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Personalized Yard Signs Bring A Unique Look To Outdoor Spaces


Nowadays, Yard Signs are popular decorative accents for exterior decor. Together with Home Sign, it contributes to a wonderful look of your space. There are various types of outdoor signs such as advertising signages, directional signages, themed signages and customized signages. If you want to make a one-of-a-kind event or a unique decor for your celebration, Personalized Yard Signs will be an ideal choice.

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What Are Personalized Yard Signages?

Yard Signs (also known as Lawn Signs, Bandit Signs) are items displayed on grass or anywhere outside.

Purpose of dislaying an outdoor sign

Yard signages are commonly used for political campaigns, real estate, commercial purposes (sales, promotions, grand openings), directional signs (parking, welcoming) or celebrations (wedding, engagement, birthday party, graduation and so on).


The standard size of outdoor sign is 24’’ x 18’’. This is large enough to deliver messages for people walking across. Other popular sizes are 24”x12”, 18”x12”, 36”x18” and 2’x2’, 4’x4’ and 4’x8’. If you want to display your sign in a hard-to-see place, you need to choose a bigger size (36’’ x 18’’). It is called a ‘ jumbo yard sign’. The size of your personalized yard sign can vary based on your display methods and your usage. 


There are some materials you can choose for your outdoor sign including corrugated plastic, rigid plastic wood or metal. Wire plastic and aluminium can help your yard sign last longer. If you store the sign properly, it can be used in over 2 years. 

How To Display A Custom Yard Sign

There are several typical ways to display an outdoor sign such as wire stakes, metal frames, real estate posts and grommets.

What is special about personalized lawn signs?

There are several types of outdoor signages including advertising signages, directional signages, themed signages and custom yard signs. For basic needs, you can simply bring ready-made outdoor sign boards to your space. But if you want to upgrade your decor, make it unique and eye-catching, let’s try custom yard signs. They are not only decorative items but also one-of-a-kind gifts. You can send a Custom Yard Sign to your beloved ones to express your special caring to them. You can give them on special occasions such as birthday, wedding, graduation and so on. These s are excellent presents to give to those who have everything. Custom Yard Signs are sold less than other kinds of outdoor signs. But it is an important product line because of the pricey cost and specific requirement.

Personalized Yard Signages For Special Occasions

Here are four types of personalized outdoor signs that are used for special occasions such as graduation, birthday, holidays, wedding, etc.

Graduation Outdoor Signs

Graduation is a remarkable milestone for everyone. They dedicated a lot of time and effort to their study and achievements. At their graduation ceremony or party, Custom Yard Signs are terrific items to remind them of what they’ve experienced and express congratulations to them. These custom lawn signs also show that your friends or relatives have already graduated and have been ready for a new journey.

Birthday Party Yard Signs

Birthday only occurs once a year, so let’s make it more memorable with Birthday Party Yard Signs. Display a Custom Lawn Sign with lettering at a Birthday party will bring a unique look for this celebration.

birthday sign
Source: Walmart.com

Holiday Outdoor Signs

Personalized holiday yard signages are designed for typical occasions such as Halloween, Women Day, New Year, Christmas, etc. A custom  yard sign will help to lighten up spaces and leave a great impression for guests. 

thanksgiving yard sign
Source: walmart.com

Wedding Yard Signs

Wedding is such an important event in life. Displaying wedding welcome signs will make big impression for guests as well as everyone on this special day. There are various ideas about wedding outdoor signs. If your or your friend’s wedding is approaching, let’s get a wedding lawn sign for that party.

Source: orientaltrading.com

Metal Signages & Wood Signages

Metal and Wood are two popular material for yard sign making. Both metal yard sign boards and wooden yard sign boards have pros and cons. It’s difficult to say which one is better. Take it into consideration and make your choice relying on your intended use. If you are considering whether you should choose a wood sign or a metal sign, take a look at two tables below.

Wood Signages


  • More possibilities for placement 

Because wood signages have a sharp and rigid head, you can drive them into hard ground while metal signs may not work.

  • More wind-resistant

Wooden signs are less likely to bend and blow over in the wind due to their unbending nature.

  • Less pricey

The price depends on different suppliers. Wooden sign boards are usually cheaper than metal sign boards.


  • Require tools and hardware to display 

You need fasteners and a sledgehammer for assembly and installation. This makes the process less convenient and adds more cost. 

  • Less space efficient

Wooden sign boards may take up considerably more space than metal signs. It might not be the best selection if you don’t have much space to display the outdoor signs.

  • Not ideal for two-sided signs

Because the wood pole attaches to the outside of the sign, they will obstruct the message on your sign’s backside. Wooden sign boards work great for single-sided signs but not well for double-sided ones.

Source: pinterest

Metal Signages


  • Convenient Assembly

Metal boards are easily attached to the sides by sliding their metal wires into the science flutes, the open channels between the front and backside of the side. There are no additional tools or hardware required.

  • Space-efficient

Metal signs take up less space than wood signs.

  • Optimal for two-sided signs

Metal signs allow both sides of the sign to be fully displayed without obstruction.


  • Less wind-resistant 

Metal signs are more likely to blow over in high wind conditions especially taller signs which sit higher off the ground.

  • Fewer placement options 

Metal states work best and soft in grassy areas. Some dense rocky grounds are simply too hard to be punctured by the mistakes metal wires.

  • More Expensive

It’s found that metal signs are more pricey than wooden signs.

metal yard sign
Source: signs.com

After reading this artical, hopefully you can get your Personalized Lawn Signs and display it at your celebrations (wedding, engagement, birthday, graduation, etc) for decorations. You also have a great idea when choosing gifts for your beloved friends or relatives.

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Related Questions

Regarding inexpensive price, you can select yard signage made from vinyl. In terms of long life span, aluminium is highly recommended.
For both affordability and durability, corrugated plastic is an excellent option.

You should put it in a dry place at room temparature. Stay away from too hot or too wet areas. Before storing the sign, you need to disassemble all parts of it.

You can clean your yard signs with a spray bottle and a towel or a damp rag. A simple wiping of the yard sign can remove mud, dirt, or grime on it.

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