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When Was Decoration Day Changed To Memorial Day?


When was Decoration Day changed to Memorial Day? 

Memorial Day holds a profound significance in commemorating the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for peace and significantly contributed to our nation. This special day is marked by various dignified national ceremonies dedicated to honoring and remembering these heroes. 

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Why is it called Decoration Day

Why is it called Decoration Day? And when was Decoration Day changed to Memorial Day?

In the aftermath of the Civil War, organizations led by women began the tradition of decorating the graves of veterans and soldiers with wreaths during the early weeks of spring, around May. This practice gradually gained popularity across both Northern and Southern states. Inspired by this burgeoning tradition, General John A. Logan, in May 1868, officially designated May 30th as “Decoration Day” – Decoration Day an official, dedicated to embellishing the graves of fallen soldiers as a gesture of respect and mourning.

The initiative put forth by General Logan received overwhelming support from the United States.

populace, with 27 states participating in the inaugural year. The first Decoration Day service, held on May 30, 1868, at Arlington National Cemetery, attracted over 5,000 attendees. The observance of this day continued to grow in the ensuing decades, although it initially served as a commemoration exclusively for Civil War soldiers, excluding those from other conflicts such as the Revolutionary War, the Spanish-American War, and others.

Is Memorial Day just for soldiers who died in war

So, Is Memorial Day just for soldiers who died in war? Several Southern states opted to establish their own remembrance day, known as Confederate Memorial Day, to honor their soldiers. To this day, nine states that were part of the Confederacy observe their distinct memorial days. These commemorations occur on various dates, including the birthday of Jefferson Davis, the former President of the Confederacy, and the anniversary of General Stonewall Jackson’s death, among others. 

Since 1973, Texas has recognized Confederate Memorial Day on January 19, the birthday of General Robert E. Lee. In South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi, Confederate Memorial Day is recognized as an official holiday, leading to the closure of government offices and courts, and in some locales, students are even granted a day off from school.

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When Was Decoration Day Changed To Memorial Day?

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So, when was Decoration Day changed to Memorial Day, and how did it happen?

In the 1970s, the U.S. Congress passed legislation that transformed Memorial Day into a national holiday, setting its observance on the last Monday of May each year. This change established Memorial Day as part of a three-day weekend, heralding the impending start of summer vacation for students.

The significance of Memorial Day as a commemoration for all American soldiers who perished in any conflict was universally recognized only after World War I. Since then, Memorial Day has emerged as a significant American holiday dedicated to honoring those who have fallen in battle. 

Occurring on the Monday of the last week of May, it not only serves as a moment of national remembrance but also marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Consequently, the holiday provides an opportunity for families to engage in various outdoor activities such as traveling, camping, and visits to the beach, among others.

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Featuring an array of products, from decorative flags and garden flags to essential home decor items like banners and patriotic truck wraps, the collection presents a plethora of styles and options to commemorate Memorial Day. Each item in the collection is crafted to help you celebrate and honor the day with dignity, offering a meaningful way to reflect on the sacrifices made for freedom and peace.

In Conclusion

When was Decoration day changed to Memorial day? It’s becoming more than just a time to honor fallen soldiers; it’s a day dedicated to remembering all individuals who lost their lives in the tumult of war. Memorial Day vs Decoration Day all serves as a poignant reminder and an opportunity for us to express our profound thanks and gratitude to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Their bravery ensures our freedom and upholds the democratic values that are the bedrock of our nation. Memorial Day is a solemn pledge to never forget those who have laid down their lives, ensuring that their legacy of courage and dedication to peace and freedom is remembered for generations to come.

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