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Welcome Garden Flag – The Open Arms To Your Visitors


Do you want to make your house stand out? Many people will select a brilliant paint color. Others will design their houses in a way that is separate from traditional houses. But suitable home décor is the key to making your house special. Have you ever tried to decorate your home with a welcome garden flag? Let’s find out more about it.

Welcome To My Home Proud Firefighter Family Flag
Welcome To My Home Proud Firefighter Family Flag
Welcome Peeps Easter Flag
Welcome Peeps Easter Flag
Christmas Cardinal Welcome Flag
Christmas Cardinal Welcome Flag

Reasons Why You Should Choose A Welcome Garden Flag?

Halloween Flag Decoration Welcome To Our House
Halloween Flag Decoration Welcome To Our House

An item with the words welcome on the door or entrance will make visitors feel welcomed. Furthermore, the term “Welcome” implies that everyone is welcome to visit here. So, it’s not just houses, shops, or businesses that will need such a Welcome flag. This message will make your place more popular with people.

 “Welcome” also means welcoming joy and luck to your home. What a meaningful message, isn’t it?

If you wonder what to choose for your friends and family, choosing a welcome decoration is a creative idea. As I said above, it means a lot, so I’m sure no one could turn down this wonderful gift. In particular, at the housewarming party, the Welcome flag will be an extremely delicate and meaningful gift.
While the Welcome message is short and straightforward, that does not make the item any less prominent. They come in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors. In addition, the flags have textures according to each prominent theme of the year, such as holidays, seasons, or different themes about nature, animals, flowers, etc. You will have many options to get yourself a welcome flag that is special and matches your house’s concept.

Welcome Garden Flags – Excellent De

More Prominent Welcome Decorative Items

Welcome signs at the entrance are a must-have at every celebration. These include flags, house and garden flag garden banners, door covers, etc. Here are some of the most common items used to welcome guests to events.

Personalized Metal Dog Welcome Sign Flagwix™ Dog Image Metal Sign Welcome To My Home
Personalized Metal Dog Welcome Sign Flagwix™ Dog Image Metal Sign Welcome To My Home
Deer. Welcome To The Man Cave Hanging Metal Sign
Deer. Welcome To The Man Cave Hanging Metal Sign
Door Signs Outdoor Welcome Signs For Front Door Custom Wooden Signs Anti Vaxxer
Door Signs Outdoor Welcome Signs For Front Door Custom Wooden Signs Anti Vaxxer

Welcome Feather Flags

This is a flag with a unique shape: the shape of a feather. People expect to put this creative and one-of-a-kind design item in rows at the gates to events, festivals, and churches. This creative item design is quite popular, so you can pick this for your house party. It will impress your participants.  You can find them at many souvenir stores. 

Personalized Welcome Flags

Shapes and colors for your personalized garden flag is unlimited. Feel free to make your artwork in any shape you want: triangles, rectangles, or even other item shapes that match the party’s theme. Color is also optional; there are no restrictions to follow; feel free to paint whatever colors you like on it.

Personalized Custom Camping Flag Flagwix™ Welcome To Our Camper Custom Flag
Personalized Custom Camping Flag Flagwix™ Welcome To Our Camper Custom Flag
Pit Bull Welcome Foolish Mortals Flag
Pit Bull Welcome Foolish Mortals Flag

Welcome banner

Banners are essential decorations for significant events or celebrations. Banners are often created from massive sheets of cloth, which are occasionally stretched over a metal frame. Additionally, huge plastic boards can be used to create banners. 

Banners frequently contain extra text, allowing participants to overview the event in which they are attending. The banner frequently displays the event’s name, time, and place. In addition, people will hang a welcome banner at a high position on the gate, with the content to welcome guests and delegates to the event.

Door cover

The door cover is also an exciting decoration for those who want to decorate their door. The door cover acts almost like curtains to cover the door, separating the space inside and outside the house. Door covers are usually made from fabric, and they are popular because of their aesthetics and low cost. One can use the door cover as a decoration for the house as well as the party.

Welcome Home Cardinal Christmas Door Cover
Welcome Home Cardinal Christmas Door Cover
Pig Welcome Door Cover
Pig Welcome Door Cover
Christmas Welcome Wooden Sign
Christmas Welcome Wooden Sign
Cardinal Welcome Wooden Sign
Cardinal Welcome Wooden Sign
Cardinal Christmas Welcome Wooden Sign
Cardinal Christmas Welcome Wooden Sign

Some Ideas To Decorate Your House With A Welcome Flags Garden Flags

When do people use welcome flags for their houses?

People often use welcome flag to decorate on many special occasions, celebrations, or parties, such as:

  • Wedding
  • Graduation 
  • The baby gender announcement ceremony
  • Birthday
  • Marriage anniversary
  • Holidays

For example, displaying a welcome Easter garden flag at your party will make it more colorful and fascinate the guests. Hence, they would know they are welcomed by the host and truly feel the party spirit in the middle of April. 

The place to put your flags

It would be best to put your flags at places where they will get more attention from everyone. You can put your decorative flag garden flag in the garden, which has a playground, and people enjoy party garden together. 

Or you can hang them on the door, which is a visible place where guests can see when visiting your home. You can place garden decorations in the yard right next to the path – a pretty eye-catching place for people to see your decoration, and you can impress them with colorful flags. 

If your product is giant, you should place them higher, maybe high on the wall in front of the house, or you can even bring them up on the roof, so your flag will be easy to see, and it will not obscure your house with its large size.

In This Salon We Welcome Guests Flag
In This Salon We Welcome Guests Flag
Welcome Christmas Flag
Welcome Christmas Flag

For house parties, choosing decoration items that match the concept of the house and the party is quite important. You can choose to buy additional banners and door covers to decorate with the flags. 

When you decorate a party at home, outdoor decor needs to have the main color tone as the decisive color. For example, at a wedding party, its primary color should be white, and other breeze decors with other colors must work to highlight the primary color. 

With the door cover of the wedding party, you should choose white to cover the entire door, the texture on which you can choose simple floral motifs, avoid choosing the type with too many disturbing textures. 

The welcome flag should also be white; the text on them can be the words Happy Wedding or the couple’s name is black to clearly show the two contrasting colors; put them along both sides of the entrance. With banners, you should only hang 1 to 3 large banners, on which you can choose the type with vibrant textures and colors to let participants know about the event.

Tips to choose a welcome flag

First, the primary concern must be the material. Since the Welcome flag is a flag to hang outside, choosing suitable material is very important. It would help if you chose flags made from nylon or polyester. Both fabrics have good mildew resistance, water resistance. 

So it would help if you chose flags made from polyester or nylon for your house. These materials are low-cost and recommended for outdoor flags, and suitable for hanging the flag 24/7.

Next, it’s about colors and themes. It would help if you chose flags with designs that are in sync with the concept of the house. For example, if your home has a vintage vibe, you should choose flags with soft, nostalgic textures and colors. 

On the contrary, colorful and fashionable flags will be a good choice if your house has a modern style. It would be best to choose flags that create accents for that space, meaning your flag should stand out. For example, if your garden has green leaves and red flowers, you cannot choose a red flag; it will cause your flag to be hidden.

Make A DIY Welcome Garden Flag

Another way to get a beautiful flag for your home is to make a DIY project. DIY items are an excellent choice for those who like creativity and originality.


First, you should gather some supplies before making your artwork. You will need:

  • Fabric: as I suggested above, you need to choose polyester or nylon fabric for your project. But in some cases, you can choose canvas or burlap. They are pretty good materials for handmade items.
  • Paint: You should pick acrylic paint or latex paint
  • Sewing machine

Step 1: Design

After collecting all the necessary things, you need to choose a design for your flag. To find more ideas for decorating, you can search for ideas on Pinterest. Or you can choose your favorite textures like your favorite flower, your favorite animal, or even your favorite cartoon character if you are a good painter. However, a welcome flag, simple textures, and focus on color will be the preferred choice. Pay attention to arranging the layout between the image and the text to be reasonable.

You also need to consider the size of the flag. Measure the parameters carefully; for example, measure the position where you will hang the item. Then measure and cut the fabric to the exact size you want. You will also need a sewing machine or needle and thread to sew the corners and sides. It will be better if your product is double-sided. Don’t forget to leave some space on top to attach it to the flagpole.

Step 2: Make up your flag

If you’re not good at drawing, let the machine do it for you. You can design your artwork on your computer, then save the design file and connect it to the Cricut machine. Set the parameters for the machine and let the machine cut the parts out for you. Your next job is to attach the flags feature to the fabric. Another way is to print the image directly on fabric or thermal transfer paper, which will save more time.

If you are a professional painter, then this step will be the place for you to shine. Let’s put the images and colors according to your creativity. Give it some time to dry completely. Don’t forget to apply a top coat after finishing the work to keep the paint more durable and not patchy.

Now your product has been finished and ready to fly.

Choose The Right Flagstands - Target Pole

The final step in yard decor with flags is to choose a suitable flag stand or flag pole to hang it on. You can find this item at any craft store.

First, you should choose the material of the pole. It is best if your item is made of aluminum or galvanized pipe. These are durable materials that can withstand the load of the flag and the wind.

Next, you should care about the size. The pole size must match the size of the flag; you can refer to the following parameter.

Flag pole size

Flag size





6′ x 10″

8′ x 12″

15′ x 25′

30′ x 50′


In short, the decoration is unlimited because it depends on the creativity and preferences of each person. Selecting materials and welcome garden flags to make the house more beautiful will make you love your home and connect the members. I hope that these suggestions above will be helpful for you in decorating your home from garden to lawn.

Thanks for reading!

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You can make a design template on paper or cardboard before making your flag. Then you can cut out the fabric with scissors or a cutting machine. After that, use a sewing machine to sew around the edges and sides of the flag. Finally, decorate your flag by attaching details on fabric or paint on them. Attach on your flag a hanger or use a flag pole. And your flag is ready to fly!

Americans love to show their flag because they are proud of their country and people. The national flag for them is a symbol of American culture and people, that’s why they not only fly the national flag on Independence day, but you can see the national flag anywhere no matter what day it is—normal or festival in America.

It will be best if you choose nylon or polyester fabric for your flag. These are fabrics that have all the qualities for a favorites outside flag at your lawn. In addition, to serve other decorations, you can use burlap or canvas to make handmade flags for house parties.

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