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Holiday Calendar – November 2022


When it comes to November, we can feel the cold of the early winter. The winds started blowing stronger, and it started to get colder. When the year is coming to an end, November is the time to look back on the whole year we have spent and rush to make time for what we have missed, including time for family.

It’d be said that November is a month of gratitude. Because after a year of working hard and ignoring many things, we have the opportunity to express our gratitude to God and the people around us. This November has some significant holidays. Let’s check the Holiday Calendar – November in 2022!

Symbols And Meaning Of November

Topaz Gemstone

According to experts, Topas is the gemstone that represents November. This gem is orange, yellow, light green, and so on, and it is said to help in the prevention of witchcraft and anger. Wearing this gem, per the Indians, will bring you beauty, longevity, and intelligence.

Holiday Calendar – November 2021


As I previously stated, November is a month for gathering and gratitude, therefore the flower that signifies it is also extraordinary. Chrysanthemum, a blossom that brings us happiness and joy. Furthermore, the chrysanthemum symbolizes friendship and truthfulness. It would be fantastic to spend the vacation with our loved ones and brighten the house with a vase of colorful chrysanthemums.

Holiday Calendar – November 2021

November 11 - Remembrance Day

In Canada, Memorial Day is a national anniversary. Historically, it was created to memorialize the politics and historical events that brought the Allied victory in World War I. Later, Memorial Day is time to honor and commemorate the soldiers who died in the war. People on Remembrance day will take part in the ceremony and wear a beautiful red poppy flower on their chests as a sign of gratitude and respect for the peace.

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November 11 - Veterans Day

Holiday Calendar – November 2021

Veterans Day is the official anniversary in Canada and also America. On this occasion, citizens show respect to veterans who fought for peace in the world. This is also the event that Germany signed the armistice on November 11, 1918, at 11:30 a.m. This marked the end of World War I.

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November 25 - Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in November. Thanksgiving is an official holiday in the United States and Canada, and it means expressing gratitude to Jesus for providing people with plentiful harvests and fulfilling life. On Thanksgiving, they will prepare a traditional feast of turkey, as well as potatoes, pumpkin, veggies, and other main courses. Thanksgiving is an occasion for everyone to reunite and have meals with family and friends, or they can spend time traveling together.

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26 November - Black Friday

Holiday Calendar – November 2021

If you are addicted to going shopping, you will certainly know about Black Friday. This is a shopping festival that takes place just after Thanksgiving when businesses and stores begin their year-end sales. They dramatically lower the prices of products, and shopaholics never skip these golden best offers for the upcoming Christmas.

The aim was to establish this Black Friday is that when people shop enthusiastically, it will boost the economy in crisis. Every year on Black Friday, many believe that it is an incredible time for commercial enterprises. Seas of people come running to stores and shopping centers to enjoy promotions and buy discounted items. Security personnel is also being strengthened up and protect the safety of the customers.

If you love November, share this Holiday Calendar with your family and friends. Also, we’d love to hear from you about your favorite Holiday this month. We’re waiting for your letter! 

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