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What Does The Easter Bunny Have To Do With Jesus?


What does the Easter Bunny have to do with Jesus Christ? This question has confronted many debates over the past years, so let’s find out the right answer in this post.

Easter, which takes place in mid-April every year, is a popular festival throughout Western countries. This holiday has been known through traditional symbols such as the easter bunny and multicolored eggs, while it is also firmly attached to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

So, do bunnies and eggs have anything to do with Christianity? 

No, nothing at all. 

Read on for the explanation. 

First, What Does Easter Originate from?

the resurrection of Jesus Christ
The cave where Jesus rose from the dead. Source: Photostock

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

We all know that at Easter, people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

According to the Bible, after finishing the last meal, Jesus was betrayed by Judas and handed over to the Jewish High Priests. These people harmed Jesus and forced Governor Pilate to kill him immediately.

As a result, Jesus was forced to wear a crown of thorns on his head, carry the cross on his shoulders, and climb the Golgotha hill in extreme pain. Finally, they hung Him up and nailed Him to that cross.

After his death, Jesus was buried in a cave with the strict guard of soldiers. 

Three days later on Sunday, it was discovered that the door of the tomb had been moved and no one could find the body of Christ. Only the shroud was still there.

At that moment, Jesus immediately appeared, said that He had risen, and sent them to preach the good news.

Since then, Easter has confirmed the faith in Christianity that Jesus died and rose again. He will bless those who live honestly and sincerely repent to return to Him in heaven.

Easter Bunny Origin

easter bunny
The Easter bunny origin. Source: Photostock

Why is bunny associated with Easter?

This is a completely different story because it involves pagan beliefs in ancient cultures.

The story of the spring goddess Ēostre — the origin of the name Easter is an explanation for this symbol. 

Legend has it that in one regret for bringing the Spring Equinox late, Ēostre accidentally saw a bird dying because the snow covered its wings.

Sadly, instead of the bird that could no longer fly, the goddess allowed it to become a beautiful rabbit with the ability to run fast to avoid enemies. Even so, the goddess retained its inherent fertility — laying eggs.

However, in one mistake, the rabbit angered Ēostre. It then was transformed into the constellation Lepus and was only allowed to come down to earth once a year to give Easter eggs to good children.

In short, the rabbit is associated with more than just the goddess of spring, who represents the rebirth of a year. Because of its excellent ability to give birth, it also represents fertility

So, every year from mid-March to mid-April — around the time spring begins in the northern hemisphere, rabbits and eggs appear.

In a Nutshell, What is Easter All About?

What Does The Easter Bunny Have To Do With Jesus? — So now you’ve already known the answer to this question. But finally, what is the holiday all about??

If you’re a pagan, your only chance to celebrate Easter is to believe in the spring god who brought bunnies that lay eggs.

However, that does not mean that Christians cannot celebrate Easter that way.

Although the rabbit and the easter egg are not biblical, they are pure images that can easily involve children in the meaning of the resurrection of Jesus.

In my opinion, the Easter holiday shouldn’t be limited to just one of the two stories above. Both have positive meanings and convey educational messages for people to aim for good. 

That is what Easter should be all about!

As a result, if you plan to decorate your home this Easter, combine rabbits, eggs, and crosses to create an atmosphere full of Easter colors and meanings.

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Thank you for reading!


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