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Business Yard Signs – An Effective Way To Get Your Business On The Radar Of Local Prospects


Business yard stakes are an excellent alternative if you want to effectively market your brand, company, or business to your consumers. In this post, Blog Flagwix will provide you with helpful information ranging from reasons to use company yard signs to valuable tips to obtain the most excellent outcomes and much more. Let’s take a closer look at the post to learn more.

8 Reasons Business Yard Signs Are Effective For Your Business

Yard signs have a secret power: convey messages boldly and with high visibility. You can promote a brand, store, business, sell a home; the possibilities are endless. So why are business yard signs so widely used? Here are eight reasons why yard signs for business are practical.

  1. Yard signs are durable, sturdy, and weather-resistant.
  2. They are reasonably priced, putting the consumer at low risk, high reward advantage.
  3. Yard signs allow users to play more significant roles in their neighborhoods and communities.  A friendly message or idea from a yard sign can make a day.
  4. They offer endless marketing opportunities in an unsaturated, highly trafficked space. While our inboxes are full of emails, the opposite is occurring in the physical world. Street corners, business fronts, and yards are welcomed advertising real estate that communities pass by regularly.
  5. You don’t have to sacrifice health and safety to communicate a message to your community with yard signs.
  6. If you are looking for a way to influence opinions, yard signs effectively keep with brand guidelines and communicate your message.
  7. Communicate important safety information using yard signs to keep your customers informed and safe.
  8. Boost sales and specials by using strategic yard sign placement in front of your business. The return on investment and foot traffic is well worth the cost.

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Helpful Tips For Yard Sign Marketing For Businesses

Yard signs is a advertising technique that has taken the marketing world by storm. They are here to stay from the tacky signs stapled to telephone poles on every corner to the beautifully designed actual state and business yard signs. Whether you need to advertise your next promotional offer, investment opportunity, real estate, yard signs are the perfect solution for creating awareness about your business. We’ve come up with some tips to help you use yard signage in your promoting campaign effectively.

  • Double the exposure – Make the extra investment by printing your signs on both sides so they can be seen from both traffic streams.
  • Using contrasting colors – Use one dark color and one light color together. Use black, red, blue, or brown color on a white background; yellow on a black background; white color on a blue, green, or red background.
  • Stick to TWO – If you use a black and white sign, make the text black and the phone number white on a black block. It makes your message easier to read quicker.
  • Suitable fonts – Stay away from script fonts and stick to fonts easily read on all formats. Arial, Verdana, and Sans Serif are the best choices.
  • Lots of white space – You should aim for 30-40% white space. Lots of white space makes your sign easy to read in a couple of seconds.
  • Simple is the best. Converting signs use no more than two lines of text; the first line for a short message and the second for the phone number. The oncoming traffic will only be able to read two lines of text before they pass.

Business Yard Signs Display Options

There are various ways for displaying your business yard signs, with each providing an easy way to promote your business or event effectively. 

Wire Stakes

Wire stakes

Wire stakes are light enough to prevent high shipping costs and provide portability but durable enough to be pushed into a soft surface. With careful use, you can remove the stakes with your signs and reused for future needs.

There are two different versions of the stakes; standard and heavy-duty. Standard stakes are made of 9 gauge steel, whereas heavy-duty stakes have a base made from 1/4″ steel with a welded top made from 9 gauge steel. Heavy-duty stakes provide additional stability against wind and other elements and help keep your sign standing tall for a longer time.

Real Estate Frames

Single rider frame
Double rider frame

A real estate frame, commonly referred to as an “H-Frame”, is a metal frame that can contain one or more signs. The signs themselves can be one of several different materials depending on the realtor’s needs and budget.

People use them for business advertising to advertise properties for sale, for rent, or other types of real estate listings. Signs can be easily swapped out to advertise different messages, giving your frame even more versatility.

Professional real estate frame is made from durable iron with a black powder coat finish. It includes the frame and a fully customizable aluminum, coroplast, or PVC plastic sign. Standard, single rider or double rider versions are available!

Premium A-Frames


A-Frames (sandwich board signs) are an easy and affordable way to promote your business or event. The durable thick plastic frame allows us to place it indoors and outdoors in any conditions except harsh outdoor conditions. They’re also simple to assemble, disassemble, and transfer from one area to another as required.

Unlike our standard A-Frame signs, these Premium A-Frame sidewalk signs have a “lift up, drop-in” feature that allows easy graphic change without extra hardware. No velcro or well nuts are required!

How to Choose the Best Locations for Your Business Yard Signs

A business can offer the best of products and services; however, if it is not visible to its target audience, potential customers will not remember it when they shop. For local small business with severe budget limitations, yard sign advertising can play an essential role in boosting brand awareness and driving sales. It is not only affordable but also easy to set up. Some valuable tips on choosing the best locations for your yard signs:

    • Check Local Laws: You need to conduct your research on local laws about the showing of advertising signs before you start putting up your yard signs. Because they might be removed, and you may have to pay a hefty fine for flouting the rules. 
    • Identify High-Impact Areas: Because installing yard signs aims to increase attention to your business and create sales, you must carefully choose where you place them. It is preferable to place yard signs in locations where your target audience lives, works or relaxes. Your small business or retail outlet is unlikely to attract customers from all over town. It’s a smart idea to put up signs within a five-mile radius of your shop because that’s where the majority of your consumers will come from. The ideal spot to put up signs is where they are most visible or where people stop and have an opportunity to see your advertising.
    • Relocate Your Signs: Instead of buying new yard signs, you may modify the positions of your existing ones from time to time. People stop noticing your signs after a while, and they are no longer effective. If the sites are strategically significant, you can update the design of your advertisement to re-capture attention. If you need to move the sign, do so only when you’re sure they’ve outlived their usefulness.

Related Questions

If yard signs can win elections, they can certainly win customers for your business. Like brand mushrooms popping up on lawns, they blare the name of your company and increase your brand recognition. While yard signs can’t talk with customers, they are an affordablelow maintenance way to advertise your brand 24/7.

Stick with simpler typefaces like Garamond, Helvetica, or Frutiger. Each individual letter should be easily distinguishable from a distance. As a standard rule, every one inch of letter height provides 10 feet of readability.

Business signs in public right-of-ways on the side of the road are illegal along all state and federal highways and in many local jurisdictions. … Before putting temporary or permanent signs on public or private property visible from roadways check local codes and ordinances.

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Hopefully, the above article will give you helpful information about business yard signs. From there, learn how to take advantage of yard signs in advertising your brand, store and promote the development of your business.

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