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Valentine Decoration Ideas: Sweet Ideas For Your Someone Special


Love is universal and spreads like wildfire, warming cold and lonely souls. Instead of buying gifts or going out to eat on Valentine’s Day, why don’t we decorate for this occasion? Create lovely, romantic Valentine decoration ideas in which your sentiments can become more sublimated.

Turning an already familiar space into unique valentine decor on a romantic occasion is a great idea to enjoy the day. Do you have any plans to decorate your home, and show your love to your other half?

The important appearance of fresh flowers or heart shapes fills the room with love. Let’s see how to decorate Valentine’s house!

Valentine Room Decoration Ideas

The living room is the commonplace of the whole family and is the first impression when someone enters the house. Then, welcome your lover into the house with lots of love.

Let’s start with the doormat, as it is the first attention-grabbing mark. Next, choose a few more decorations to create the connection of the Valentine concept, it could be a new set of curtains or a love sofa blanket. The living room is indispensable for fresh flowers, so put a vase of roses and a few romantic scented candles on the table.

At the entrance, you can weave heart-shaped wreaths, ribbons, and bubbles to add a passionate charm when entering the house. The most appropriate flower on this day can only be a red rose.

If you don’t use red roses, use roses or other flowers with vibrant pink or orange colors!

In addition, you should also use heart shapes to decorate the living room space, heart-shaped wall decors, and small heart-shaped cushion pillows are an all-good choice.

Valentine Table Decoration Ideas

How do you intend to adorn Valentine’s Day table?

Keep it basic for a living room table. You can change the dominant color of a tablecloth. After that, fill a vase with fresh flowers. To add to the romanticism, light a few scented candles. Choose a gift box with snacks or wine that both of you enjoy.

Finally, set up a mini projector so the two of you can spend the entire night watching Netflix together!

So, what if the two of you are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the table?

Main color

White, red, pink, and purple are the colors used to decorate Valentine’s theme. All of these colors are symbolic of love. You can choose a dominant color or mix colors together, adding some appropriate symbolic details to increase harmony and highlight the main idea.

Note, the colors that are mixed must be compatible with each other, avoiding abuse, confusing the viewer, and losing the necessary romantic and warm space.

Valentine Decoration Ideas Sweet Ideas For Your Someone Special

What is the space of Valentine’s party table?

The dining table has a heart-shaped plate, and above it is a beautifully folded napkin, beautiful bow tie dinnerware, and glasses, decorated with scented candles, fresh roses in vases, and music without lyrics are a way to bring a romantic and warm atmosphere to couples on a memorable Valentine’s night.

European-style romantic Valentine’s table decoration

To create a romantic and sweet atmosphere according to European standards, you first need to pay attention to the place where the table is set up. You should choose a quiet private space just for the two of you and suitable for both of you.

Next is the space when decorating, decorative items such as lights, bows, and ribbons… need to revolve around the theme of love to create a sweet atmosphere, the light should be just right to create a feeling. cozy feeling for both.

Valentine Decoration Ideas Sweet Ideas For Your Someone Special

In addition, the main color of the party should use white and pink colors, along with a few red accents, just simple and gentle but no less warm. In addition, utensils such as cups, forks, and glasses should be used with sophisticated designs, consistent with each other according to the theme.

A napkin with romantic love messages will be a great choice that you cannot ignore. One thing to note when placing a seat is that you should arrange it neatly and have an appropriate distance to be comfortable when both of you talk!

Decorate the romantic table with candles and flowers

To create a romantic and impressive atmosphere for the party, candles, and flowers will be two indispensable props!

Flowers used in the decoration of the valentine’s table should choose colors similar to the main color you have chosen when decorating. Usually, most people will use roses, a symbol of love, to put in a small flowerpot and decorate the middle of the table. Or you can use a few flower branches, and dried grass to decorate more to create accents.

In addition, when choosing decorative candles, you should choose candles with moderate light, not too bright to create a natural feeling when chatting and enjoying food. If it’s more subtle, you can use a little scented candle to make the atmosphere more pleasant with a gentle scent.

Valentine Decoration Ideas Sweet Ideas For Your Someone Special

Decorating Your Bedroom For Valentine's Day

Your Valentine’s Day will become more special with this romantic bedroom decoration.

Valentine Decoration Ideas Sweet Ideas For Your Someone Special

More red

You can paint red for the wall above the head of the bed to create accents. Or be more subtle with a few red decorations such as table lamps, wall paintings, or bedding. For bedrooms with limited light, it is recommended to use light tones such as white combined with some red to make the space more comfortable and pleasant.

Don’t miss the balcony area in front of the bedroom

The balcony area will be the place where every morning when you wake up, you and your partner will enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise. So, do not forget to decorate this romantic space with small flower pots and small tables and chairs, like a small corner like a lovely cafe.

-Pick a theme: Will you go for romantic roses or playful hearts? Decide on a theme to help you pick out the right decorations.

-Add some flowers: Flowers are a must for any Valentine’s Day decoration. Consider adding some red roses or carnations to your balcony.

Decorate the balcony Valentine

The corner of the room is imbued with the scent of love

The bedroom should always be cleaned to avoid unpleasant odors. Besides, burning more scented candles or essential oils also soothes the spirit and helps improve the quality of your sleep. Choose a scent that both of you love to make the couple’s feelings more sublimated.

Exquisite with golden light

A bright bedroom is not romantic at all. Instead, table lamps or wall lamps with yellow light will be a more appropriate choice. This warm and romantic light will greatly increase your feelings. In addition, to bring visual symmetry to the room, choose double table lamps for both sides of the bed.

Outdoor Valentine Decoration Ideas

Not only inside the house, but you can also enjoy the attractive Valentine’s Day atmosphere right in the outdoor garden yard, enjoying the cool air of the night wind, and the sparkling starry sky.

Get to know more Valentine’s outdoor decorations.

Shaping light on the grass

You will think that arranging candles and spreading roses to form a heart spread on the ground to show love is an old and outdated way of doing things.

But actually, whether it’s new love or love for a long time, this is also something that creates many emotions in the hearts of lovers, whether male or female.

To add an inviting and romantic atmosphere to the evening, you can create a heart shape around your dining table by arranging shimmering golden candles. Or you can also put the candles on a chandelier and then scattered them around the front yard area, lawn, or near the pool.

Along with the heart lined with red rose petals, romantic and beautiful white roses.

Outdoor dinner under the trees

You can place your dinner table under a tree wrapped with twinkling LED lights or interesting and romantic lanterns, creating warmth and shimmer, shining for a romantic Valentine’s Day party.

As well as decorative tables placed indoors, you can also use eye-catching, unique heart-shaped LED lights, candles, or bulbs to decorate your dining table.

Valentine Decoration Ideas For Office

Valentine Decoration Ideas Sweet Ideas For Your Someone Special

The company and the office are like a miniature society. And of course, in the work environment, there are many different types of people and groups of people.

In the company, there will be people who are in the love phase (even their lover is also a colleague in the company), some are married, and there are also single people.

So, if you are a member of the human resources department, how will you decorate your office for Valentine’s?

You don’t have to make it cheesy with candles or flowers. You just need to put in the corner of all employee’s Valentine’s cards and chocolates. Or you can attach in the upper corner of the computer screen pink heart stickers for employees who are in love, red heart stickers for married people, and black hearts for anyone who are single.

Heart balloons are also an interesting accessory to create Valentine’s atmosphere.

Valentine Decoration Ideas For Restaurants

On special occasions like Valentine, restaurants with beautiful spaces are always a special choice for couples. So, if you are responsible for the decoration of the restaurant, you must give priority to bringing a romantic and warm atmosphere to the couples.

The space serving guests 

It will certainly not be too bright as usual, instead, replace it with dim yellow lights overhead – sparkling scented candles at the dining table with a vase of roses placed neatly in the middle. table – combined with setting up a Valentine-themed party table – melodious, gentle music without lyrics… to complete the decoration of the valentine’s day restaurant space.

Also, if your home has special guest spaces, take advantage of that. Such as:

– A dining table for 2 people right on the balcony, around the pool, or arrange a dining table with a view overlooking the beautiful beach.

– You can even set up a banquet table on large rocks with fresh roses, and shimmering candles decorated around.

Besides, do not forget to invest in creating a unique and different “love menu”, just for this Valentine. High-class hotels and restaurants often prepare Valentine menus, especially special dishes and drinks, to the point that, without explanation, guests also understand that they are suitable for romantic February 14. romantic. Sea oysters, lamb chops for him – salmon skin for her… are extremely suitable main dish suggestions, preferred by 5-star hotels. Drinks, in addition to wine, are also popular for making cocktails for Valentine’s Day.

Other spaces

Let’s cleverly bring the taste of romantic love and happiness to the rest of the spaces such as the front door, the hotel lobby, the corridor or the bar, or the cashier counter.

– Prioritize decoration with heart shapes and romantic red-pink-white colors

– Replace dried flowers and fake flowers with fresh flowers

– Burn scented candles or use essential oils that have a mild scent but keep the scent for a long time

– Turn on soft, melodious music, usually music without lyrics or happy love songs

– Prioritize creating and serving products and services that are heart-shaped, paired with outstanding red, yellow, and orange colors.

Valentine Decoration Ideas For School

Adults and couples aren’t the only ones who celebrate Valentine’s Day. Students in certain kindergartens and high schools will commemorate Valentine’s Day by exchanging chocolates, gifts, and cards.

You can add some Valentines-themed wall decor to make the area a little different this day, and you should choose attractive cartoon characters to suit the students. Create accents with candy dishes, gift bags, and flowers for a modest celebration.

Valentine Decoration Ideas For School​

Finding The Right Decoration!

The idea is there, but how do you implement it and choose the right decorations? A few guidelines below will help you choose the ones that are best for you.

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Valentine's candle

The candle is an indispensable item when decorating Valentine’s.

Candles are indispensable for a private table for two on Valentine’s Day. It creates a cozy and romantic space for lovers. If you choose an extra candle, the gentle fragrance it gives off will definitely bring comfort.

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Chocolate Box

Valentine's Chocolate Box

Chocolate is a meaningful gift that always appears on Valentine’s Day. The gift sets are beautifully packaged and designed, ready for you to give to your lover and make a wonderful Valentine’s decoration.

In addition to buying decorated gift boxes at the stores, the girls can make their own chocolates at home in their own way, to be able to show off their ingenuity.

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The cake is a symbol of the sweetness of love, the cake will represent your love for the other person. Currently, there are many beautiful and many cake designs.

  • Chocolate cake: decorated with colors and red hearts and special charms.
  • Cupcakes: These little cakes would look great on a tea table.

Decorate valentine with balloons

Valentines Balloon

The beams of colorful balloons floating when combined with the light of the candles make the decoration more vibrant and shimmering.

  • Balloons and roses: Tie a bunch of balloons to the straps of the rose basket. The clusters of glitter balloons combined with a bouquet of bright red velvet roses will make any girl super cute. Or you can also use transparent balloons, put the rose petals inside and blow the balloons up.
  • Drop balloons to the ceiling: You choose two different colors of balloons with round, heart shapes. Then blow them up and tie them with ribbon. Balloons are dropped to the ceiling with long, light curly ribbons that will make your Valentine’s party space more romantic than ever.


What can I make for Valentine’s Day at home?

There are many ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day without spending a lot of money. Here are some thoughtful and thrifty ideas:

  • Have a romantic picnic dinner in front of the fireplace.
  • Enjoy a game
  • Setting the mood with some romantic music and candles 
  • Prepare a delicious home-cooked


No matter how many Valentine decoration ideas, remember that the joy of both of you enjoying Valentine’s Day is the most important. Hopefully, through this article, you have given yourself a plan for a sweet Valentine’s day.

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