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Holiday Calendar – December 2022


When December arrives, we have a better sense of what winter is like. Snow begins to fall, and the weather appears to be becoming cold rather than chilly. The sliver of sunlight is insufficient to warm anything. The streets are still festive, but the crowds appear to be more rushed: They are dressed warmer and moving faster as if they are looking for warmth in the dead of winter. The road was also becoming more lavishly decorated with colorful lights.

Another year is coming to an end. Let’s take a look at the Holiday Calendar – December 2022 to find out about some amazing holidays.

Fairy Tales In December

When we were children, we were told many stories. For me, in December, in the middle of a cold winter, I am reminded of two fairy tales. One story has a happy ending, and the other has a sad ending. But in general, the message sent into the stories is: Treat each other with love and sincerity. This will warm our heart.

The Tiny Match Girl

This is the story of a little girl who sells matches in the harsh cold of winter. The glory and warmth of the houses on Christmas Eve contrasted with the poor poverty of The Little Match Girl. She died on Christmas Eve, taking her desire for a bright and enjoyed life to paradise.

Holiday Calendar – December 2021

The Snow Queen

This is the story of two little buddies. When the boy was kidnaped touched by the snow queen’s power, he turned cold and ferocious. And the girl tries, with tears and a sincere heart, to make her buddy get back to normal. The snow queen’s curse was broken by their pure and lovely relationship.

Holiday Calendar – December 2021

6 December - Saint Nicholas Day

Holiday Calendar – December 2021

Saint Nicholas, a generous man, spent his life to serving God and relieving people in distress. The character Santa Claus on Christmas Eve was created from Saint Nicolas. On this day, children will attend church and get gifts such as toys, candy, and cookies.

December 13 - National Horse Day

We all know that horses are also helpful agricultural animals and contribute a lot to farm life. In particular, Americans also set aside a day to honor the contribution of horses to the American economy. The horses alone have contributed about $ 9.2 billion to the US already! What a cute and valuable animal! 

December 25 - Christmas

Holiday Calendar – December 2021

No need to explain too much about Christmas; this is the biggest holiday of the year in most Western countries. This is the day when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. On Christmas Eve, people would brightly decorate their homes with Christmas trees and colorful lights. Families will gather to enjoy substantial meals, exchange Christmas gifts, and send best wishes to each other. And they wait till New Year’s Eve. Santa Claus, who rides a reindeer carriage and delivers gifts to the kids, is a significant character on Christmas Eve.

It’s all about this month— December, yet it’s the best time of the year for most! If you love this season like we do, share this Holiday Calendar with your family and friends. And make sure to give them some beautiful gifts as well!

Thank you for reading!

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