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Butterfly Wall Decor – A Fairy Touch To Homes


Check out the butterfly wall decor ideas below if you’re looking for a way to make your home look like a fairy nest. The presence of butterflies in the house enhances the aesthetic value of the space and has a symbolic value.

The transformation of a cocoon into a butterfly represents new beginnings, opportunities, and a positive renewal. We always swoon at their beauty. The variety of colors and patterns on the butterfly’s wings also reminds us of each creature’s individuality born into this world.

Now, let’s return to our main topic today, wall decor— and see what butterfly decorations might pique your interest!

Butterfly Wall Decor For Your House

3d butterfly wall decor

12 Pack 3D Butterfly Wall Decals Stickers – Purple Collection

Let’s start from here. The simplest way to create an art piece for any corner is to use 3D butterfly stickers. You can use them to decorate the garden walls. Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to draw real butterflies in close and create a lovely garden scene on a spring day.

Butterfly Hanging Metal Sign

Metal Butterfly Wall Art 

A yellow metal butterfly hanging sign for simple interior spaces will be a great highlight. This is undoubtedly the decor that every Christian would want in their house, so you can give them as a holiday present or hang it on your house wall to praise the Lord.

gold Butterfly Wall Sculpture

Gold Butterfly Wall Sculpture

This iron handcrafted golden butterfly decor can be hung vertically or horizontally. This item is delicately handcrafted in gold and will serve as a focal point for any wall space. Winter has arrived; if you have a fireplace, place the sculpture above it and witness the magic.

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Butterfly In Bloom Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Butterfly In Bloom Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art Prints

No matter what theme, canvas art can perfectly show beauty and content. And with this black and white design, the artwork can match any house space. Especially if you’re going minimalist but still want an attractive focal point in the room, look no further away from this butterfly canvas art.

Hand Painted Butterfly Oil Painting On Canvas

Hand Painted Butterfly Oil Painting On Canvas

This painting is hand-painted with oil paint and will add calm and art to any room. The painting’s neutral color scheme is blue and beige, with a few orange streaks on the butterfly’s wings. You can make it a housewarming gift for friends who love raw art for an affordable but not too cheap price tag.

Extra Large Wall Art Butterfly

Extra Large Blue Butterfly Glass Wall Art 

If you need a nice decoration for your living room or bedroom, why don’t you try this extra-large blue butterfly glass wall art? It is designed by experienced craftsmen who are both creative and practical. They are very good at using the most suitable materials to create top-quality artistic products.

The primary material is high-quality glass, which is tough and delicate at the same time. Also, it has 4 hooks installed on the back, so, is ready to hang.

Pink Suncatcher Monarch Butterfly Flower Stained Glass Wall Hanging

Pink Suncatcher Monarch Butterfly Flower Stained Glass Wall Hanging

Are you looking for a way to cheer up any room in your house? Professional designers designed these beautiful glass suncatchers and made from high-quality stained glass. They are hand-crafted and feature detailed craftsmanship that will make a statement in any room.

Display them anywhere in the home, including the study room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. They can also be given as a gift or used to decorate a store or restaurant. It will be an instant conversation starter wherever you decide to hang it!

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Watercolor colorful butterflies Wall Decal

Watercolor colorful butterflies Wall Decal

If you want to add a dash of color and life to your living space, then this decal is what you need. This wall decal is easy to apply, has a beautiful design, and comes in various colors. It can transform an ordinary room into something beautiful with just one touch.

Butterfly wall clock

Butterfly Wood Wall Clock

This butterfly wooden wall clock would make an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. It will also be a beautiful piece of art and a great decoration for your home no matter where you place it. This decor, with its elegant design, can make your life more wonderful and beautiful. 
It is made of high-quality materials, which ensures that this wall clock will last for a long time. This means that the butterfly wood wall clock will not lose its shape over time.

Vintage Homco ceramic butterflies

Vintage Homco Ceramic Butterflies

If you are looking for something unique, original, and incredibly beautiful that will stand out in any setting, then this vintage ceramic butterfly wall decor is a perfect choice!

This piece is hand-painted and hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail. It is made of sturdy ceramic clay, which means it is very durable and will last for a long period of time. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy this decorative piece for years to come!

Vintage Butterfly Print

Vintage Adolphe Millot Butterfly Print 

If you’re looking for a new piece of wall art to add that little something extra to your decor, consider this Adolphe Millot Butterfly Wall Art Print. Featuring vintage graphics and styled in a glam, butterfly-inspired motif, it’s the perfect way to add a dose of classic style to any room. Frames aren’t included.

gold butterfly wall decor

12 Piece Gold Butterfly Wall Decor Set

This gold butterfly wall decor set of 12 pieces is made of premium sticker decals, making it look sturdy in some ways. It can be used on any occasion and bring you much fun. With this gold butterfly wall decor set of 12 pieces, your room will look glamorous, elegant, and graceful. Now you can add luxury to your home by getting this stunning yet affordable butterfly wall decor!

Ethical Butterfly Specimens Mounted Under Glass in a Wall Hanging Frame

Glass Framed Butterflies 

This Glass Frame Butterfly Wall Art is a beautiful, top-quality art piece that will add a cheerful and artistic touch to any room. The elegant frame is designed by experts who have created the artwork focusing on detail. Many colorful butterflies make up the art piece, making it appealing and attention-grabbing for your guests.

Faith Butterfly Wooden Sign

Faith Butterfly Wooden Sign

If you’re a Christian or just like the butterfly design, this is the sign for you. This Christian faith butterfly wall sign is exquisitely crafted. It is handcrafted and made of high-quality wood, making it an ideal addition to any home or office. It’s also a great gift for someone you care about or a special treat for yourself.

There are many colors of this item to choose from, arranging from black, purple, pink, yellow, blue.

Pelzer Metallic Butterfly Accent Mirror

Pelzer Metallic Butterfly Accent Mirror

The butterflies and metallic accents on this mirror make it fit right into any room, but it especially looks great in a girl’s room. It is a perfect piece for girls that love butterflies and metallic accents. This mirror will look great on the wall above a dresser, vanity or table.

I think that this would be a really lovely gift for your daughter’s birthday or any special occasion. It would also be a great way to decorate her room.

Where Is Perfect to Put Up Your Butterfly Wall Decor

butterfly wall decor above a sofa in the living room
Source: Pinterest

#1. Above A Sofa or Couch in the Living Room

If you have a living room with a sofa and a tall wall, you should consider putting up butterfly wall decor. A butterfly is much more than an insect. It represents freedom and change, which are important not only for humans but also for insects. Butterfly wall art is ideal for any room with a sofa because butterflies also represent rest and relaxation.

This decor type is available in a variety of materials, including metal, wood, plastic, and glass. So, choose your preferred material based on the type of decor you already have in your living room.

butterfly wall pictures over a desk in the bedroom
Source: PaszkowskiPaper from Etsy

#2. Over a Desk in the Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom is all about creating a place of relaxation and comfort. It can be done by adding the right features to the room. However, one of the essential features to add to your bedroom is butterfly decorations over the desk.

Simply put, butterfly wall decor over a desk in the bedroom is an excellent option for those who want to add a sense of style and originality to their private space. Decorative butterflies over a desk also have an elegant look, and it will make your area more attractive and appealing.

Metal Butterfly Wall Decor
Source: PSW Wall Decor from Amazon

#3. Outdoors

Butterflies are beautiful creatures often associated with summer, warmth, and happiness. They are also a symbol of freedom, hope, and resurrection. So it makes sense to place butterfly decor outdoors!

Butterfly wall decor is easy to find online or in your local craft stores. You can hang them from trees using string, or you can mount them on your walls. The more outside space you have, the more you will enjoy your butterfly wall decor. Hang them in your garden for all to see, and enjoy the summer breeze!

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The Meaning of Butterfly from Feng Shui Aspect

The butterfly is a symbol of change, personal transformation, freedom, and metamorphosis. This winged insect is also a symbol of summer and warmth. A butterfly fluttering through your home can promote positive energy and allow you to enjoy new opportunities. For many experts in Feng Shui, butterflies also have the ability to invite love into your life. So, butterfly decorations should be perfect for those:

  • Suffering from depression or mental breakdown
  • In need of a new romantic relationship
  • Seeking job opportunities or spiritual guidance

For those who don’t know what Feng Shui is. This term indicates a Chinese philosophy of harmonizing people with their surrounding environment. It ensures that one’s house or office is properly arranged for the best possible growth and success. Feng Shui is based on the belief that our lives are influenced by the flow of energy, called Chi.

butterfly perched on flower branch
Cre: Gary Bendig


Butterfly wall decor is a great way to add a fairy touch to your home. The butterfly wall art gives you a soothing effect and also can be used as an inspiration source for you whenever you feel low in mood. And it’s best to choose the right kinds of butterflies decor that match the other accessories of your room.

Above are the ideas on adding a fairy touch to your home with butterfly wall decor. We hope they would be helpful for anyone. Happy decorating the walls, you guys!

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