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Honoring Old Glory: The Proper Ways to Dispose of an American Flag


Why should you know how to dispose of a United States flag? Integral to honoring our national heritage. When the flag that flies proudly after each special occasion or continuously over time begins to show signs of wear — becoming faded, worn, or even torn — it signals the need for renewal. 

However, the transition from an old flag to a new one isn’t merely a matter of replacement. It involves a thoughtful process that adheres to the Flag Code, ensuring that respect is maintained for this symbol of national pride and heritage. 

This article aims to guide you through the appropriate steps to lower your flag with the dignity it deserves, outlining the respectful way to retire an old flag and introduce a new one, all while keeping the essence of our national heritage alive.

How to Dispose of a United States Flag:

Before learning how to dispose of a United States flag, let’s talk about the time. Determining a flag’s lifespan is tricky due to varied use and changing weather, but typically, a nylon or cotton flag is expected to last about 90 days with daily display. A fading flag indicates material breakdown, suggesting it’s time for a replacement. 

If your flag needs retiring, the American Legion post can conduct a dignified disposal ceremony. The U.S. Flag Code advises that flags no longer fit for display should be respectfully destroyed, usually by burning.

The flag should be displayed on special days, such as New Years, Patriotism holidays like Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Patriot Day, and more,… After these days, the flag should be take down.

How to Dispose of a United States Flag: Traditional Disposal Methods

Folding and burning the American flag is a dignified method of disposal for damaged flags, as outlined by flag etiquette. Here’s how to dispose of a United States flag.

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How to Dispose of a United States Flag? Folding the Flag for Burning

  • Start with a Triangular Fold: Fold the flag in a triangular manner by bringing the striped corner of the folded edge to meet the open edge.
  • Form the Second Triangle: Turn the outer point inward, parallel to the open edge, creating a second triangle.
  • Continue Folding: Keep folding in triangles until the flag is completely folded.

Burning the Flag

  • Prepare a Respectful Fire: According to the U.S. Department of Defense, ensure the fire is sizable enough to fully consume the flag.
  • Honor the Flag: As the flag burns, either salute it, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or observe a moment of silence until the flag is fully consumed.
  • Conclude Respectfully: After the flag has been entirely burned, safely extinguish the fire.

Alternative Disposal

If you’re unable to burn the flag yourself, flag disposal services are available at local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) posts, American Legion, and Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts organizations.

Additionally, some retailers like Walmart and Home Depot may offer flag recycling or incineration services.

This process ensures that the American flag is retired with the respect and solemnity it deserves, honoring its significance as a symbol of the nation’s values and sacrifices.

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Respectful Alternatives to Burning: A Closer Look

For those who feel that burning an old American flag isn’t a safe option, there are alternative respectful methods for its disposal:

  1. Seek Assistance from Local Organizations

Collection and Recycling: Various local organizations, such as Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) posts, American Legion branches, and Boy and Girl Scouts groups, or other government offices offer services to collect, respectfully burn, and recycle old flags. Consider entrusting your flag to them for proper disposal.

Respectful Alternatives to Burning: A Closer Look​
  1. Burying the Flag

Respectful Interment: If you choose to bury the flag, first fold it into the traditional ceremonial triangle. Place the folded flag inside a durable wooden box and bury it a few feet deep in the ground. As with burning, the flag should be handled with reverence throughout this process. It’s advisable to consult with relevant organizations for guidance on this method.

  1. Cutting the Flag

Dignified Deconstruction: If you decide on a DIY approach, cutting the flag is an option that, when done correctly, retires it with respect. The Boy Scouts of America suggest cutting the flag in a manner that avoids severing the blue star field, as this maintains the union of the United States. Once the flag is cut in this way, it ceases to be a flag and can be disposed of. That’s how to retire a flag.

Carrying Forward the Tradition of Honor

Having explored the proper methods for  how to dispose of a United States flag, it’s clear that replacement isn’t solely about maintaining aesthetics but also about adhering to the Flag Code. This ensures the respect and dignity the country’s flag deserves are upheld. Whether through burning, burying, or cutting, each method of disposal pays homage to the flag’s significance and honors the values it represents.

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