door decor also have various colors and themes.

Let’s see what you’ll get in the Fall Farmhouse Flag collection.

This flag encapsulates a complete fall: pumpkins represent Halloween, and the forests have turned yellow, representing warm autumn. This Fall Flag Smell Like Fall  unquestionably the ideal decorating flag you’ve been looking for.

The American flag is a famous and beloved decor. Flying flags on important occasions demonstrates that they are always prepared to greet the holidays and festive seasons. Are you ready for fantastic autumn?

Try this one if you want your flag to be decorated in an acute and youthful style. It still has the typical images and colors of autumn, but its highlight is the lovely bubble font. So it will bring a different style to your home.

You can combine the flag with other decorations to create the perfect whole. Fabulous autumn is waiting for you.

If you are looking for a flag for religious people but still have to carry the autumn concept, here is a suggestion for you. The motif of the flag remains the same image and color by the spirit of autumn, and its highlight is the cross.

This Fall Flag Fall For Jesus will be a memorable and meaningful gift for those who follow religion and have faith in God.

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More Options:

Autumn Dancing In The Breeze
Autumn Dancing In The Breeze
Halloween Truck Flag Jesus Take The Wheel
Halloween Truck Flag Jesus
Jesus Flag Fall For Jesus
Jesus Flag Fall For Jesus
Thanksgiving A Christian Holiday Flagwix™ Fall
Thanksgiving A Holiday Fall

Fall Farmhouse Garden Flag

The garden is where you create the colors of nature. It is also the part that contributes to the beauty of the whole house, so don’t forget them. Brighten your garden in the fall with vibrant garden flags. Indeed after making up the garden space, you will have a great place to relax.

What do you think of our collection of Fall Farmhouse Garden Flag?

The garden is a space for you to arrange and decorate freely. Why don’t you try to unleash your creativity and create a wonderful space for your home? Garden flags will be the first steps to beautify your home.

Fall is just around the corner, so this flag will perfectly match autumn’s classic and warm style. One or more flags in the yard will create an incredibly festive atmosphere. Try and transform your yard today.

Many people like the feeling of horror because it stimulates suspense and curiosity. Scary things always have the attraction of a mystery. That is why Halloween is so expected and welcomed.

Have you ever seen a witch riding a horse? The image on this garden flag will be a unique mark on Halloween. Let’s decorate your house in a spooky style.

The fall season is a special day to try something new for your house. You can live up to the holiday spirit by giving your garden a new look with a garden flag.

The product is an excellent design for the fall concept. The water-resistant design and inclement weather-resistant materials are ideal for beautifying your house. 

Unique Colors In Fall

fall leaves
Cre: gardeningknowhow.com

In the United States, Autumn is often called Fall, as fall leaves season. The colors of autumn also become abundant, bringing warm colors. Autumn colors – the color of great romance,  with a bit of sadness, have inspired many artworks, including fashion and interior. If you are confused about what colors to choose to match the fall, let us help you.

Red Color

Some leaves in the fall will take on a prominent red color. Depending on the tree species, when the leaves fall, they will take on different red colors, creating a fantastic scene. Therefore, red is also one of the colors that symbolize fall.

Sugar maples and maple trees will turn red when the fall comes. 

Brown Color

In the fall, for the trees to survive the cold of winter, the leaves will gradually turn from green to brown and then fall off to keep the nutrients the plant needs. That’s why we can admire the beautiful brown color when autumn sets in. 

Some trees with brown leaves in the fall are Oaks, hornbeams, and Beech trees. 

Yellow Color

Unlike brown, which is a bit sad, yellow offers a brighter and more vibrant color palette in fall. Each tree species has a different yellow color, so yellow tones are incredibly suitable for autumn.

Some plants that take on a yellow hue in the fall are black cherry, witch hazel, chestnut, mountain ash, black walnut, etc.

Orange Color

It can be said that orange is the typical color of autumn. Because many species of trees change their leaves to orange, creating an impressively brilliant scene. That’s why when it comes to the primary color of autumn, people often think of orange.

Sugar maple, Japanese maple, and red maple will bring brilliant orange shades to enhance the beauty of the fall. 

Other Popular Decorations In Fall

Fall Door Wreath

Door Round for Fall
Door Round for Fall
Farmhouse Fall Wreath Decoration
Farmhouse Fall Wreath Decoration

Fall Farmhouse Styled Wall Hanging

Fall Décor for Any Room
Fall Décor for Any Room
Autumn; colorful handmade woven fabrics
Autumn; colorful handmade woven fabrics

DIY Craft Decor

Unfinished DIY Wood Kit
Unfinished DIY Wood Kit
Blank Unfinished Fall Thanksgiving
Blank Unfinished Fall Thanksgiving

Special Festivals And Holidays In America

In the fall, Americans often celebrate many special holidays and festivals. It would be great if you could visit America in the fall and enjoy the joyful festivals here. Let me tell you which fall festivals that you can’t miss in the America.

Cranberry Fest

cranberry fest

You have an invitation to Cranberry Fest in America! 

Time: September

One of the most significant Cranberry events globally is held every year in the United States. When joining this festival, you can enjoy the best cranberries and delicious foods from this fruit. 

The festival also features parades and special music performances.

Apple Fest

apple fest

Time: October 

The Apple Festival, also known as the National Apple Harvest Festival, is held in Pennsylvania, USA. On this day, locals and visitors alike will enjoy the best varieties of apples. 

Besides, the festival also features live music and countless other delicacies from the premium apple varieties they harvest.



Time: 31st October 

We’re no stranger to Halloween, right? Halloween, also known as masquerade, is held on October 31 every year. There is a belief that, on this day, spirits and demons will return, so people will dress up in scary shapes so as not to be disturbed by demons.

Nowadays, Halloween is a monumental carnival enjoyed by many countries worldwide. This occasion is a chance that people are often excited to decorate their homes and have horror-themed parties. The iconic symbols of Halloween Day are pumpkin lanterns, witches, and other scary images. Children will go around saying “Trick or Treat” and asking for candy. It’s better to prepare some candy for them!



Time: November 

It is an office worker’s holiday under the United States and Canada laws. Thanksgiving day means that people always appreciate and thank God for giving them a bountiful harvest and making their lives complete.

At Thanksgiving, Americans often spend time with family. They will organize hearty meals, with the signature dish of turkey and potatoes.


Autumn brings the beauty of romance and classicism. So it will inspire you a lot if you are planning new ideas for your home. Therefore, the farmhouse fall decor items will contribute to the beauty and help you have more decoration ideas for more decorative products with hundreds of other unique designs and affordable. 

Make sure to follow Blog Flagwix daily post for more helpful decor tips and flag guidelines. Thanks for reading!

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