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Delightful Family Tree Wall Decor That Creates An Amazing Look In Your Area


When using images of trees to decorate our homes, we often think of natural, classic, and petite nostalgic styles. However, people can still transform the idea of green trees into more creative and innovative approaches to add luxurious and sophisticated beauty to the home. Take a look at some of this year’s most popular family tree wall decor. It’s shopping Time!

Family Tree Wall Decor - Wood Tree Wall Hanging For House

Wood is always the primary material in rustic and elegant family wall decor designs. It is well-known not only for its traditional and charming appearance but also for its long-lasting quality. As a result, interior designers are willing to spend a lot of money on high-quality wood goods for their homes. 

It is a wise investment for a lovely and high-quality product. And with Wood Family Tree Wall Hanging is no exception. Let’s pick yours.


 Wood Family Tree Photo Frame

An amazing goods that perfect for Christmas Wall decoration.


Tree of life wood wall art

A vibrant symbol of  the beauty shines even in the dark.


Wooden Tree Of Life

The tree symbolizes hope and faith in our life. We all believe in good things in life.

Iron Tree Wall Decor

If you add a few metal decorative items to your home, you will notice that it takes on a whole new look. People can find many different designs on metal accessories. They are also lightweight and durable since external pressures do not easily damage them. If you are looking for something new for your home, then Iron Tree Wall Decor is the peak choice.


Metal Tree Wall Sign

This item is exactly what we expected. A beautiful decor on the wall.


Metal Flowers Art 

Flowers gives your house a new look with vintage but luxury appearance.


Tree of life metal wall art

This item is ideal for people who really into natural beauty. A perfect item for farmhouse wall decorating.

Customized Family Tree

Do you still try to find something unique amongst the various home décor items available? Then it would help if you attempted to create them on your own. The ideal products are those that reflect your taste and creativity. You can customize the Customized Family Tree below to create an entirely new product for you. Let’s go exploring!


Custom Pictures Art

Bring memorize photos of your belove people in wall decoration.


Custom Family Tree Framed

Looking at photos of your family members is a happiness.


Photo Family Tree

Use your photos to create a meaningful Christmas gifts for your family members.

Family Tree Picture Frame

Although people now tend to store photos on modern mobile devices, photo frames never go behind the time. The photos are placed in cute picture frames and placed in eye-catching places in the house to help you see them day by day. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to look at images of ourselves and our loved ones every day? Let’s have a look at the lovely Family Tree Picture Frame to see how it may help you tell the story of your photos.


Personalized Wood Family

A perfect meaningful gift photos for parents.


 Family Tree Photo Frame

Here is the top choice for you to pick a special gifts for your family members.


Photo Christmas gifts

The vintage style of this frame will capture your heart. Pick this gift now!

How To Display Your Tree Family Decor On The Wall?

Numbers Of The Family Tree Pictures

OK, I know that you have various nice pictures to display. However, you can’t get them all into one wall. That does not make the space more beautiful, but on the contrary, it will make the whole look messy and messy. 

Therefore, you need to know the space and consider the number of photos decorations. You can decorate the murals in even numbers, in groups of 4 or 3 in a row.

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Where To Put?

drawing family tree

Each space is like a blank space for you to unleash your creativity. If your home has a fireplace, remember that it is the focal point of the whole room. So choose for it a gorgeous tree family decoration.

With a small space such as a stair landing or a window, you should choose small photos and decoration items with bright colors to highlight that space.

With more space, you can divide pictures or decorations into small groups. Or you can decide on a concept for the whole space and choose decorations as details to accentuate the style or concept.

The Matter Of Size

About size, in decorating your home space, there is a rule that you should remember, which is: The work that placed above the furniture must not be wider than the width of the furniture, and the artwork should be about 50-75% of the width of the furniture.

Some Tips For You

  • It would help if you had a wall idea and a layout for your wall. Decide on the style and decoration of it first. You can sketch out the layout on paper.
  • You don’t have to put the decorations in a straight line or symmetrical with each other. You can completely break the rules to place them in different high and low positions, as long as they create balance for the house.
  • Decorations should also be placed at eye sight so that you and your guests can fully enjoy the work. Take the dining room as an example. When you’re sitting and eating, you don’t want to have to raise your neck too high to see the pictures on the wall. So don’t put the decorations too high or too low, or even too many decorations.

Hang Them And Enjoy

After deciding on the layout and location to hang the decorations, turn them into a work of yours. You will need a few tools to hang them up. You need to drill holes and hang them up for brick walls. If you can’t drill into the wall, don’t worry, the hangers will come in handy. A few hangers you may need: Mission completed! Now enjoy your work!

DIY Tree Family Wall Decor Ideas

DIY family tree wall decor
Cre: kidsandcraft.com

Human creativity is limitless. so you can completely create your own handmade family tree for decoration. Take advantage of the items available around you and embark on a cute project. Let’s get started!

Let's Get It

You will need to prepare a few things before you do. Come up with ideas and sketch them out on paper. You may need:
– Craft items such as scissors, glue, colored paper, paint colors, …
– Cardboard cover
It’s as simple as that, now you can get started. Here are some great ideas that might help you.

Chalk Board Tree Family
Cre: Pinterest
Chalk Board Tree Family

A blackboard with chalk drawings. Then, attach pictures and write the family members’ names on top. With just a few simple steps, you have a beautiful family tree picture to decorate!

Cre: visit-philippines.fr
Family Tree Shadow Box

From simple materials, you can create a unique and beautiful gift. Your grandparents or parents will be delighted to receive this box which has the genealogy picture in it. Pick the best family photos and get ready to work.

Thumbprint Family Tree
Cre: diyrecipesandmore.com
Thumbprint Family Tree

Do you want to do something meaningful with your children? Try teaching them to draw a genealogy picture with fingerprints. This will be an interesting and impressive art exercise. You can keep your children’s work to decorate and mark their growth day by day.

Bottle Caps Tree Family
Cre: Pinterest
Bottle Caps Tree Family

A new game that you can create with your children. Do not rush to throw away the bottle caps. Instead, collect them and keep them to make toys and decorations, like this a genealogy picture made from bottle caps. Don’t they look very eye-catching?

Fabric Family Tree
Fabric Family Tree

If you enjoy playing with needles and thread, try creating fabric decorations: sew a blanket with a a genealogy picture, wall art or handkerchief, and more. Those will be unique and beautiful gifts.


The unadorned walls are like blank pages. Beautifying the walls with family tree wall decor makes the space more colorful and helps you show your style and creativity. I hope this article will be helpful to you and give you more decorating ideas for your home. Make sure to check our daily posts at Blog Flagwix to get some amazing tips for your home decor journey! Thanks for reading.

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