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Last-minute Halloween Decor Tips: Try These Outdoor Halloween Decorations & DIY Ideas!


If you have a teen or pre-teen, you know how hard it can be to create last-minute Halloween decorations. You’re not alone. The pressure of finding the right indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations is real. Young kids are coming up with more terrifying, creative, and original costumes each year, and they’re more invested in the experience of trick-or-treating than ever before. 

Halloween decorations are all about scaring people, but nothing more frightening than an empty house. If you plan to host a spooky party, you need to create the right ambiance. You can’t have your guests spending time outside looking at an empty yard, so hopefully, these Halloween decoration ideas will inspire you! 

What Can You Expect From These Last-Minute Outdoor Halloween Decor Tips?

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s my time to shine and show off my creative, spooky side. I love to decorate my house with creepy banners and cutouts and surround myself with a bounty of festive fall décor that will get me into the spirit of the holiday. 

I’m a massive fan of Halloween-themed items that can be used year after year, plus this time of year is an excuse to pull out some of my favorite decor supplies from past years.

outdoor halloween decorations

Source: unsplash.com

That said, this year seems like a tough time for me to pull all the decorations together in the most well-prepared and exciting way. More sadly, my kids easily get bored by old supplies. It’s why I have come up with some tips that I find helpful for me and others who want to create the coolest last-minute spook. It’s a round-up of several quick and easy ways to add a bit of fun to your home without looking hurried. 

From scary outdoor Halloween decorations to DIY projects, you’re in luck with these tips. Not only will they help make your party or celebration look like a million bucks, but they’ll save your time and money, too. Interestingly enough, these decor ideas are so simple that you can even have the kids get involved

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Halloween Outdoor Decorations That Are Fun And Easy To Set Up

It can be fast to add some favorite items to your cart, but setting them up may be extremely time-consuming. If you are late with your Halloween decorating this year, try something that is quick and straightforward to install. 

Tip 1: Spooky Halloween Decor Outdoor Flags

House Flag

I’d never thought of a Halloween decorative house flag for a spooky season before. I usually hang flags at my front door for memorial or national celebration purposes, for example, the 4th of July. However, it’s worthwhile to build a Halloween accent on your porch with a house flag. While people can decorate their homes with lights and scary inflatables to make them look brighter, a large flag is about impression and attention drawing.

A house Halloween flag costs you around $35 to $45, depending on the quality and design. It’s never hard to set up such a house flag. All you have to do is buy a flagpole and a flagpole bracket along with your favorite flag. Attach the bracket to the wall with your drilling skill and install the flagpole into it. If there is anything you’re confused about installing a flag on the entry front, watch this simple tutorial video.

Garden Flag

Like house flags, a garden flag can add a welcoming touch to your home with seasonal designs and colors. With just a spooky theme, a bunch of garden flags can easily turn your front yard into a field of horror with diverse Halloween iconography. 

Garden flags are usually cheaper than house flags due to their smaller size. These items are budget-friendly, with a price of about $25 to $35. Displaying a garden flag requires you to have a garden flag stand and no drilling skills at all. I can be sure that it’s absolutely much more accessible than installing a house flag. In case you’re not confident with it, watch this short tutorial video.

Tip 2: Metal Halloween Outdoor Decorations

Hanging Metal Sign

Decorating for Halloween is a tradition that many people look forward to every year. After all, who doesn’t love walking to the front door of their house to find a 6-foot tall inflatable spider waiting for them? But the holiday is around the corner, and time is running out. Make it simple yet spooktacular with a hanging decor metal sign right on the door or fence. The Halloween metal sign serves as a reminder to the trick or treaters that this holiday spirit is all here. 

Garden Metal Sign

While most people busy themselves with decorations inside, Halloween is an opportunity to spook your yard as well. Whether you’re hosting a party or just like to give neighbors and passersby a scare, you can set up some spooky yard decorations with little time and effort — and at little cost. So, don’t leave your front yard or backyard empty during this season for any reason! With some garden metal signs in different styles and themes, you can quickly create eye-catching lawn decor. I love Halloween yard stakes and garden metal signs because they’re simple to take care of and can be added with a bit of mix-match with my plants. 

Tip 3: Outdoor Halloween Door Decorations

Halloween party/decoration is an integral part of all celebrations and events that happen on 31st October. There are a lot of decorations available in the market that can be used to decorate a house for Halloween celebrations. Nonetheless, I’ve found that not many people really focus on the needed position around their houses to decorate. 

Knowing exactly where needed to be decorated will save you money and effort. For example, when it comes to hosting a holiday party, you must be aware of the affection of door decoration. Fabulous door decor can impress the guests and make them more excited about the gathering from the start. 

Wooden Sign

Hanging a wooden sign on your front door will give a timeless rustic appearance to your home. A sign made of plywood can look fabulous during the spooky season without breaking the bank as well. Besides, with a Halloween wood sign, you can choose to create some vintage vibes that bring your home back to the ‘80s time. Spooky wooden signs can be in many shapes that reflect the festival, such as Jack o Lanterns, black cats, bats, spider webs, and so on. Moreover, it can be used simply as a Trick or Treat welcoming sign that draws the kids to knock your front door


I suppose a scary doormat can be one of the unique outdoor decorations in this spooky season. The Halloween doormat laying flat on the ground can come in many different creepy designs that scare the trick or treaters. Most importantly, it takes you no effort to display a doormat. Therefore, the last time I was too busy working 24/7, I bought a cute outdoor Halloween decor doormat for my house to have a last-minute decoration. It was out-standing!

Door Cover

Halloween door covers are no joke! They’re straightforward to install and stunning all the time. However, don’t use the decal door covers. Find the ones that are constructed from polyester fabric to add the luxurious spook to your front door. A horrifying door cover will pique the curiosity of passersby and your visitors ー as they may think, hmm, “what’s happening behind that creepy door?”

Quick Easy Outdoor Halloween Decorations DIYs

Tip 4: DIY Cute Little Pumpkins In A Row

These triple pumpkins on a porch are adorable and sure to pique the kids’ interest. Polka dot bows are tied on scratchy green stems with white flecks. On the body of each pumpkin, write a letter and set them up in a row to display a favorite meaningful spooky word. 

diy cute little pumkins

Source: dandelionsdragonflies.blogspot.com

Tip 5: DIY Orange Pennant Garland

Do not overlook the pennant garland if you want to put out something affordable without spending a lot of time and money. To make an authentic Halloween vibe, use the orange color to make the pennants triangle shape. Hang it in a decumbent way, all beneath the front porch cover. 

DIY halloween pennant garland

Source: terristeffes.com

Tip 6: DIY Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern Jars

The Stingy Jack is well-known when it comes to Halloween stories and decorative inspiration. If you’re not confident with your pumpkin-carving skills, spark some quick cool ideas to light up your front yard at night with these candle holders’ decorative jars. Haul out any unused jars and glass bottles from your kitchen. Use white and orange acrylic paint to put on the jar’s inside a new color. Decorate the outside the way you want it to look and put a candle inside. Next up, wait for the night to come and bring some haunted lights on the stairs to your front door. 

DIY jack o lantern decorative jars

Source: erinspain.com

Tip 7: DIY Flying Spooky Ghosts

This floating ghost DIY project is fun and encourages you to get the kids involved. Prepare yourself with a wanted number of white balloons and white chiffon fabric. Let the kids do the job of blowing the balloons and drawing the faces of ghosts. Then, cover the chiffon fabric over the balloons. Make sure to let the fabric hang down a bit to make a floating affection. 

DIY flying ghosts

Source: simplydesigning.porch.com

Tip 8: DIY Jack Skellington Door

You can trace the shapes onto black card stock using a template. To attach the eyes and nose to your door, you’ll need black electrical tape. The masking tape can also be used to make a mouth form. This project is super simple. Find your favorite printable templates and decide what the front door will look like. 

DIY Jack Skellington Door

Source: homemadeheather.com

Tip 9: DIY Spider Web Decorative Wreath

This spider web wreath seems huge yet factually simple to make and not so time-consuming. Allow the kids to assist you with this. Believe me when I say that your kids will enjoy gathering the sticks needed and wrap the yarn around to make this spooky craft. 

DIY spider web decorative wreath

Source: twitchetts.com

Tip 10: DIY Eerie Decorative Hanging Trash Bag Strips

Last year, I did a very last-minute outdoor Halloween decoration from my black trash bags. It was more fun than I had thought. My neighbors were wowed and swore they would do the same thing in the following year. 

DIY Halloween hanging cut trash bags

Source: vavoomvintage.net

Final Words

Halloween is right around the corner. If you have not yet started decorating your house in preparation for the spooky holiday, then it’s time to start! I’ve put together a list of Halloween decorations to help you no longer struggle with any last-minute decorations on this holiday, including outdoor DIYs. 

I hope to help you get your home ready for trick or treaters on Oct. 31. In case you’re looking for some other spooky decorations or fun Halloween gifts, Blog Flagwix is a name you can rely on. Happy Haunting, everyone!

Related Questions

The first couple weeks of October are the most popular time to start decorating for Halloween. It’s also an excellent time to start bringing out the spooky yard decorations so you can extend your holiday celebrations. It’s OK to start putting up decorations as early as late September if you’re ready.

  • Place lights low to the ground and slightly upward to make shadows loom large and creepy.
  • Turn your front porch into a spooky dungeon by hanging a dark blue bulb in the porch light fixture.
  • Use dark blue floodlights to create an eerie moonlight effect in your front yard.
  • Refrain from using strobe lights excessively. Try flickering light instead.
  • Set up a fog machine to create the spirit-moving affection.

Excellent and unique homemade Halloween yard decoration ideas are getting more diverse today, including:

  • Painted Wooden Ghost Stakes
  • Hanging Black Witch Hats With Light Inside
  • Giant Spider Webs On The Roof 
  • Dark Spider Web Wreath
  • Bats On The Wall
  • Orange Pumpkin Garland
  • Mummies’ Tomb 

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