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Veteran Flag: An Emblem of Freedom and Sacrifice on Veteran Day


As the nation pauses to remember, the Veteran flag emerges as an emblem of profound respect and recognition. For many, this flag is not just an adornment but a symbol of pride and remembrance. 

Veterans Day stands as one of America’s most revered holidays, dedicated solemnly to those who have donned the uniform in service to the nation. It is not merely a day in the calendar but an occasion deeply rooted in collective gratitude, reflecting on the sacrifices made by countless veterans. 

At Flagwix, we believe that a flag is more than mere decoration; it is a tapestry of stories, of lives lived, and of sacrifices made. Each flag from Flagwix carries within its folds a narrative, a spirit, making it not just a decorative piece but a meaningful tribute. Join us as we delve deeper into the significance of the Veterans flag this Veterans Day with Flagwix.

In fact, there’s no official Veteran flag. But each unit such as the navy, air force or army has its own unique symbols.

Veterans Day, observed annually on November 11, is a revered United States holiday dedicated to recognizing the valiant individuals who served in the U.S. military. This day aligns with other international commemorations such as Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, which mark the culmination of World War I.

The Origins of Veterans Day

While the official cessation of World War I was encapsulated by the ratification of the Treaty of Versailles on the 28th of June, 1919, within the venerable confines of the Palace of Versailles in France, it is the 11th of November, 1918, that is invariably imbued with profound historical significance. 

At this precise juncture, marked by the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, an armistice was effectuated, momentarily halting hostilities between the Allied entities and Germany. This pivotal moment is often lauded as the denouement of the formidable “war to end all wars.”

Get Started on Your Veteran Day Journey

It remains an unwavering tradition to solemnize Veterans Day on the 11th of November, independent of its weekly occurrence. 

Adhering to this particular date not only accentuates its historical gravitas but also amplifies the quintessential ethos of the occasion: a resolute veneration of American veterans, who have exhibited unparalleled allegiance, an indomitable zeal for their nation, and a resounding commitment to altruism and the overarching commonweal.

How Veteran Day Celebrated Today

The Veteran flag is gradually becoming a trend, as it is designed specifically for veterans, and they can use it as a proud statement of the time they have devoted to America.

On this distinguished occasion of Veterans Day, a multitude of ceremonies and activities are meticulously orchestrated to venerate the veterans, encompassing those from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and beyond, thereby evoking the profound historical ethos associated with this day.

In adherence to time-honored traditions, somber memorial services are convened. Integral to these ceremonies is the emblematic flag-raising ritual, accompanied by the poignant act of floral offerings. 

Such gestures are executed with the utmost reverence, symbolizing our collective gratitude to the veterans and serving as a poignant remembrance for those valiant soldiers who laid down their lives in the ultimate act of sacrifice.

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Honoring with the Veteran Flag

A veteran flag ceremony is a time-honored tradition that embodies the respect and admiration one holds for their country and its emblematic flag. It’s an amalgamation of tradition, respect, and protocol.

Flag Raising Ceremonies

During a veteran flag ceremony, participants stand with utmost reverence, often reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in the flag’s august presence. This act may be accompanied by the mellifluous notes of a patriotic song and, in specific contexts, like within the Girl Scouts, the repetition of their Promise and Law. The salute to the flag is a significant gesture: standing erect, attendees place their right hand over their heart, signaling their respect.

If the flag graces a stage or a podium, protocol dictates its placement to the right of the speaker. It is essential to note that flag ceremonies are solemn occasions, and any departure from the established procedure—be it through humor or improvisation—is discouraged. The act of removing one’s hat or any other head covering, especially during the Pledge of Allegiance, further reinforces this atmosphere of respect.

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While the basic principles remain consistent, there are multiple flag ceremonies, each with its unique nuances:

  1. Basic Flag Raising and Lowering: A quotidian ritual in institutions like schools and governmental edifices, where the flag sees the first light of dawn and is respectfully lowered with dusk.
  2. Half-Staff/ Half-Mast Ceremony: During specific periods, often marking mourning, the flag’s journey to the pinnacle of the pole is halted midway. However, its descent at twilight first sees it ascend to its zenith before being carefully lowered.
  3. Retreat Ceremony: As daylight wanes, military establishments observe this ceremony, marked by the flag’s descent and the resonant notes of a bugle indicating the day’s end.
  4. Reveille Ceremony: Conversely, dawn in military contexts is heralded with the flag’s ascent, accompanied by a distinct bugle call.
  5. Flag Disposal Ceremony: Flags bearing the scars of time are retired with grace and honor, often through a ceremonial combustion.
  6. Flag Folding Ceremony: This intricate ritual, rich in symbolism, is associated with the methodical folding of the U.S. flag, especially during solemn events like funerals.
  7. Pledge or Salute: This accompanies the flag’s ascent or display, where attendees pledge their allegiance or salute.
  8. Parade or Procession: Marches or parades see the flag carried with pride, often by designated color guards.
  9. Special Ceremonies: Specific days, like Veterans Day or the Fourth of July, see flag ceremonies enriched with additional components.
  10. International Ceremonies: Global events, such as the Olympics, witness a congregation of flags, each raised to the anthem of its respective nation.

Proper Display and Etiquette

The American flag, often referred to as the “Stars and Stripes,” is not only a symbol of the nation’s history and values but also carries with it a set of protocols for its display, ensuring it is treated with the respect and honor it deserves. Below are essential guidelines to adhere to when presenting the American flag:

Positioning Relative to Other Flags
When displayed alongside other flags at the same elevation, the American flag should always be on the viewer’s left. Hence, if you stand facing the flags, the U.S. flag will be to your left.
In an array of multiple flags, the American flag can occupy a central position, elevated higher than the others.

With flags of other countries, always hoist the American flag first and lower it last.

Display in Parades
In parades, ensure the flag is to the viewer’s left or can be centrally positioned ahead of all other flags.

Wall and Window Display
When hung on a wall, the flag’s union (blue field with stars) should always be in the top left corner, regardless of vertical or horizontal positioning.
The same principle applies when the flag is displayed in a window; viewed from the street, the union should be top-left.

Overhead Street Display
For vertical displays over streets running east to west, the union should be towards the north. For streets running north to south, position the union to the east.
Night Display and Illumination

Conventionally, the flag is displayed from sunrise to sunset.

If displayed during the night, it should be appropriately illuminated. Devices like the Titan solar light can ensure continuous and respectful illumination.

Weather Considerations

Only fly the flag in favorable weather, unless you have an all-weather variant. Even such flags should be stored safely during severe conditions to prevent damage and show respect.

Half-Staff Display
Flying the flag at half-staff is a sign of mourning. Always raise it fully first, then lower to half-staff. When taking it down, raise to full height before lowering completely.
On Memorial Day, the flag is at half-staff until noon, after which it is raised to full staff.

  • Additional Protocols
    Ensure the flag never touches the ground or anything beneath during hoisting or lowering.
    On a casket, the flag must remain untouched by the ground and should not be interred.
  • The flag should never be dipped for any person or object.
  • It should hang freely without any restraint on its movement.
  • When not on display, fold it neatly into a triangle, with the union visible, and store in a protective manner.

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Veteran flag feedback

Linda DeRosia

We have it hanging on our garage door pole! We absolutely love it! It is beautiful! Thank you!

God bless our Troops & veterans.

I got one made 4 my dad who was in the army for 25yrs. Korea veteran & He loves America 🇺🇸. So this was the place to go for the most beautiful flag. He sees it from heaven. Lost him 9yrs ago.

Catherine Daniels

LOVE our Flag!!

Our Flag is the perfect size and the coloring, quality of the material and pictures are spot on. My veteran husband is thrilled with it and so am I.

Veterans and Post-Service Life

The Multifaceted Hurdles Confronted by Veterans

The aftermath of military service is profound and pervasive, touching every facet of a veteran’s life. From immediate health concerns to long-term societal integration challenges, veterans often grapple with a unique set of issues.

Deciphering the Labyrinth of Benefits

The realm of benefits designed for veterans is in a state of constant evolution, growing increasingly intricate with each successive year. Traversing this labyrinthine system demands a particular acumen. To fully capitalize on the available benefits, understand the nuances of filing claims, handle potential appeals, and navigate the entire bureaucratic process requires not only knowledge but unwavering determination.

Adapting to the Dynamic Needs of Veterans

As the face of military service transforms, so do the challenges our veterans encounter. They often require specialized support tailored to their unique experiences and the nature of their service.

Long after the battlegrounds have gone silent, scars emerge. PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, hearing impairments, ailments stemming from toxic exposures, and myriad other afflictions might surface, impacting various life stages. Economic challenges, job losses, and societal crises can further amplify these struggles. Moreover, with the diversification of the military, new groups of veterans emerge — women, minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, and more — each possibly facing their distinct set of challenges and disparities.

The Daunting Transition to Civilian Life

For veterans, reintegrating into civilian society can often feel like embarking on a new mission. Rediscovering their purpose — be it through professional pursuits, academic endeavors, or other forms of societal contributions — is paramount. This transitional phase, however, is fraught with potential pitfalls: mental health challenges such as depression, the looming threat of homelessness, and heightened vulnerability during personal emergencies, especially for those with disabilities.

Flagwix, with its Veteran flag collection, endeavors to encapsulate sentiments of reverence, esteem, and thankfulness towards those who have donned the military uniform. Through designs that are both singular and imaginative, the flags stand as poignant testimonials to the valor and sacrifice of veterans.

These veteran flags are more than mere fabric and color; they are a canvas that narrates tales of bravery, commitment, and national service. On Veterans’ Day, as the nation immerses in solemn reflection and gratitude, these flags from Flagwix will undeniably stand out, catching the eye and stirring the heart.

In presenting these artfully crafted flags, Flagwix not only aims to offer a unique piece of decor but also seeks to amplify the overarching ethos of Veterans’ Day. Every flutter and wave of these flags sends forth powerful, endearing messages, making the day even more resonant and unforgettable for all who partake in its observance.


The Veteran flag stands not just as a reminder of the valor of our veterans but also as a symbol of collective gratitude. It beckons society to come together, to acknowledge the sacrifices made, and to extend a hand of compassion and understanding towards those who, after the battles, grapple with the invisible scars of war.

As the calendar pages turn and we approach the month that houses Veteran’s Day, and concurrently stand on the cusp of year’s end, the significance of the Veteran flag becomes ever more poignant. At a glance, one might see it as a mere decorative emblem. However, its essence dives deeper, holding within its folds a profound narrative of honor, sacrifice, and resilience.

Flagwix’s Veteran flag, thus, transcends its material construct. It becomes a silent yet powerful emissary, urging communities to pause, reflect, and express their unwavering appreciation for the brave souls who have safeguarded our freedoms. As the year concludes, let this flag inspire a renewed commitment to support and uplift our veterans, recognizing their service and ensuring their well-being in the times to come.

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