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Helpful Tips To Have A Spooky Decor With Halloween Metal Sign


October is coming, and All Hallows’ Eve is just around the corner. It’s a great time to get into the spooky spirit with Halloween decorative items. Do you have any exciting ideas for your Halloween decor? What about hanging metal signs to brighten your house this holiday? Here are some useful tips to decorate your living space with Halloween Metal Sign.

Halloween - A Special Occasion For Amazing Decor Ideas

Halloween day is celebrated on October 31st and originated from Christian. This is a time to remember saints and martyrs. People take advantage of the devil’s image to humorously mock evil things and strengthen their power against death. On Hallowe’en, we will masquerade and dress up as ghosts, witches, evil; trick-or-treat and tell scary stories. 

It’s time for us to not only make up for ourselves with masks and costumes but also decorate our living space with Hallowe’en items to get into the creepy atmosphere of Hallowe’en. In addition to Halloween Flag, Halloween Wooden Sign, and Halloween Door Cover, Halloween Metal Sign is a great item to help us get our home ready for the upcoming Halloween.

What To Know For Metal Sign Making

If you want to create a metal sign by yourself, you need to take note of some important points below.


  • Your design shouldn’t include ‘orphan’ patterns. An ‘orphan’ pattern means a pattern that isn’t linked with the other parts. When you cut on metal, this pattern can fall out if it isn’t connected with a majority of the signboard. 
  • You need to avoid creating too small patterns for your sign. Tiny shapes can cause difficulty when cutting on metal.
Design Metal Sign

Source: sendcutsend.com


  • You can choose stainless steel, bronze, brass, or aluminum for your board.
  • If you want to print directly on a metal surface, you should choose aluminum. An aluminum board is durable and can last about three years outside. High-quality aluminum won’t rust over time.

Source: muizgraphics.com


  • The size of the board depends on its thickness. The thicker the sign is, the larger its height and width need to be. 
  • Metal signs for outdoor decor should be thicker than indoor decor
  • You should think of where they are hung (wall, pole, etc.), then choose a suitable size.  

Source: cubebik.com

Good Ways To Display Your Halloween Signs

Hang It Without Nail

If you don’t want to leave any trace on your wall or damage it when hanging your objects, let’s try the following.

  • Command strips

These strips are used not only for light objects but also for a little heavy one like metal signs. Command strips can hold up-to-15 lbs signs. There are two types of command strips, including command strips hook and surface adhesive. You need to clean the surface before you stick the strips to the wall. 

  • Press-in hooks

These items can help you hang heavy objects and only cause minor damage to the wall. They are usually made for drywall. After creating a small hole through the wall, press the metal end into the wall until it reaches the end at the hook. A Press-in hook can hold 50 lbs – 150 lbs.

command strips

Source: Wilko.com

Attach It To A Pole

You need to prepare a drill or hole punch, two pipe post brackets, drill bit, tape measure, and ratchet. Then, take the following steps to attach your sign to a pole. 

  • First, you measure the sign to find the vertical center on the top and bottom. Inset at least 1’’ into the center of the hole. Then, drill the hole large enough to accommodate the bolt included with the bracket.
  • Second, you attach the bar side to the back by placing the bolt through the inside of the bracket and then through the back. Place a locking washer and nut on the bolt and tighten to secure the sign.
  • Next, you take the sign panel with the bar portion of the bracket attached and place the semicircle portion against the pole. While holding the sign and bracket in place, attach the second half of the top bracket, and use the bolt, lock washer, and nut to secure the sign.
  • After that, loosen both bolts slightly while holding the sign. That will secure the second half of the bracket until the sign is movable and slide the pole up or down to the correct elevation. Use tape to ensure the elevator is correct, and secure the sign in place by tightening the two loosened bolts.

Clean & Preserve

Keep It Clean

  • To remove dust and dirt, you can mix dishwashing liquid with warm water, then use a soft sponge to apply this solution to the metal sign. After that, use a soft brush to clean the sign. Don’t use a wire brush because it can damage the painting coat of the sign. Eventually, use a soft towel to dry your sign.
  • To remove rust, use rust remover or mix white vinegar/ baking soda with water in a sprayer, then spray this solution to the metal sign. Use a moist, soft towel to clean all rust sticking on the sign.
white vinegar

Source: walmart.com

Maintain It Over Time

  • Applying beeswax or linseed oil to the exposed surface of the sign can keep it rust-free for half a year.
  • Clean the sign regularly with a lint-free towel.
  • Use a light painting coat of polyurethane to prevent this item from rust.
  • Sand the sign before applying a new painting coat

Related Questions

Glossy is preferable for prints of metal signs. It is appealing and has a vibrant color. Despite glare, glossy signs are better because they are more eye-catching compared to matte ones.

Hammerite paint can help you remove rust and revive your metal sign. After cleaning the surface, apply 1-2 coats of paint to your sign and let it dry. 

It usually takes more time to make a metal sign than a wooden sign. In general, 2-3 weeks is an average time to create a metal sign, from choosing material to finishing the painting coat.

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After reading this article, now you’ve already had many valuable tips on getting Halloween Metal Signs for your living space. You can create your own sign or make a great deal with this item from stores. I believe that Blog Flagwix will be a reliable shop if you need to buy metal signs for Halloween.

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