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First Day of Spring 2022 and How To Celebrate Spring Equinox


We can almost feel the breath of spring on our fingertips in the middle of March. Another spring season brings with it a fresh start full of hope and joy. However, not everyone knows when the first day of Spring 2022 begins.

So, in this article, we’ll tell you how many days are left until Spring. We also explain what the Spring Equinox is, how it affects our lives, and how we can celebrate it.

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Spring is the perfect time for flowers and trees. Photo cre: borchee

When is The First Day of Spring 2022?

This year, the first day of Spring will fall on Sunday, March 20, at 11:33 A.M. EDT

In fact, the 1st day of Spring each year may not be the same but only moves between March 19 and March 21.

For example, in 2021 and 2022, the Spring starts on March 20. However, in 2019, it fell on March 21. Scientists have even predicted that the Spring of 2024 would start on March 19.

It is now widely accepted that the beginning of Spring is a period that begins on March 21 and ends around April 4 or 5 in the Gregorian calendar (according to East Asian time zones). Respectively, according to Western time zones, the season starts on 20 March. 

In addition, if the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the first day of Spring, the Southern Hemisphere marks the beginning of Autumn and vice versa. How cool it is!

What is the Spring Equinox, and How Does it Work?

Spring equinox, or vernal equinox, marks the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere by bringing the Sun closest to the equator and moving north.

In a nutshell, the first day of Spring is also when the Spring equinox appears. 

In Western science, the spring and autumn equinoxes are two special days of the year because day and night on Earth will be of equal length on these two days. This is due to the fact that the Earth’s orbit is not vertical but rather 23°4 inclined to the ecliptic plane.

Spring equinox lens flare sunrise on West Pine Drive
Spring equinox lens flare sunrise on West Pine Drive. Photo cre: Wiltser

Because of this tilt, we receive the most light from the Sun during the summer (long days and short nights) and the least during the winter (short days and long nights).

However, because the Sun will be perpendicular to the equator, it distributes light evenly to both hemispheres. That is what results in equal lengths of day and night, as we’ve just said. Furthermore, the Sun will also rise precisely in the East and set precisely in the West. 

What is the Weather like during Spring Equinox?

As we approach the March Equinox, the cold of winter has almost completely dissipated. Also, the weather will become warmer, with higher humidity and more rain

It helps create ideal conditions for plants and animals to develop. As a result, now is an excellent time to begin a new farming season. 

On the other hand, prolonged wet drizzles can create extremely uncomfortable humid conditions, possibly affecting daily activities.

What You Should Do To Celebrate Vernal Equinox

Because the Spring Equinox brings balance to all nature’s elements, it is regarded as the season of fertility. Thus, many countries in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate this season as a major festival. 

Easter is the most important holiday to mention. Although Easter Day is on April 17, most people celebrate it two to four weeks earlier.

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Besides Easter, what else can you do to celebrate Spring Equinox? Have a look at this list below:

  • Clean out your home’s nooks and crannies: Many people do not wait for spring to clean up their homes. However, if you can fix some of the broken furniture or remove the toughest stains, try your best! Spring is the first season of the year, so don’t let it appear that things “haven’t started yet.” Get up, spruce up your surroundings to prepare for a better year!
  • Plant more trees in your garden: Spring weather is ideal for making new “plant friends” in the garden. This is also an opportunity for you to be creative with many new flower varieties and one-of-a-kind garden decorations that only you can come up with. However, don’t forget that a cute Easter garden flag from Flagwix can add an accent to your little green yard! Learn what garden flags are.
  • Purify your living space: On the first day of spring 2022, burn a tuft of frankincense, hold it in your hand, and walk around inside your house. That is how you dispel negative energies remaining in your abode. In addition, combining the aroma of bass with the sound of wind chimes will speed up that process. Best of all, it even attracts positive energies from nature into your home thanks to its fragrance.
  • Go outside and enjoy yourself: Whether you have friends or are alone, enjoy the spring air to recharge your body with new energy. Just go outside, look at the trees, listen to the birds and feel the breeze. While not too fussy, they are all positive activities that you need to take the time to experience. Trust us — there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in the motions of nature!
  • Buy a new thing to celebrate a fresh start: This activity does not necessitate a significant investment at all. Come on — it’s not even Black Friday or pre-Christmas. So, on a Sunday morning, just buy whatever makes you happy. It could be a chocolate-covered donut, a bright Easter egg, a shirt, or a book. But if you’re interested in a pretty piece of decor to hang on your front door, check out our Easter signs!

Final Thoughts

Every beginning brings with it the hope of better things to come. Spring is just the same! It is the most anticipated season in some cultures, with warm weather, sunshine, and the proliferation of things.

Knowing when the first day of Spring begins in 2022 will help you prepare for such a special occasion. To remind you again, this year’s Spring Equinox will occur on March 20 and last until mid-April. During this time, engage in activities that will provide you with the most positive energy.

We wish you the best Spring ever. Thank you for reading!

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