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DIY Personalized Garden Flags – Helpful Tutorial To Custom Your Garden Flags On Special Occasion


The holiday is approaching. If you plan to design your house with beautiful home décor, don’t forget to use flags to brighten up your garden. Garden flags that are trendy and stylish may add accents to your entrance making it more attractive and eye-catching. How about making personalized garden flags for your front yard? Let’s learn how to build a DIY garden flag and highlight your doorway right now!

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Supplies To Make Personalized Garden Flags

First of all, of course, you have to prepare some materials for making your home garden flag.

Fabric To Make Flags

You should choose suitable materials for yard banners to ensure that you will get the perfect finished products at the end. So let’s start with choosing fabric for your flags. 

Burlap is popular in making a flag, and canvas is also working. These fabrics are pretty thick, easy to print or paint on. But with burlap or canvas flags, you need to prevent them from harsh weather. Heavy rain or direct sunshine can fade the colors of the fabric. And you have to wash the flags by hand to make sure that the paint on them does not spill on fabric. 


Another specialized fabric is nylon and poly. This material is popular in making flags for ships. They are high in colorfastness and resistant to harsh weather, including direct sunlight or sea breeze. These are good candidates for the material used in outdoor banners. 

If you don’t want to spend time resizing and cutting cloth, you can buy blank flags which have suitable sizes already. They are available in different sizes; you only need to choose the size suits the flag you intend to make. Of course, the blank flags will have a white color so you can decorate them.

Personalized Flag United States Divisions
Personalized Flag United States Divisions
Personalized United States Veteran. Proudly Served Flag
Personalized United States Veteran. Proudly Served Flag


Next, one of the crucial things is paint. Choosing waterproof paint and OK for outside decors would be best. 

The most popular type of fabric paint is Acrylic paint. This type is cheap and provides many colors to choose from. It’s always the best choice for fabric projects. This paint is easy to apply to fabric. Also, in the Acrylic paint line, textile paint, also known as acrylic fabric paint, has better colorfastness to washing and is more prevalent when used on fabrics.

Acrylic paint
Acrylic paint
Oil Paint
Oil Paint

The next type of paint that is used on canvas is oil paint. Oil paints are suitable for use on canvas. However, make sure you have painted a base coat on the canvas before applying the oil paint. Oil painting directly on the fabric can affect the quality of the fabric.

You can use puff paint for your flag project. Puff paint for a puffy finish is quite fun. However, this paint is quite picky about the fabric; the color is also limited. I think maybe it will be suitable for decorative flags for short occasions like birthdays or special parties.

Finally, I will introduce you to the airbrush paint, which requires you to paint with the airbrush, and you need to learn a bit about how to use it. But you will get a durable finish paint that won’t fade or crack. If you know how to use it, the airbrush paint will give you perfect artwork.

When you paint on fabric, you should add a prime coat or finish coat to ensure that the color won’t fade or spilling when you bring it outside.

Personalized Dog Garden Flag Flagwix™ Dog Wrapped In Glory American Patriot Flag
Personalized Dog Garden Flag Flagwix™ Dog Wrapped In Glory American Patriot Flag
Personalized United States Armed Forces Veteran Flag
Personalized United States Armed Forces Veteran Flag

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Cutting tools

Silhouette cutting and the Circuit machine are necessary tool for your flag project to print images on fabric. 

You can design images or textures that you want to bring on fabric, or you can adjust sizes and shapes of fabric on a computer. Then connect your computer with Silhouette cutting, and it will cut them out for you. 

For those who specialize in DIY works, the Cricut machine is no stranger. These tools are responsible for producing the details you want to include in your work from various materials, paper, fabric, or even wood.

If you are not familiar with machines and computers, using these machines will be a big challenge. You can use scissors and cardboard instead. However, they are worth trying to learn how to use these machines because not only with fabric, you can create even more exciting crafts.

  •  Glue and Hot glue gun: If you don’t want to use a sewing machine, you can use a glue gun to connect details. But using a sewing machine will make your artwork more beautiful.
  • Sewing machine
  • Heat transfer papers (in case you want to print images on fabric)
Sewing flag
Glue and Hot glue gun

Making Your Garden Flag

People often hang beautiful flags on special occasions, so you can design your flags with various themes, depending on holidays or special events such as birthdays or graduation. You can bring iconic symbols of special days on the flags. For example: With Christmas flags, you can add a Christmas tree, golden bells, Santa Claus, and so on. On Halloween days, the Halloween flags include witches, pumpkin lanterns, black cats. But with yard flags for a birthday, it would be the images of cakes, gifts, or candles on them. Some ideas for your flags here: Seasonal Garden Flags – Perfect Decorations To Dress Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Now we move to the crucial part: make your double sided garden flag. It’s not too complicated; you have to do it carefully, step by step.

Step 1: Cut the fabric and sew

Measure and mark the points on fabric to have the suitable size of the flag in any shape you want. Then cut it out. Next, fold one edge of the fabric inward about 4 inches and then sew it back. This step leaves space for you to attach the flag to the flag stand. If you don’t want to use a new sewing machine, you can use a hot glue gun instead. You can use a Silhouette cutting machine to cut fabric and other discrete details. If you don’t have a cutter, It’s OK to make a template on the cardboard first and then cut according to the draft by hand.

Step 2: Custom your flag

If you want to draw or print pictures on the flag, make sure that the paint or ink will not spill on the back. To handle this, you need to print or draw on one side on two different fabrics, lay the two sheets on top of each other, and leave the image side of the flag out, like a double side garden flag. Then sew around the corners. 

You can also print the images onto heat transfer papers, cut them out, and use iron to apply your favorites to the flag. Or you can shape other details onto other colored fabrics, then cut them out and sew them onto the fabric. You should also not use many incoherent details on the flag; they will make it heavy and difficult to fly.

In addition, I want to share with you a shop at Flagwix.com. This shop provides hundreds of designs and colorful flags, which are designed in many different themes. The shop also sale off their products regularly. You can even customize your flags here: choose personalized items, and choose the flags you want, then you can select images and insert texts on your flags. This is a reliable shop where get many good reviews from customers, so you can be assured of the quality and cost of the items.

Make Your Garden Flags Without Use Sewing Machine

If you don’t want to use a sewing machine, you can use a cutter to shape the fabric. All steps, such as choosing the blade, adjusting the shape of the fabric, adjusting the size, etc. You can do them on the computer. Let the machine do the rest for you. It’s similar if you want to add pictures on fabric, choosing or designing the images and the layouts for the flag on your computer, then save the files and let the printer print them for you.  It’s an excellent choice for those who are not too skillful but still want to create their finished products. It would be great to let machines do work for us, thank god that we were born in 4.0 society.

Choose Hangers For Your Garden Flags

There are many factors you should consider to choose the right flag pole. When buying flags in shops, some shops will attach flag stands for you to install. However, some shops do not come with flagpoles, so you have to buy them or make your own to hang the flag. Here are some notes for the flag stand.

Material of flagpoles for garden flags

With flagpoles of garden flags, the best material should be aluminum or fiberglass. You probably won’t need steel poles because steel poles are pretty heavy and labor-intensive, which is unnecessary for a decor garden flag. Alternatively, you can make a wooden garden flag stand to hang the flag on or thread the string through the flag and hang them up (the case for small-sized flags, and you want to make a string to hang the flag on for decoration).


Size of flagpoles

You need to rely on the measurement of the flag and the location where you plan to hang the flag to choose the appropriate type of flagpole. If your flag is small and you intend to decorate the flag low, you only need the flagpole about 4-7 feet. If your flag is more significant than that, you will likely need a flagpole up to 15 feet high. Make sure your flagpole is sturdy enough to hang the flag, even in windy solid weather.
The outer coat of the flagpole
The outer coat of the flagpole is also a factor you need to make sure your flag stand has been painted with a satin or powder coating or any weatherproof paint. It ensures your flagpole is more durable, does not rust, especially with camping flags.

Your flag is now ready to fly. You should decide on an area where the flag will be clearly visible — in other words, eye-catching. But it should also be noted that do not let your house stand out from the “forest of flags.” Furthermore, pick a position with a lot of wind to blow and raise the flags to make it more appealing. Remember to saturate the soil before pushing the pole into the ground. It will make it easy to set the flags.

Find Out More About Types Of Custom Garden Flags

Let me talk about some pros and cons of different kinds of custom garden flag to give you an overview and choose the suitable types of flags for you.

DIY Items

With this type of flag, you can save money due to reusing old items or old fabrics you already have. Moreover, you can release your creativity on a DIY flag, like the name Do-It-Yourself so that you can create a flag with your vibes and one of a kind product. The only downside of the DIY flag is its durability. Because it is made of reusable materials, inevitably, its durability and beauty will not last long. Therefore, handmade flags are only made at parties and short-term events. Moreover, the DIY flag will be a disaster if you are clumsy and have no fashion taste.

In stores

You have more choice in the form, style, and color of the flag, and of course, it will be much more beautiful than a DIY flag. Besides, the flags at the shop are durable because they are made from high-quality fabrics, which you can hang for a long time as a decoration or preserve for later use. However, the price of flags in the shop is relatively high. 

It will help if you notice a flag in a shop, including taxes, store rent, and many other fees. If you order online, you have to pay additional shipping charges, no free shipping. In addition, choosing a reputable online store to receive the right high-quality products is also a matter to consider.

POD Items - Best Gifts for all Occasions

In other words, it is called Print On Demand. You can optionally print on it the symbols, images, or text you want. You don’t have to do it yourself, you need to send the design or the images you want to the designer, and their job is to produce your flag. However, not all designers can understand your ideas, and it will be wrong if you receive a flag that is not what you want or is wrong with the design.

Conclusion - Our Point of View

Your personalized garden flag is truly unique vibes that only you can have. Of course, well-crafted flags, which can be purchased easily in shops, will be ideal, but the effort you put in to construct the finished product from your creativity is truly valued. Furthermore, it would be fantastic if family members joined to create ideas, and decorate their places. I’m sure that the family members will bond with each other.

Related Questions

It is suggested to use polyester or nylon. They specialize in making home garden flags. You can also use canvas or burlap, which are easy to print or paint on. They are ideal candidates for making outdoor flags.

If you don’t want to use a sewing machine, a glue gun is an acceptable option. You can also apply features to your flag with a glue gun. If you simply need flags for your party, this method will save you time. However, after the glue has dried, your flag will be inflexible.

When painting on fabric, make sure to provide a coating or base layer to prevent the paint from bleeding or fading when you hang the flags outside. Furthermore, you can install the flags in a nice area far from harsh weather.

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