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How To Keep Flag From Wrapped Around Pole In Simple And Creative Ways


The wind is both the flag‘s friend and its foe. It is a critical factor in making the flags flyable and allowing people to entirely enjoy their beauty. However, the wind can cause the flags to become tangled and clumped in the flag pile, detracting from its inherent beauty. If you’re frustrated but don’t know how to deal with it, don’t worry; here are six creative and simple-to-do on how to keep flag from wrapping around pole.

how to keep flag from twisting on pole

The spinning Flag Pole aids in the rotation of the entire pole or the top portion of the flagpole when the wind blows, preventing the flags from twisting into the pole. It has ball bearings and a pin placed on the bracket. The pole does not rotate in high winds, but the pole turns on the pin, which moves on the bearings.

Firstly, attach the bracket to your flag poles, then the flag to the pole. Next, use flag ties or stationary collars with split rings to secure the flag to the side. Finally, mount the pin onto the bracket and then mount the flag pile onto the pin.

Try With Weighty And Premium Flags

At the pre-start stage, this is the only way to address the mentioned issues. You do not need to invest time, effort, or money in purchasing tools to support the anti-tangle-around flags; instead, you only need to invest in the flag’s material. A high-quality, durable, and heavy material will keep your flag from tangling in the wind.


  • Pros: Water-resistant, widely used in the manufacture of outdoor items.
  • Cons: very light, a light breeze is enough to cause the nylon flag to fly high, and it is easy to tangle, prevent the flag from wrapping around the pile.


  • Pros: Long-lasting, beautiful, and hefty. If the flag is made of polyester, it is best suited for an anti-tangle flag.
  • Cons: The flag will not fly in light wind conditions; it will only fly in strong wind conditions.


  • Pros: Lightweight material that gives the flag a lovely appearance.
  • Cons: easily wet when it rains and lightweight, cannot prevent the flag from wrapping around the pile as it flies.

Rotating Collars System Worth Considering For Your Flagpole Collar

how to stop flags from wrapping

The Rotating Collars System will have two collars on the bottom and top stationary bands that will allow the entire flag to rotate around this band whenever the wind blows while the poles don’t, overcoming the problem of the flag twisting around the bar.

Installing a rotating system:

Remove all decorations from your pole’s top. Install the bottom collar, then slide the two stationary bands onto the rod and form it with the top one. Attach the flag and tighten the screw. We already have a flag anti-tangle system.

Anti-Furling Kit For Flag Wrapping Against Around The Pole

This Anti-Furling Kit functions similarly to a rotating flagpole in that it moves with the wind to avoid tripping over your flag. This is a straightforward toolkit, with detailed instructions included with your purchase. A little note is to check your pole length and diameter to ensure you get the correct size kit. It will take time to change the size if it does not fit the rod.

Innovative Anti-Wrapping Way With A Non-Tangle Rod

A non-tangle rod is another novel solution to this problem. This is used as a secondary pole outside of the main pole to help with the anti-tangle function. Typically, it is 2 to 4 feet long. Installing is also extremely simple; clip one end of the rod to the grommet of the flag pile and the other end to the flag, and it is done. Very straightforward, but super effective.

Use A Windbreak Keep Stable Air Around Your Pole

how to stop flag from wrapping around pole

If you don’t take precautions, your flag will become tangled and wrapped. Use protection from available objects around your garden like tall tree branches, storage walls, or fences to create a natural windbreak around your American flag. If you live in an area where high winds are common, this is a cost-effective and safe flag-raising method. You can’t stop the wind, but you can prevent your flag.

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